Free Speech, De Gedachten Zijn Vrij: Alles is te koop * Mon. 10, Tue. 11 October [2016-41]

NIEUW: Leen Persijn, Leon Rosselson, Adrian Mitchell * * HERHALING REPEATED : 50 Jaar Muze * Buffy Sainte-Marie * The Blackwood Apology ** [2016-41]


MONDAYS  & TUESDAYS:  12:00 noon till 16:00 hrs and  16:00 till 20:00 hrs  (CET (Brussels, Berlin) ** GMT (London) : 11 a.m.  till 3 p.m. and from 3 p.m. till  7 p.m.  ** FORMAT: Free Speech consists of four 60-minute shows.  A new show is added each week. It is followed by three previous shows.

12 noon  and 16:000 hrs CET (11 a.m. and  3 p.m. UK time) NEW SHOW
En ook nog:  Adrian Mitchell & Leon Rosselson: “A LAUGH, A SONG, A HAND-GRENADE”; Barry McGuire   

13:00 and 17:00 hrs CET (12 noon  / 4 p.m. UK time) REPEATED   HERHALING *
Ferre Grignard, Jan De Wilde, Wannes Van de Velde, Lode De Ceuster (de zingende dokwerker), Christiane Van De Wyngaert; The Balladeers, Endatteme + Fabien Colling + Armand   

14:00 and 18:00 hrs CET (1 p.m. / 5 p.m. UK time) REPEATED   HERHALING *
, Power in the Blood (2015): RADIO 68 PLAYS tracks from “Power in the Blood” (2015) ** AND ALSO: proud Spanish gypsy Jaco Abel, the first electric flamenco guitar player  **  VUILE MONG & ZIJN VIEZE GASTEN over de Vlaamse identiteit ** AREA CODE 615  with whom Sainte-Marrie collaborated ** ILLUSION about the roads to freedom ¨¨ PLUS GEDICHTEN VAN EN DOOR ROGER DE NEEF over de tragedie van de Indianen (exclusief voor Radio 68) **

15:00 and 19:00 hrs CET (2 p.m. / 6 p.m. UK time) REPEATED   HERHALING
THE BLACKWOOD APOLOGY: The House of Leather  (entire album)** AND ALSO: THE BANNER THEATRE ** 




Leen Persijn = poëzie en theater en zeker geen protest en barricades. Ja en nee. Indertijd nam Leen Persijn een hele LP op met in het Nederlands vertaalde liederen van de bij ons onbekend gebleven Engelse “protestzanger” Leon Rosselson. De titel, “Alles is te koop”, zegt het allemaal. We draaien kant 1 van deze mooie plaat en vullen aan met kant 1 van de LP die Rosselson in 1967 opnam met de gedreven en geëngageerde Engelse dichter Adrian Mitchell.
Het nummer zelf dateert va n1977, maar blijft actueel. Rosselson: “It’s a song that could have been written at any time in my songwriting life and one that is always in tune with the times. It’s also a song that never fails, perhaps because, rather than a full-frontal attack, I had the good sense to frame this picture of a society where everything can be packaged, marketed, bought and sold in a story”.


Muze LP 1967 hoes

Bij het boek ” “Luchtschippers, wereldsterren en weekendhippies. Een halve eeuw café De Muze in woord en beeld”,  van Felix Huybrechts en Tom DeSmet, hoort ook een cd. En wat voor een cd! De heruitgave van de langspeelplaat die in 1967 door De Muze werd uitgebracht met zeven artiesten die niet van De Muze los te koppelen zijn en er debuteerden. Krijgen heel netjes elk 2 nummers toebedeeld: Ferre Grignard, Jan De Wilde, Wannes Van de Velde, Lode De Ceuster (de zingende dokwerker), Christiane Van De Wyngaert (nu een toprechter) en The Balladeers  (uit ons vizier verdwenen) en de jugband Endatteme. (uitg. Vrijdag, 2015, inclusief cd-heruitgave van de Muze-lp, €29,95.
RADIO 68 draait de volledige cd, PLUS werk van  Fabien Collin. Fabien Collin, die debuteerde in De Muze, leek heel even de man die de Vlaamse protestzanger zou worden en dan van het toneel verdween. PLUS Armand, die op 19 november 2015 op 69-jarige overleed en Collins voorbeeld was.
Lees hier mijn boekbespreking:–tom-desmedt.html
Lees hier mijn cd-bespreking:

BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE, Power in the Blood (2015)


“Power in the Blood is my new album – I wrote all but two songs – which I recorded in Toronto with three different producers, who each made choices from my list of songs. There are 4 love songs, 3 social criticisms, 1 blues rocker, 2 songs positive-uppers, 1 campfire song, and a reboot of the title song off my first album, It’s My Way!” © Buffy Sainte-Marie

If you need proof that defending, loving and sharing one’s identity is a progressive rather than a national/fascist thing, listen to Buffy Sainte Marie (again). How proud she is to be Indian and tries to communicate what  the difference is all about, why it was wrongfully ridiculed and locked up in reservations, why a people has the right to live its own way – and why the world would be a better place if we  kept more fundamental differences intact rather than globalizing them (Eddy Bonte)

Ke  Sakihitin Awasis
A lullaby and a love song for Native America.
Title is in the Cree language and it means “I love you, Baby.” I dedicate it to all the generations of Indigenous people who keep Native America alive in our hearts, in our cultures, and in our actions towards our most sacred mother, Nature.

“He’s not like a stranger he’s more like a vision you’d seen
The kind of a face that you’d see on the edge of a dream
he was beaded and feathered from his head to his moccasined feet
and now you’re singing
Ke sakihetin awasis” (…)

© Words & Music Buffy Sainte-Marie

THE BLACKWOOD APOLOGY: The House of Leather (1968)


The brainchild of 23 year-old writer / guitarist Dale Menten, The House Of Leather is a rock opera set in a bordello during the US Civil War. It was originally released in December 1968, shortly before it was staged as a sell-out rock opera in Minnesota. A fine mixture of acid-tinged pop-rock and ballads, it makes its long-overdue CD debut here – together with liner notes that tell the story of the production’s ill-fated move to New York in 1970. (Rockasteria blogspot)
Although set during the American Civil War, the story can also be read as a statement about current moral values and human rights. Three band members had previous recording experience, notably with The Castaways of ‘Liar Liar’ fame. The band also supported The Grateful Dead at their first concert in Minneapolis. Reissued on  Aurora Records AUCD5015 (EB).
“The story starts “down along the Swanee River”, where we are introduced to a young lady named Sarah Jane who has “got love to send you… straight to heaven where she comes from”. We move on to a reminiscence of the House of Leather, where “the pretty young things all got together” to dance, among other things.  We are then introduced to one Mrs Grim, who appears to be the matronly figure in charge of the House of Leather, and the narrator reminds her of Donny Brooks, a farmer who she used to know in one capacity or another, and obliquely makes mention of the town’s mayor, a man by the name of Ramsey.
A little bit further on, we find out that the House of Leather is a school of some sort, and Sarah Jane appears to be a teacher there (teaching what exactly? – again, we don’t know), who both Donny Brooks and Ramsey have fallen in love with. The outcome of this love triangle is that Sarah Jane ends up with Donny Brooks the farmer, and they settle down on his farm, where she ends up bearing him a child.
Then along comes the US Civil War, in which her husband and child (a boy) are both killed. After the war, Sarah Jane stays on at the farm, which Ramsey, the mayor, now owns. The album concludes with the words “Sarah’s on her knees… building dreams… begging for love”, and “if you’re ever…. way down along the Swanee River… you’re not far from the House of Leather… where I was born….”



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