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Pat Boyack ‘s Voices From the Street, * Charlie Hebdo * Pandinistisch Verblijdingsfront * Vuile Mong *

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PAT BOYACK with Ruthie Foster, Marcia Ball, W.C. Clark, Sweetpea Atkinson & Larry Fulcher: VOICES FROM THE STREET. Radio 68 plays the entire album, including the hidden track!

A personal message from Paul Boyack to Radio 68:
“Free Speech is what many of us Americans and French see as a human right. Free Speech has given those who enjoy it opportunities, be it through political means or for the sake of artistic exploration. It is a WONDERFUL thing and for those of us raised around freedom it’s a common element in our daily lives. We cherish it, we will die for it. We do this not for selfish reasons but for the betterment of the human race and for future generations. Time will show the greatest advancement of human development has come since the fight for Free Speech. History will also show that the lack of that right pulls human development back. My heart goes out to those in France in what has recently happened. I have visited France many times and have always left with a feeling of betterment. The people are so giving with open minds and hearts. Thank you Free Speech.” – Pat Boyack

Pat Boyack and Radio 68's Ed in Cognac 2007. Copyright Lut Conings
Pat Boyack and Radio 68’s Ed in Cognac 2007 (c)

A bout the album Voices From the Street:
“Guitarist/songwriter Pat Boyack’s past recordings, under his own name, as a guest on W.C. Clark’s albums and as a member of the Marcia Ball Band, were merely an impressive prelude to the socially-conscious soul sessions which produced “Voices from the Street”. With Boyack’s clean, clear and creative guitar work fronting a fine and funky all-star band “Voices From the Street” utilizes sensational singing to deliver a solid assortment of soulful message music.
Marcia Ball, with a full horn section behind her, sings two songs, including the uptempo gem “Listen to Me”. W.C. Clark is heard on Boyack’s deep soul ballad “First Comes the Grievin’ “, as well as on the ’70s message tune “The Power Is Gone”. Ruthie Foster is featured on three tracks, including the surprisingly upbeat “Misery” (co-written by Boyack). Ruthie, like Marcia, had such a good time at the sessions that she stuck around to do the female backing vocals.
Honorary Austinite Sweetpea Atkinson, of Lyle Lovett, Bonnie Raitt, Was/Not Was and Boneshakers fame, is featured on three fervent funk workouts. The album’s rousing finale finds all the vocalists soulfully testifying on the populist anthem “Time” (Has Come Today) with each singer taking a verse of the Chambers Brothers psychedelic protest classic.


charlie hebdo cover 13jan2015

CHARLIE HEBDO special: Hans Teeuwen, Lenny Bruce, Tom Lehrer, Youp van ‘t Hek, Alain Verdier, Tim Minchin ** Het Pandinistisch Verblijdingsfront * Vuile Mong en de Vieze Gasten: Bommerskonten * Leen Persijn: Alles is te koop **  


There is no freedom without freedom of speech: always, everywhere and for everyone. Anything less is a violation of it.

DERDE UUR * THIRD HOUR : Het Pandinistisch Verblijdingsfront

Pand geen uitdrijving

Het Gentse “Patershol”, dat nu een toeristische restaurantbuurt is, was eind de jaren ’70 begin jaren ’80 het schouwtoneel voor een sociale strijd. We beleven de naweeën van mei ’68 en de economische crisis van 1973 heeft zich net doorgezet. Door de lage huurkosten leefden daar toen vooral krakers, studenten, arme bewoners en gepensioneerden. De conservatieve burgemeester Placide Depaepe wou het Pand in het Patershol ontruimen. Wat nu geïntegreerde planning heet en sociale stadsvernieuwing, stond toen in zijn kinderschoenen.

De strijd om het Patershol werd een symbolische case in de clash tussen “stadsvernieuwing” op maat van de markt versus “sociale stadsvernieuwing” voor de mensen in de buurt. We gingen hierover spreken met enkele protagonisten zoals oud-pandinisten Luc Rogiest, Luc Emmery en Piet Creve; Marc Heughebaert (toen GEBAK/ BIRO) en Herman Rosseau en Geert Vandoorne, die toen respectievelijk op de planningsdienst en monumentenzorg werkten.

Pand toekomst

Radio 68 draait de ondertussen onvindbare single van het Verblijdingsfront, met een serieuze Walter De Buck en een hilarische Jam Emmery

Het Pandinistisch Verblijdingsfront, de single: Jan Emmery, Walter De Buck ** De volledige A-kant van de LP “Bommerskonten” n.a.v. Het Jaar van het Dorp, door Vieze Mong en de Vuile Gasten * Leen Persijn: Alles is te koop (vertalingen-aanpassingen van Leon Rosselson)

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Free Angela Davis

“Free Angela” is a compilation cd released in 1971 to help raise funds for the liberation of black activist (and communist, oh my soul!) Angela Davis. Angela is still very much alive and kicking on the left bank…  This beautiful soul cd features committed music and lyrics by Larry Saunders, Nitroglycerine, Tyrone Thomas, Brother Love, Soul Encyclopaedia and Dickie Wonder, and is available on cd (Secret Stash Records, Minneapolis, USA).

Secret Stash Records says: “Amidst the socially and politically tumultuous 1960s and 1970s, Angela Davis emerged as one of the era’s most controversial figures. In the early 1970s, her arrest, incarceration, and trial made international headlines and inspired a movement to free her. In April of 2013 Free Angela & All Political Prisoners, an independent film about Davis was released to much critical acclaim, fetching awards at the Toronto International Film Festival Gala World Premiere, the London International Film Festival, as well as the Stockholm International Film Festival.

Originally released in 1971, the album Free Angela was sold to raise money for the National United Committee to Free Angela Davis. It was put together by Alexander Randolph – a singer, promoter, and record label owner from Virginia. The first half of the album was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, beginning with the title track by Larry Saunders. On his songs, Saunders’ vocals float above and transcend the ethereal backing of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. His voice can be compared to singers like Donny Hathaway and Curtis Mayfield, but Saunders is his own man, with his own style. His work on this album is essential listening in the realm of socially conscious soul music. The second half of the album continues with solid mid-1960s rarities from Randolph’s Sound of Soul label. Sound of Soul has long been known to record collectors, with singles routinely fetching hundreds of dollars.

Working in coordination with Alexander Randolph, Secret Stash is excited to make available once again this soulful piece of history. Available on CD and vinyl, each contains an insert with detailed liner notes and photos: 8 pages of 11.5″ x 11.5″ for the LP and 32 page booklet for the CD. As always, the LP version includes a free digital download of the entire album and the CD version comes in a premium digipack. + Video


Peace Will Come (According To Plan) Melanie Safka, (copyrighted)

For sometimes when we have reached the end
With the velvet hill in the small of my backs
And our hands are clutching the sand
Will our blood become a part of the river
All of the rivers are givers to the ocean
According to plan, according to man
There’s a chance peace will come in your life please buy one.
There’s a chance peace will come in your life please buy one
For sometime when we have reached the end
With the velvet hill in the small of my backs
And our hands are clutching the sand.
There’s a chance peace will come in your life please buy one


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