My Generation of Sunday 02 & Tuesday 04 September: Bongo Boy presents Out Of The Garage & Backroom Blues [Ed’s Show, 2018-35]

NEW SHOW: Bongo Boy Presents: Out Of The Garage (vol.4) & Backroom Blues (vol. 7) ** REPEATED:  Wynder K. Frog, St Louis Union, George ‘Wild Chid’ Butler  *** Sunday 02 Sepember August, 12:00 > 24:00 hrs + repeated  04 September 04, 1200 > 20:00 hrs.  *** Time Zone: CET, Brussels ***  [2018-35] **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES THAT  SHAPED THE SIXTIES ***

Armand: Blommenkinders.
Simon Dupree & The Big Sound + Spooky Tooth: Do Right People (b-side) + Neil Christian + The Ides + Them: Stormy Monday (demo).
OUT OF THE GARAGE vol. 4 (Bongo Boy Compilation) The Most (co-written by Jim McCarty), Mark Lindsay (formerly Paul Revere & Raiders), Susan Surftone, RGD, The Chillers
Sonny & Cher (Look at Us, 1965) + Stevie Wonder (Uptight, 1966) + The Swinging Blue Jeans (In Paris, 1967) + Sir Douglas Quinted (Mendicino, 1969).
WORD : Herbert Marcuse (Dialectics of Liberation, 1969) + Kabouter in Amsterdam + Donovan
THANKS TO: Bongo Boy Records at for ‘Out Of The Garage 4’

Backroom Blues 7
LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING: Larry Estridge: Spirits Of the Revolution
THE ORIGINATORS & INSPIRATORS: Etta James + Fats Domino + Johnny Cash
SPECIAL: BACKROOM BLUES vol. 7 by Bongo Boy Records: Frank Dennull, Maryann, The New Bardots, Zombie Garden Club, Susan Surftone, Big Bone Daddy.
KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME: Siena Root (A Dream Of Lasting Peace) + Shemekia Copeland (America, 2018).
WORD : Muhammed Ali, Tuli Kupfelberg.
THANKS TO: Bongo Boy Records at for ‘Out Of The Garage’ vol. 4 and ‘Backroom Blues vol. 7’ + V2 Records Belgium and Alligator for Shemekia Copeland


SPECIAL : WYNDER K. FROG: Turn On Your Lovelight (single 1966), Green Door (single 1967), I”m A Man (single 1967), Harpsichord Shuffle (Weaver, LP ‘Out Of the Frying Pan’, 1968) + St Louis Union: Think About Me, About My Girl + The Chapters: Stop Thinking About Her, 1965 + Bill Haley & His Comets: Green Door (1964).
LONGPLAYTIME: JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Crown Of Creation, 1968 + THE GENTLE SOUL (Gentle Soul, 1968) + THE SOPWITH CAMEL (Sopwith Camel, 1967).
WORD: Antoine: 50 ans de ses Elucubrations + Les Problèmes: Contre-Problèmes + Ken Kesey +


LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING: ROY C. : Open Letter to The President.
THE ORIGINATORS & INSPIRATORS: LIGHTNIN’ SLIM: The King of Lousiana Swamp Blues + LIGHTNIN’ SLIM GREEN & Johnny Guitar Watson .
SPECIAL GEORGE ‘Wild Child’ BUTLER: LP Lickin’ Gravy, 1976 (Everybody Got A Mojo, Gravy Child , Funky Butt Lover, None Of Nothing, Buit For Comfort).
KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME: RORY BLOCK: A Woman’s Soul: A Tribute To Bessie Smith + DELTA MOON + ZOE SCHWARZ BLUES COMMOTION (cd ‘The Blues and I Should Have A Party, 2018) + SHAKEY VICK : LP ‘Little Woman You’re Sweet’.
WORD : Watts Riots + Jim Hightower + Reverend Shawn Amos.
THANKS TO: Continental Record Services and Stony Plain Records for Rory Block + Blind Raccoon for Delta Moon + Shakey VIck for Shakey VIck!


 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Tue. 1200 > 2000 
My Generation: new show: Out of the Garage 4 12:00 * 16:00  * 20:00 hrs 12:00 * 16:00 hrs
Blueside: new show: Backroom Blues 7 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 hrs 13:00  * 17:00 hrs
My Generation repeated: Wynder K. Frog 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 hrs 14:00 * 18:00 hrs
Blueside repeated: Wild Child Butler 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00 hrs 15:00 * 19:00 hrs
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs



Out Of The Garage 4 & Backroom Blues 7
These are two compilation albums by Bongo Boy Records in New Jersey, US.
Bongo Boy’s “Out Of The Garage” series mainly features present-day acts that continue the sounds of the sixties. Most groups play original material, sometimes a sixties tune is covered. Bongo Boy also caters for some sixties originals, like Mark Lindsay (formerly lead-singer with Paul Revere & The Raiders), Jim McCarty (who co-wrote a song for The Most), the British Invasion All Stars, Gar Francis, etc.
Bongo Boy’s “Backroom Blues” series features its very own roster of blues artists, covering all styles.
Bongo Boy is an independent label for the independent artist. The label has also promoted famous acts like Joe Bonamassa, Iggy Pop and The Yardbirds.
Radio 68 has frequently played Bongo Boy music over the past years.
Thanks to Bongo Boy for supporting Radio 68.


Wynder K. Frog, real name Mike Weaver, is a British musician who is mainly known as a Hammond wizard. It is also the name of the various line-ups of the group he led in the sixties.
He set up his first group with two former members of The Chapters, who had secured an audition with Decca. The audition did take place, but nothing came of it. Two members of this first line-up left for St. Louis Union, who recorded for Decca. They won a Melody Maker contest and the future looked bright. Though they played rough R&B, they scored a top 20 hit with a Beatles cover, Michelle. The remaining members s of Wynder K. Frog merged with The Wot Nots, giving birth to Wynder K. Frog Mark II. Even though one member left for Arthur Brown of ‘Fire’ fame, this was the line-up that caught the attention of Chris Blackwell, head of Island Records who released the first Frog single in 1966. Wynder aka Mike Weaver would soon become a leading musician who could count on the services of the best players and top producers like Muff Winwood, Jimmy Miller, Guy Stevens and Chris Blackwell himself. Wynder K. Frog would release a string of singles and three albums – all instrumentals with the occasional vocal – between 1966 and 1970, but the commercial breakthrough didn’t take place.
Wynder K. Frog was heavily influenced by soul and R&B (think James Brown), especially by keyboard wizards such as Jimmy McGriff, Booker T or Jimmy Smith, a liking he shared with Graham Bond, Georgie Fame and Zoot Money. I suppose you could file it under ‘ Mod music’, but fiery jazzy R&B suits me .
RADIO 68 PLAYS The Chapters, St. Louis Union and Wynder K. Frog
Eddy Bonte


Charles L. Hughes, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
“A product of the “Great Migration’, George “Wild Child” Butler (1936-2005) left his native Alabama for Chicago, Illinois, where he became a noted blues performer and harmonica player in that city’s blues tradition. He referred to his personal style as “the swamp sound,” which was characterized by his gutsy baritone growl. (…) He kept up his active performing schedule, and continued to record on a variety of independent labels. (…) Butler’s link between the larger blues tradition and his personal place within it reflected his ability to distinguish himself as an artist and performer while placing his music within a continuum of sounds, songs, and musicians. Butler remained a true believer in the “rootsy” blues that was his trademark up until his death from a pulmonary embolism in Windsor, on March 1, 2005; he was buried there shortly thereafter.
Although George “Wild Child” Butler is perhaps not as famous as many of his contemporaries, his life and work is as much a testament to the continuing power of blues traditions as any of his more well-known counterparts”. Quoted from / All Rights Reserved:

This album puts Butler in perhaps the smoothest company he’s ever worked with. All but one track were originally released on Ralph Bass’s Roots label in 1976. The personnel included Chicago guitarist Joe Kelley, bassist Aron Burton, and drummer Sam Lay; Joe Zaklan and Wild Bill Moore alternated on rhythm guitar. The rhythm section of Burton and Lay probably inhibited even Butler from getting too frisky with his timing, and young Kelley turned in a stellar performance. As if that weren’t enough, Rooster Blues added guitarist Jimmy Rogers and pianist Pinetop Perkins to several tracks when the album was remixed in 1986. (…) . Quoted from / All Rights Reserved:–lickin-gravy/Content?oid=875711
RADIO 68 PLAYS tracks 1 to 5 from ‘Lickin’ Gravy’.

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