Art Rock Show – Echoes from Within Dragon Island (Week 8)

Karfagen is het Oekraïense woord voor Carthago. Karfagen is ook de naam van de Oekraïense band die in 1997 door Antony Kalugin werd opgericht. De band heeft gedurende enkele jaren op een bijzonder laag pitje gestaan waardoor Kalugin zich volledig kon richten op zijn solocarrière. Het nieuwe album is het werk van niet minder dan 19 muzikanten…

Prog Archives review: “Antony Kalugin has again pushed the boundary of his symphonic works. This tenth album of his Karfagen project is high in style and class. The theme of this album is based on poems from the classic author Robert Louis Stevenson. Antony brings in many musicians which feeds this wonderful composition to be ecstasy for the ears. Echoes from within Dragon Island contains 4 tracks. ‘Dragon Island Suite’ is broken into three parts. All three tracks extend beyond the 15 minute mark, with ‘My Bed is a Boat’ being the shortest track at just under three minutes.
These tracks all flow with depth and melody. Max Velychko again brings his guitar mastery to the fore. Especially about 6.30 minutes in Dragon Isle Suite Pt1, where he plays a riff that would make Ritchie Blackmore proud. Then nearly 11.00 minutes in, a beautiful tune he plays reminiscent of Dave Gilmour. All this interspersed with violin, flute, accordion, french horn and of course Antony’s keyboard. The whole album like the bed in ‘My Bed is a Boat’, flows up and down on the water of musical notes.

Antony shows how unselfish he is, his guest musicians shine with their particular instruments like a spotlight in a dark room. He places each instrument where they best perform which delivers a more full rounded piece of music. A complex piece this is, but not self indulgent. This is symphonic prog rock at it’s richest and best. Any music that takes you on a journey to another place is a treasure worth revisiting over and over. I plan to play this album over and over, in fact I already have.”

Naast Karfagen met Echoes from Within Dragon Island hebben we deze week: Kayak (Close To The Fire), The Flower Kings (Meet the Flower Kings), Anima Mundi (Jagannath Orbit) & Happy The Man (The Muse Awakens).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 18.00
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