My Generation of Sun. 17 & Tue. 19 December: Graham Gouldman, Rob Hoeke Family + Dutch blues [Ed’s Show, 2017-51]

NEW SHOWGraham Gouldman, Rob Hoeke Family  ** REPEATED: Granny Takes A Trip, Johnny (R.I.P.), William Bell, Peter & Gordon [2017-51, Sun. 17 Dec. 12:00 > 24:00 hrs + repeated Tue. 19 Dec., 1200 > 20:00 hrs. ] ** Time Zone: CET, Brussels ** **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES THAT  SHAPED THE SIXTIES *** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA
As a homage to Catalonia, I will play Catalan songs of freedom, love, peace and resistance in every show: Pep Sala + Companiya Electrica Dharma + GUILLEM d’EFAK: Blues, EP, 1965 + Cant dels Ocells i els Segadors per la llibertat de Jordi Sánchez i Jordi Cuixart  **

SPECIALGRAHAM GOUDLMAN: The Yardbirds: Heart Full Of Soul [sitar version], Evil-hearted You (BBC Sessions) + WAYNE FONTANA: Pamela, Pamela + DAVE BERRY: I’m Gonna Take You There + HERMAN’s HERMITS: Bus Stop + THE ACE KEFFORD STAND: For Your Love + GRAHAM GOULDMAN: cd Love And Work, 2012 + THE MOCKINGBRIDS feat. G. Gouldman: You Stole My Love (Immediate, 1965) ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: PEP SALA: No hi haura cap treva (there will be no armistice) (cd “Nascuts en la Boira”) ** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED:  THE WHIRLWINDS feat. Graham Gouldman & Lol Creme:  Baby Not Like You (1964, b-side, written by Creme) + DAVID GARRICK: I’ve Found A Love, 1968 + LES LIONCEAUX REVIVAL: Je veux tout à moi  ** AND ALSO: THE PARAMOUNTS feat. Gary Brooker and Robin Trower: Poision Ivy (no. 35, UK, 1964) ** LONGPLAYTIME:  NIRVANA: You Are Just The One (Story Of Simon Simopath, 1967) + KEVIN AYERS: Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes (LP WHatevershebringswesing, 1972) ** POEZIE:  FATENA AL-GHORRA met KAREL SERGEN: Twee ogen + DELPHINE LECOMPTE: Sterren en pestkoppen Exclusieve Radio 68-opname **


SPECIAL: ROB HOEKE & FAMILY More Dutch Blues: HOEKE: Take It Easy, Cruisin’ With My Kids , Lobo Bonk Stomp  (cd ‘Legacy, thanks to V2 Records Belgum and Butler Records)  + ROB HOEKE: Drinking On My Bed, Margio + CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS: Another Day, Another Road + HU & THE HILLTOPS: Cry Me A River + THE BINTANGS: You Can’t Judge A Book + JOHNNY KENDALL & THE HERALDS : St. James Infirmary + TEE SET: Can Your Monkey Do The Dog ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: Companiya Electrica Dharma:Patum Jack Blues ** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME: PINK FLOYD : Up The Kyber, Jugband Blues, More Blues (from OST ‘More’) ** ELVIS PRESLEY: Reconsider Baby, Steamroller Blues ** WOORD en POEZIE: REMBERT DE SMET zingt Karel Waeri + MICHEL BARTOSIK: Het stomme misbaar van de  stem (Tienerklanken, 1969)

3 MY GENERATION (repeated):

SPECIAL: GRANNY TAKES A TRIP: THE PURPLE GANG: Granny Takes A Trip  / Bootleg Whiskey (single, 1967, banned by the BBC) + SYD BARETT: Here I go (< The Madcap Laughs)  + JOE BEARD, SHELLY RAINEY & MIKE BILLINGTON: We Almost Got It Together Once + THE PINK FLOYD: Arnold Layne / Candy And A Currant Bun + CAT STEVENS: Portobello Road (b-side of 1st single, 1966)  **  NIGEL WAYMOUTH, founder of boutique Granny Takes A Trip + VIDEO ** ** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED:  PETER & GORDON: I don’t want to see you again  (Lennon & McCartney, no. 16 USA, 1964) + SONNY & CHER: A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done (last top 10 Hit, 1972) + WALLY TAX: I Sat And Thought And Wondered Why (1967) ** AND ALSO:  JOHNNY HALLIDAY RIP 06DEC2017: Ce n’est pas méchant; Exvuse-moi partenaire + ANTOINE:  Les élucubrations d’Antoine  + JOHNNY: Cheveux longs, idées courtes  ** CHRIS ANDREWS  ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA:  Cant dels Ocells i els Segadors per la llibertat de Jordi Sánchez i Jordi Cuixart  VIDEO:

4 BLUESIDE (repeated)

SPECIAL: WILLIAM BELL NORMAN BEAKER BAND: Born Under A Bad Sign  (cd Live in Belgrade)+ WILLIAM BELL: THE SOUL OF A BELL , Stax, 1967: Everybody Loves A Winner,  You Don’t Miss Your Water, Never Like This Before  + WILLIAM BELL: Born Under A Bad Sign (single, 1969) + RUFUS THOMAS: Can’t Ever Let You Go (Stax) +  DEL RIOS: There A Love (Stax) ** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME:  PETER & GORDON; Mess Of Blues, My Babe, Love Me Baby   (LP ‘In Touch’, 1964) + JOHNNY HALLYDAY: Etre un homme, I Am the Blues (cd Le cœur d’un homme’) FULL ALBUM In ‘Longplaytime’ on Monday and Wednesday ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA:  GUILLEM d’EFAK (EP ‘Blues’, 1965) ** AND ALSO: STARTER JOEY DEE & STARLITERS: Fanny Mae (1961) **

 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Wed. 1200 > 2000 
My Generation: new show: Graham Gouldman 12:00 * 16:00 * 20:00 hrs 12:00 * 16:00 hrs
Blueside: new show: Rob Hoeke & Family 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 hrs 13:00  * 17:00 hrs
My Generation repeated:  Granny Takes A Trip 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 hrs 14:00 * 18:00 hrs
Blueside repeated:   William Bell 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00 hrs 15:00 * 19:00 hrs
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs



He was a member of The Whirlwinds, The Mockingbirds (UK) and, of course, 10cc – but you surely know him as the composer of a whole string of hits for other artists, such as ‘Heart Full Of Soul’ (Yardbirds), No Milk Today (Herman’s Hermits) or ‘Bus Stop’ (Hollies).  Gouldman recorded as a solo act way back in the sixties, but today he is back on the road on his own – even releasing a new EP.
RADIO 68 PLAYS 1) selected tracks from Gouldman’s solo album “Love And Work (2012); b) a string of Gouldman covers – b-sides as well as hits (in fact, we’ve done our best to unearth the less obvious covers and versions) c) songs he wrote for his band The Mockingbirds.


“Rob Hoeke is widely considered to be one of the best Boogie-Woogie & Blues piano players ever to come out of Europe. He started out in 1957, recorded over 20 albums, 35 singles and performed all over the world, right up to the day he died on November 6th, 1999. His two sons Eric and Ruben each followed their own musical path in life, but now they have bonded for this special album. They started thinking about their dad’s musical legacy, dug up the unreleased recordings their father left them and started recording their parts to go along with the original piano tracks. The process was emotional and surreal, but they dug in the tunes with the spirit and the playing of their father as guidance. The playing sounds flawless and explosive. Rolling the Blues and kicking the Boogie like only they can”.  (


“A principal architect of the Stax/Volt sound, singer/composer William Bell remains best known for his classic “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” one of the quintessential soul records to emerge from the Memphis scene. He cut his teeth backing Rufus Thomas, and in 1957 recorded his first sides as a member of the Del Rios. After joining the Stax staff as a writer,  he made his solo debut in 1961 with the self-penned “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” an archetypal slice of country-soul and one of the label’s first big hits. A two-year Armed Forces stint effectively derailed his career, however, and he did not release his first full-length album,  The Sound Of A Bell, until 1967, generating a Top 20 hit with the single “Everybody Loves a Winner.” That same year,  Albert King scored with another classic Bell  composition, the oft-covered “Born Under a Bad Sign”.” (Source; Jason Ankeny on


Peter and Gordon’s British album furthers their vague credentials as folk-rock precursors, with a few traditional folk tunes like “Freight Train” and “Barbara Allen” and some slightly folky British Invasion harmony ballads (“I Still Love You”). There are also some ill-advised bluesy covers (“A Mess of Blues,” “My Babe”) [ I don’t agree here, I LIKE these covers and that’s why they are in my show – ED] , this was 1964 and tons of groups covered R&B, and some inoffensively competent originals that go for both the folky approach (“I Don’t Care What They Say,” “Leave Me in the Rain”) and a mildly bluesy one (“Love Me Baby”). For all that, the most memorable track by a longshot is the poppiest item, their hit cover of  Lennon and McCartney’s  “I Don’t Want to See You Again” (which The Beatles never recorded). The material and delivery is pleasant but slight, and just too damned polite to be of much consequence. AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberger.


The Purple Gang was formed in Cheshire, UK, in the late 1965 by a group of students at the Stockport Art College, including Chris “Joe” Beard (guitar), Peter Walker (vocals), Trevor ‘Ank’ Langley (Jug), Geoff Bowyer (piano, washboard, vocals, Kazoo. and Gerry Robinson (harmonica, mandolin). The band was originally formed as the Young Contemporaries Jugband and it was one of the most original folk and blues British acts in the late 60’s. After moving to London, the band started working under the management of producer Joe Boyd, who also managed Pink Floyd and was a co-runner of the legendary underground psychedelic club the UFO.

In 1967 the band released the single “Granny Takes a Trip” on the British folk label Transatlantic records. The song became a popular anthem of the psychedelic scene and was wrongly banned by the BBC from its airwaves for making reference to LSD in its lyrics. In early 1967, the Purple Gang performed the first of three gigs at the Marquee club, supporting Long John Baldry. None of these gigs were officially billed and Trasnsatlantic records contracted the band’s shows to the Marquee club for no money. Their last performance supported young songwriter Steve Adams -widely known as Cat Stevens-, as Joe Beard can remember: “I met a young dark-haired guy in there in the dressing room called Steve Adams and he let me have a go on his beautiful “Black Box” Gibson..he let me tune-it in for him as his hands were shaking (after all he was going on solo as compere). He did OK and was signed up after that gig. His song “I Love My Dog” was haunting that night and we all congratulated the young “Cat Stevens” to be.”

At the time, the band became a popular underground act in London’s scene and used to perform dressed in gangster suits, an image that was also used by other underground bands at the time such as the Move and Syn. They played at the top clubs of the London psychedelic underground scene, such as the UFO, Wizard and the Roundhouse. During these days they had a close friendship with Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett wrote the song “Here I Go” for the band. In 1968, the Purple Gang released their debut album “Strikes”, featuring bassist Tony Moss, where they were forced by the record company to refrain from producing psychedelic and experimental oriented stuff.


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