Langspeeltijd * Long-playtime of Monday 08 & Wednesday 10 April: Georgie Fame, Graham Bond [Ed’s Show, 2019-13, no. 78]

NEW SHOW: Georgie Fame (Sweet Things), Graham Bond, Gary Walker & The Rain, The Golden Earrings *** REPEATED: Led Zeppelin, Cream, Shocking Blue, John Mayall *** Monday 08 April, 12:00-24:00 hrs CET Brussels + repeated Wednesday 10 April, 12:00 till 20:00 hrs CET Brussels *** [2019-13, no. 78 ] ***





 CET Brussels    Sun. Tue.
Long-playtime new show: Georgie Fame, Graham Bond 12:00
Repeated show: Led Zeppelin, Cream, Shocking Blue, John Mayall  14:00
End of show 24:00  20:00 

NEW SHOW  SPECIAL Georgie Fame, Graham Bond
LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING Graham Bond: Love Is The Law
HOMAGE TO CATALUNYA Tony Villaplana: Yeh Yeh (en Català)
GEORGIE FAME Sweet Things, 1966, entire A-side.
GARY WALKER & THE RAIN  “1”, 1968: choice tracks.
GRAHAM BOND + THE GRAHAM BOND ORGANISATION: The Mighty, 1969 (choice tracks) + The Sounds of ‘65 (1965, entire side 1).
GEORGIE FAME Sweet Things, 1966, entire B-side.
THE GOLDEN EARRINGS Winter Harvest, 1967: choice tracks.
AND ALSO  Joe Cocker + WORD & FREE SPEECH & POETRY / WOORD : Adrian Henri and Andy Roberts: Tonight At Noon + Hippies In Nederland + Llibertat presos politics!  + Paul Robeson.

Led Zeppelin, Cream, Shocking Blue, John Mayall
LED ZEPPELIN  Led Zeppelin II, entire A-side, 1969.
JOHN MAYALL Empty Rooms, 1969, entire A-side.
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin II, entire B-side, 1969.
CREAM Wheels Of  Fire, 1968, LP2, side C (Live in San Francisco, March, 1968).
SHOCKING BLUE At Home, LP, 1969: choice tracks.
LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING Sandy Posey: I Take It Back.
HOMAGE TO CATALUNYA Eurogrup canta Allen Toussaint + James Brown (I’ll Go Crazy) en Català.
WORD & FREE SPEECH & POETRY  Dolly Birds and Mini-skirts, Jim Hightower, John Mayall.


“Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames’ third bum very much follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, a punchy R&B stomper that could (even should) have been recorded live, so high is the energy, and so abandoned the backing of  The Blue Flames. This is especially apparent on side two of the original vinyl, as the band all-but replicate the closing run of a hot and sweaty club gig, pounding through an electrifyingly note-perfect “My Girl,” a rattling “The Whole World’s Shaking” and a truly incredible version of “The In Crowd,” all honking horns and smooth-flowing Hammond. Don Covay’s “See Saw” is another jewel, but for sheer audacity, the highlight has to be calypso king Lord Kitchener’s gleefully risqué “Dr Kitch,” a percussively swaying romp that only grows more delightful as it becomes apparent that Fame himself is having trouble delivering the lyric straight-faced — the story of a doctor attempting to administer an injection to a nervous young lady, after all, is so rife with double meaning that it is virtually a sex act in its own right’. (…)
Review by Dave Thompson on All Rights Reserved.

JOHN MAYALL Empty Rooms (1969)
(…) If The Turning Point marked a partial shift away from the genre that had established Mayall’s reputation, Empty Rooms kicked off with a blast of the blues, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’. But this is a long way from his gritty mid-60s classic electric blues. It’s folk-blues, which mesmerized British kids at the dawn of the rock era. Broonzy, Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie all linger here – as does Lonnie Donegan, the man who took Skiffle into the British charts and inspired a generation.  (…)
Drum-free it may be, but there’s no lack of drive. ‘Plan Your Revolution’ rocks; ‘Something New’ has a handy lazy groove; ‘People Cling Together’ boasts the spirit of Wilbert Harrison’s ‘Let’s Work Together’, illuminated by 12-string guitar. As the album falls deeper into its romantic mindset, things change: ‘Don’t Pick A Flower’ is folk, pure and simple; ‘Many Miles Apart’ is a wailing blues, but clearly personal; ‘Waiting For The Right Time’ sounds like it was written watching desert dust blow by while Mayall admits “she drives me out of my mind” in a shimmering musical mirage. (…)
Source / All Rights Reserved

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