My Generation of Sunday 25 & Monday 26 Jan. Blow-Up [2025-03]

BLOW-UP soundtrack * ALBERT LEE special * DECCA BUES **


Sundays:  non-stop 12 noon till 04 a.m. (Monday). New show: Sunday 12 noon till 16:00 hrs, repeated at 16:00 hrs, 20:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs (midnight)
Mondays 12 noon till 16:00 hrs.  

FREEEDOM OF SPEECH: always, everywhere, for everyone and  without restrictions. In respectful Memory of the courageous journalists of Charlie Hebdo.


Blow-Up cd cover


“I won’t dwell too much on the film itself other than to say that it’s a seriously groovy piece of mid-sixties filmic psychodrama set in swinging London that, amidst other things, features one or two of the beautiful people, some shots of delightfully quaint mews dwelling houses, and the quite wonderful (in real life too) Marion Park an expanse of green nearby the military barracks in Woolwich Arsenal and wherein the flick’s plot really begins to thicken.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sunday 18 and Monday 19 January 2015 [2015-02] 

R.I.P. “Dozy” ** Noel Redding special ** Pat Boyack on the street **

NEW SCHEDULE: see right-hand bar on the site

: always, everywhere, for everyone and  without restrictions. In respectful Memory of the courageous journalists of Charlie Hebdo.

DOZY  Trevor “Dozy”  Ward Davies died at the age of 70 on 13 January, after a short and sudden illness.  Bass-player Ward-Davies was a  founder of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick ad Tich, who had a huge string of hits between 1966 and 1968, with simple pop tunes that you must sing or dance to. They were dressed like the very best in genuine Carnaby Street style. Though they dressed like Mods, they didn’t appeal to that group, nor id they do any real Mod music.… Read more...

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My Generation: new schedule, new show

My Gen

My Generation means four solid hours of sixties.

These are the main changes:
(1) My Generation no longer incorporates ‘Free Speech’ (which is a separate show on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays).
(2) On Sundays, broadcasting is non-stop from 12 noon till 4 in the morning on Monday =  more comfortable for our listeners on the American continent;
(3) Blueside is now linked to the sounds of the sixties;
(4) In each show, you will hear all types of sixties Word, like poetry and speeches.

See right bar on the site and the Shows and Schedule sections in the top bar of the site for details.



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My Generation of Sunday 11 & Monday 12 January 2015 [2015-01]

The Idle Race & The Move * Paris Stars * Buffy St. Marie *


Idle Race cover

Before joining The Move and finding world-wide fame with ELO, Jeff Lynne played in a band called The Idle Race. As a result of Lynne’s input in terms of singing and song-writing, The Idle Race sound very much like an early version of ELO. They also recorded a song written by Roy Wood of The Move, but withdrew it as a single when The Move released their own version (Here We Go, ‘Round the Lemon Tree).  As it a happens, Lynn and Move had both been in Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders, though not at the same time…
From Wikipedia:
“While Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders failed to crack the charts, the band’s line-up during this period included a young lead guitarist and composer named Roy Wood whose first commercial song “Make Them Understand,” appeared on one of the band’s B-sides in 1965.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun 04, Monday 05 and Tuesday 06 January

SPECIALS: Paris * Free Angela * Hash Bamboo Shuffle * Summer Holiday **


Jukebox magazine logo

CIDISC is the name of a record fair held in Paris a few times a year, but in fact it’s much more than just  record fair.  As it happens, several artists and bands have a stall there, selling their latest records or releases, while talking to fans and autographing any items the collector has brought along. Several authors also have a stall there, selling and autographing their books – be it an autobiography or a study on a particular item related to pop music.
Moreover, there’s always a showcase or a concert – live at the premises – featuring sixties stars and younger artists who revive the genre,  focusing France and the early sixties.… Read more...

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New schedule, more hours, more shows

Starting  Thursday 08 January, Radio 68 will add 24 more hours to its schedule, totalling 72 hours/ week. At the same time, we will re-arrange and diversify our shows.

My Gen

MY GENERATION (Sunday-Monday, thru the night for our American listeners): 4 hours bringing you all the sounds and all the voices of the sixties, inccluding poetry, speeches, stories, etc.  A complete new show every week.

FREE SPEECH (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday): 4 hours of real Free Speech: all types of music and Word in many languages, covering all eras, places, styles and genres. One new hour every week.

DE GEDACHTEN ZIJN VRIJ (maandag, dinsdag, woensdag): een blok van vier uur Vrije Gedachten in woord en muziek, in alle talen, genres en stijlen, van alle tijden en plaatsen. Eén nieuw uur per week.… Read more...

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