Free Speech * De Gedachten zijn Vrij: Fred Neil [Mon. 18 and Tue. 19 Jan., 2016-03]

There is no freedom without freedom of speech: always, everywhere and for everyone. Anything less is a violation of it.  

Fred Neil bw
Fred Neil

NEW * NIEUW: Mondays & Tuesdays at 12:00 and 16:00 hrs : FRED NEIL * REPEATED:  Palestina in Poëzie ** Charlie Hebdo Remembereed ** “Lay Off” by 7:84 Theatre Company;

MONDAYS  & TUESDAYS 12:00 > 20:00 hrs CET or 11 a.m. > 7 p.m. GMT (UK)
RADIO 68 TIME = Central European Time (Brusssels, Paris, Berlin) =  GMT+1 (London). Example:  16:00 hrs  CET  (Brusssels) = 3 p.m. GMT (London).
FORMAT Free Speech consists of four 60-minute shows.  A new show is added each week. It is followed by three previous shows.

THE PLAYLISTS MONDAYS and TUESDAYS 12 noon till 20:00 hrs CET

NEW * NIEUW 12:00 noon and 16:00 hrs CET (11 a.m.  / 3 p.m. UK time)
FRED NEIL & VINCE MARTIN (album: Tear Down The Walls), FRED NEIL (album: Bleecker & MacDougal)  Covers by JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, H.P.LOVECRAFT ** AND ALSO:  
VIETNAM SONGS by Donovan, Tom Paxton, Eric Burdon, Jimmy Cliff  * Charles Kuralt: The Greenwich Poets * Patsy Raye and The Beatniks: Beatnik’s Wish * Miek en Roel * Shemekia Copeland * Barry McGuire *


charlie hebdo cover 13jan2015

13:00 and 17:00 hrs CET (12 noon  / 4 p.m. UK time): PALESTINA IN POEZIE
met Fatena Al-Ghorra, Karel Sergen en Charles Ducal. 

14:00 and 18:00 hrs CET (1 p.m. / 5 p.m. UK time): CHARLIE HEBDO REMEMBERED:
Hans Teeuwen, Lenny Bruce, Tom Lehrer, Youp van ‘t Hek, Alain Verdier, Tim Minchin ** Het Pandinistisch Verblijdingsfront * Vuile Mong en de Vieze Gasten: Bommerskonten * Leen Persijn: Alles is te koop

15:00 and 19:00 hrs CET (2 p.m. / 6 p.m. UK time): LAY OFF by 7:84 Theatre Company
Radio 68 plays the entore LP released in 1975 + PEACE SONGS: Donovan, Melanie, CSN&Y, Elvis Costello,, Joe Cocker; Leon Rosselson.


When Fred Neil passed way in 2001, he was mainly known for one song, Everybody’s Talkin’ from the movie Midnight Cowboy and a smash hit for Harry Nilsson. He was, however, a main figure of the Greenwich Village scene, together with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mark Spoelstra, Richard  Farina, Judy Henschke, etc. – most were even influenced by Neil and not the other way around. His song were covered by dozens of artists, from H.P. Lovecraft to Billy Bragg.
He wasn’t a 100% protest singer, though many of his lyrics deal with abuses and wrongs in society at large. In “Dade County Jail”, he wonders why prisons are air-conditioned and law courts are luxurious buildings, when there are no beds for the juvenile hall. One of Neil’s topics, was the individual mind and its battlegrounds, what happens on the inside rather than the outside world. About individuals rather than institutions, as in “Tear Down the Walls”,  including the walls between people. No wonder, Neil was a restless soul, a wanderer. He retired from the music business early on, leaving us a wondrous legacy of well-crafted songs in the folk & blues idiom, but songs before everything.
“The singer-songwriter’s singer-songwriter, as he was often referred to by his contemporaries, he had all the markings of the genuine artist: vaporous life, hazy background and unique expression. Neil created an influential and lasting legacy, in which all American Popular Music genres (folk, blues, gospel, jazz, country, rock’n’roll, pop) fused together seamlessly. His musical craft included, above all, his omnipresent, bottomless low voice, and his effortless, haunting folk-blues 12-string guitar strumming”. From:


Fatena Al-Ghorra foto EddyBonte
Fatena Al-Ghorra foto EddyBonte

Op uitnodiging van  Seniorama Leuven, hielden Fatena al-Ghorra, Nisma Al-Aklouk, Karel Sergen en Charles Ducal  op 14 september een voorlesssessie over een onderwerp dat hen alle vier bezighoudt: Palestina. U hoort een eerste selectie uit de exclusieve opname van de voorleessessie en exclusieve gesprekken met Karel Sergen en Fatena al-Ghorra.

KAREL SERGEN (1954) is naast dichter en recensent ook bestuurslid van PEN Vlaanderen. In die hoedanigheid hielp hij verscheidene gevluchte schrijvers, o.a. Fatena Al-Ghorra en Nisma Al-Aklouk, een dichteres en een romanschrijfster uit Gaza die nu in België wonen.  Sergen is ook persoonlijk betrokken bij de Palestijnse zaak. Hij maakte een reis naar Palestina en schreef er een reeks gedichten over.
FATENA AL-GHORRA was nieuwsanker van een tv-station  en een bekende journaliste in Gaza toen Hamas niet alleen de politieke macht, maar ook de media overnam. Ze had geen andere keus dan te vluchten en kwam enkele jaren geleden in Antwerpen terecht. Ze begon haar leven helemaal opnieuw en kon daarbij op haar gave as dichteres rekenen. Met de steun van PEN Vlaanderen werd een poëziebundel van haar vertaald in het Nederlands, het magistrale “Gods bedrog”.  Ze is ondertussen in Vlaanderen en Nederland uitgegroeid tot een veelgevraagde en graag geziene gaste op poëzie-evenementen.
CHARLES DUCAL was onze eerste Dichter des Vaderlands en behoeft geen introductie. Voor wie het nog niet zou weten, is Charles Ducal een sterk geëngageerd dichter. Hij schreef een cyclus gedichten over Palestina.

Charlie Hebdo: some victims
Charlie Hebdo: some victims




784 Theatre Co Lay Off LP Cover

“The title of the company derived from a 1966 statistic that 7% of the population of Great Britain owned 84 % of the wealth. The company split in two in 1973 to form 7:84 (England) and 7:84 (Scotland). The aims of 7:84 were to present the realities of working class life and history to working class audiences in venues shunned by established national and regional companies”. (Source:  University of Glasgow).

“Based on extensive research, Lay Off scrutinizes how several inter-connecting factors: scientific advancements; new technologies; Henry Ford’s production line; increased mechanisation; changing labour relations; the failures of the TUC and the capitulation of governments to big business, contribute to the formation of large-scale corporations intent on generating increased profits from an exploited international workforce. In many ways, Lay Off echoes recent political commentary and activism around anti-globalisation and the all-pervasive influence of corporatism, documented in Naomi Klein’s No Logo. Certainly, twenty-seven years after Lay Off was written, McGrath’s s recognition of the erosion of national borders as ultimate capitalist utopia appears alarmingly prophetic in the context of a world dominated more and more by American economic interest and the World Trade Organization” (Source: International Journal of Scottish Theatre, vol. 3, no.2, Dec. 2002)




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