Art Rock Show – In Focus (Focus 11) (Week 9)

Focus is waarschijnlijk voor de meeste luisteraars geen onbekende. De Nederlandse progrockband is bekend om zijn instrumentale muziek, een combinatie van invloeden uit klassiek, rock en jazz. Het hoogtepunt van de groep ligt natuurlijk in de jaren zeventig. Het nieuwe studio-album is gemaakt door Thijs van Leer, Pierre van der Linden, Menno Gootjes en Udo Pannekeet. Het artwork hiervan werd verzorgd door de van Yes bekende Roger Dean.

Pete Pardo van Sea of Tranquility: “Thijs van Leer and Pierre van der Linden are obviously members from the classic era of the band, but Gootjes has been around for a number of years, and Pannekeet is the newest recruit, joining around the time of their Focus 8.5 release. Though still technically a ‘prog’ band, Focus now employ a wealth of jazz-fusion sounds into their repertoire, which you can hear on the wonderfully quirky & complex “Mazzel”, guitars, keys, and flute all intertwining with each other over some tricky rhythms. “Who’s Calling” and “Heaven” are both harder rocking prog tracks, thick with Hammond organ, piano, flute, and crunchy guitar riffs, while “Theodora Na-Na-Na” takes a dreamy jazz approach, ripe with synths, steady percussion, and majestic piano.

Vocals appear on the more pop based track “How Many Miles?”, while “Winnie” is a lush, prog/jazz piece that is a great vehicle for Gootjes’ yearning, Jeff Beck styled guitar solos and dreamy flute from van Leer. Complex, rumbling heavy fusion returns on “Palindrome” and “Mare Nostrum”, Gootjes again flexing his guitar muscle amid furious drumming and symphonic keyboards. Focus offers a more straightforward rock instrumental with “Final Analysis”, again highlighting guitar and keyboards, while closing title track “Focus 11″ offers up majestic sounds of glorious prog-rock, with piano, flute, guitar, bass, and drums all working together splendidly to create sheer melodic magic.

Now 50 years into their career, the legends known as Focus are still creating sensational new music, which is pretty damn remarkable. This was a late 2018 release that I didn’t get to in time, but what a better way to start out the new year with a standout from the prior year that knocks your socks off! Better late than never!”

Naast Focus met Focus 11 hebben we deze week: Renaissance (Live At Carnegie Hall), Camel (The Snow Goose), Nektar (Recycled), Focus (Hamburger Concerto) & Moon Safari (The Gettysburg Address).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 18.00
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