Langspeeltijd * Long-playtime of Monday 18, Wednesday 20 Feb.: Satanic Majesties Request, Donovan, Blossom Toes, Pretty Things [Ed’s Show, 2019-07*

NEW SHOW:  The Rolling Stones’ Satanic Majesties, Donovan (Hurdy Gurdy Man), Blossom Toes, Electric Banana aka The Pretty Things, Alan Ginsberg*** REPEATED: Cuby + The Blizzards, Jeff Beck Group, Blood Sweat and Tears, Tim Rose, The Beach Boys*** Monday 18 Feb., 12:00-24:00 hrs CET Brussels + repeated Wednesday 20 Feb., 12:00 till 24:00 hrs CET Brussels *** [2019-07, no. 72 = 2017-09)] ***





 Monday & Wednesday CET Brussels Mon.    Wed.
Long-playtime new show:  Satanic Majesties, Donovan 12:00
Long-playtime repeated: show:  Back to 1969 with Cuby + The Blizzards, Jeff Beck, Blood Sweat and Tears, Tim Rose, The Beach Boys 14:00
End of show 24:00  20:00 

NEW SHOW Sundays 12:00, 16:00 & 20:00 hrs ; Wednesdays 12:00 & 1600 hrs (Brussels CET) SPECIAL THE ROLLING STONES: THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST, 1967, entire album + DONOVAN: HURDY GURDY MAN, 1968, choice tracks: Hurdy Gurdy Man, Peregrine, The River Song,  Tangier feat. Bert Jansch;  A Sunny Day + MELLOW YELLOW, 1966: Sunny South Kensington + THE BLOSSOM TOES (feat. Jim Cregan, Poli Palmer, Brian Godding): WE ARE EVER SO CLEAN, 1967: choice tracks Look At Me, I’ll Be Late For Tea, Telegram, Remarkable Saga, Mister Watchmaker + ELECTRIC BANANA aka THE PRETTY THNGS: ELECTRIC BANANA, 1967: choice tracks: Grey Skies,  Thousand Ages From The Sun, Do My Stuff ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: Sopa de Cabra feat. President Carles Puidgement: Camins ** WORD: Allen GINSBERG & Mondrian String Quartet: September on Jessore Road *


REPEATED SHOW Sundays 14:00, 18:00 & 22:00 hrs ; Wednesdays 14:00 & 1800 hrs (Brussels CET) 
BACK TO 1969 with Jeff Beck, Cuby + The Blizzards
BACK TO 1969 with:
CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS Appleknocker’s Flophouse, 1969, entire A-side.
JEFF BECK GROUP Beck-Ola, 1969, entire A-side.
CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS Appleknocker’s Flophouse, 1969, entire B-side.
JEFF BECK GROUP Beck-Ola, 1969, entire B-side.
BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Blood, Sweat & Tears, 1969, choice tracks.
TIM ROSE Through Rose Coloured Glasses, 1969, choice tracks.
THE BEACH BOYS 20/20, 1969, choice tracks.
FREE SPEECH:  Carnaby Street , The Mini-skirt, Dollie Birds + Jim Hightower on Poverty and War.


(…) The Rolling Stones were not ready for the pro movement, and their decision to jump the bandwagon was a serious miscalculation from the very beginning. Brian Jones probably was the only Stone to be able to relate to the new age and even then it may have been for drugs and fashion rather than politics. “Flowers” (Summer 1967) was a shameless cash-in and as far removed from the peace movement’s principles as the UK prime minister’s. “We Love You” (August 1967) was a nice song, but so what? Their only real effort was the “psychedelic” album Their Satanic Majesties Request (Winter 1967). The fans didn’t understand, but bought the album anyway. Considering comments and sales, hardly anyone else did. The Stones failed to convince they had contributed to the new movement and deep inside they knew they were not a part of it and would never be. The new movement was so rich and varied it included Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Buddhism, analyses of capitalism, radically new ideas about sex and male-female model roles and anti-authoritarian education to name but a few, but the Stones shrunk it to something “psychedelic”. Psychedelic was just one possible adjective to label the new era, but it was the only one Jagger, Jones & Co could possibly identify with because it could refer to drugs and drugs could be seen as part of the Anti Attitude. The Stones had a strong image and one that reflected their personalities, so no-one actually believed they had entered the Age of Aquarius”. © Eddy Bonte, full article here:
For an entirely different point of view, see Kris Needs in Team Rock: (All Rights Reserved).

Cuby + Blizzards (1966–1974)

Cuby + Blizzards (C+B) was founded by Eelco Gelling and  Harry Muskee in 1964. Their first single was released in 1965 followed by a string of albums starting in 1966. During his time with Cuby + Blizzards the band became famous in Holland, Germany and the UK. They played, recorded and toured with Eddie Boyd, Van Marrison and Alexis Korner.In 966 they toured with  John Mayall and when Mayall came over to the Netherlands to stay for a couple of days, he asked Gelling to join theBluesbreakers. Gelling did not agree and stayed with Cuby + Blizzards. The 1969 album Appleknocker’s Flophouse is considered one of the greatest Dutch Blues albums. The guitarwork rivals that many great players The band recorded their last album in 1974, named Het Afscheidsconcert (The Farewell Concert). (…)
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