Free Speech * De Gedachten zijn vrij: Charlie Hebdo, six months ago… [Mon. 8, Tue. 9 & Wed. 10 june, 2015-22]

Charlie Hebdo: qsix months ago… * Charie Hebdo  Chante…

NIEUW:  CHARLIE HEBDO CHANTE (il y a six mois déjà) + Hans Teeuwen en Youp van ’t Hek  :

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Charlie Hebdo: some victims
Charlie Hebdo: some victims

CHARLIE HEBDO:  six months ago…

Radio 68 defends freedom of speech without a “but”. Freedom of speech IS – or is not. Any “but” leads to restrictions which are subjective and surely lead to just more restrictions. There is no freedom without freedom of speech: always, everywhere and for everyone. Anything less is a violation of it.

 A personal message from Paul Boyack to Radio 68:
“Free Speech is what many of us Americans and French see as a human right. Free Speech has given those who enjoy it opportunities, be it through political means or for the sake of artistic exploration. It is a WONDERFUL thing and for those of us raised around freedom it’s a common element in our daily lives. We cherish it, we will die for it. We do this not for selfish reasons but for the betterment of the human race and for future generations. Time will show the greatest advancement of human development has come since the fight for Free Speech. History will also show that the lack of that right pulls human development back. My heart goes out to those in France in what has recently happened. I have visited France many times and have always left with a feeling of betterment. The people are so giving with open minds and hearts. Thank you Free Speech.” – Pat Boyack


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NIEUW:  CHARLIE HEBDO CHANTE (il y a six mois déjà) + Hans Teeuwen en Youp van ’t Hek
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John Sinclair; author, poet, and activist, spent the sixties embracing the ideal of love and peace, and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. He was a jazz poet, founder of the Detroit Artists Workshop and manager of the MC5. With the release of the first MC5 album also came the declaration they had formed the White Panther Party, in support of the Black Panther Party and in opposition to the U.S. Government. The rerelease of his book Guitar Army”  came with a cd feat. MC5, John Sinclair, Allen Ginsberg, Up, excerpts from meetings and discussions of the White Panther Party, Bobby Seale, etc.

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