Free Speech * De Gedachten zijn vrij: The Medium is the Massage, Banner Theatre, Peter, Paul & Mary* Mon. 15, Tue. 16 and Wed. 17 June [2015-23]

Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Massage… (LP, side 1) ** The Banner theatre ** Rise! ** Gramschap-reeks: Geile lul **

Message and Massage: McLuhan
Message and Massage: McLuhan

NIEUW:  MARSHALL McLUHAN: The Medium is the Massage (LP, side 1)  ** BANNER THEATRE : RISE UP ** PETER, PAUL and MARY **  

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NIEUW  NEW  MARSHALL McLUHAN: The Medium is the Massage (LP, side 1)  ** BANNER THEATRE : RISE UP ** PETER, PAUL and MARY **

The title of Marshall McLuhan’s book ”The Medium is the Message” has been downsized to a slogan. Anyone really read the book? In fact, the medium is message presented a radically different and refreshing approach to language, thinking, communication, perception, social relations and, eventually, behaviour. That approach is still valid today, especially since more media (this one, facebook, twitter, e-books…) produce more types of messages. It is little known that McLuhan also released an LP – a medium he used to get his verbal audio message across – ironically titled “The Medium is the Massage” (sic!). In 1960, he proclaimed that the book was no longer king and in 1965 he predicted world connectivity based on electronic circuits… Check out Says
Radio 68 broadcasts one side of that LP.   

 Banner Theatre is one of Britain’s longest established community theatre companies, with over thirty-five years’ experience of working with trade unions and marginalized and disadvantaged communities. Using a combination of theatre, music and song, digital imagery and “actuality” (recorded voices captured by video or audio), the company creates dynamic, thought-provoking, issue-led productions based on people’s real-life experiences and in support of disenfranchised sections of society.

Banner Theatre was founded in 1973/4 and creates powerful, innovative, issue-based multimedia theatre productions, which it tours to community audiences. A founder member of the company was former BBC radio producer Charles Parker, who with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, created the radio ballads, award-winning musical documentaries broadcast by the BBC in the 1960s. These have been a major influence on Banner’s work and have recently informed our development of the ‘video ballad’.

Rise Up‘ is a new collection of songs taken form Banner Theatre’s ‘Fighting the Cuts’ and ‘In A Right State’ touring shows.The Band delivers a punchy soundscape of reggae, rap, folk and blues to lay bare the real story  behind the crisis and support the campaign to defend our welfare state.

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Charlie Hebdo victims 2015 naamloos

Wolinkski, Cabu,  l’Oncle Bernard (Maris), Cavanna, Tous en Choeur, Patrick Pelloux, Cabu et Mano * JeHan dit Wolinkski: Déclaration * Evariste: Je ne pense qu’à ça (d’après une pièce de Wolinkski, 1969)* Bernard Maris:  A la recherche de la croissance infini: une quête morbide, La création de l’argent par les banques
God Op de Pot *Jezus * Islamliedje * De Islam

Radio 68 defends freedom of speech without a “but”. Freedom of speech IS – or is not. Any “but” leads to restrictions which are subjective and surely lead to just more restrictions. There is no freedom without freedom of speech: always, everywhere and for everyone. Anything less is a violation of it.

 A personal message from Paul Boyack to Radio 68:
“Free Speech is what many of us Americans and French see as a human right. Free Speech has given those who enjoy it opportunities, be it through political means or for the sake of artistic exploration. It is a WONDERFUL thing and for those of us raised around freedom it’s a common element in our daily lives. We cherish it, we will die for it. We do this not for selfish reasons but for the betterment of the human race and for future generations. Time will show the greatest advancement of human development has come since the fight for Free Speech. History will also show that the lack of that right pulls human development back. My heart goes out to those in France in what has recently happened. I have visited France many times and have always left with a feeling of betterment. The people are so giving with open minds and hearts. Thank you Free Speech.” – Pat Boyack

Fabien Colling single

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De Elegasten * Miel Cools, Jef Elbers, Ed Kooyman *  Antoine, Enrico Macias * Peter, Paul & Mary * GAM * Fabien Collin * Fred Neil * MIEK & ROEL + Roland **

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EP “Singer Songwriter”, 2015 ** NEVER TURN BACK: Down in Mississippi * 3 We Shall Not Be Moved * In the Mississippi River * 99 1/2 Won’t Do *  10 We’ll Never Turn Back  + COREY HARRIS on his song “Tallahatchie” + LENNY BRUCE: Equality (Classic2 ) + JAMES BROWN: Soul Power *

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