37th Art Rock Show: Ones & Zeros

3rdegree - Ones & Zeros vol. 1

Deze week pakken we uit met 3RDegree, een Amerikaanse prog band met roots in de jaren negentig… 3RDegree maakt geen al te makkelijke maar toch toegankelijke muziek, ritmisch is het knap ingewikkeld, maar de liedjes zijn sterk genoeg om toch overeind te blijven.

Bert Saraco van The Phantom Tollbooth: “Ones & Zeros: Volume 1 is a prog concept album – I know, I know… so what else is new? Well, not really all that much except that this is a very, very listenable, hook-filled project with lots of excellent musicianship and some fantastic vocals. A big difference with 3RDEGREE is that they know when to switch gears and keep things musically interesting at all times.

The music moves along at an intelligent and logical pace, not bogged down by an overload of themes or an avalanche of verbiage in the lyrics (come on – even those of us who are prog fans know that those are issues, even with some of our favorites).”

Ook nog op de playlist: 3RDegree (Ones & Zeros: vol. 1), Änglagård (Viljans Öga), Don Caballero (American Don), Redemption (The Fullness of Time), Big Big Train (The Underfall Yard) and Gazpacho (London – Live).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 18.00 & 18.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 18.00 & 18.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday / Zaterdag 12.00 – 18.00
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