Langspeeltijd * Longplaytime: Mon. 29 & Wed; 31 Jan.: Back to January 1968 with Aretha Franklin, Godz, Blue Cheer, Byrds, Velvet Underground [Ed’s SHow, 2018-05]

** NEW SHOW: Back to January 1968 with Aretha Franklin, Godz, Blue Cheer, Byrds, Velvet Underground + Poetry by Dorothea Smartt REPEATED: Beat It! with The Hollies, Q65, Manfred Mann, The Searchers, Herman’s Hermits + Mike Vickers *** [2018-05 (20), Monday 29 Jan., 12:00-24:00 hrs  CET Brussels + Wednesday. 31 Jan.., 12:00-20:00 hrs CET Brussels] **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES OF THE SIXTIES ****


 BACK TO JANUARY 1968 with BLUE CHEER: VINCEBUS ERUPTUM: the entire album  + THE BYRDS: THE NOTORIOUS BYRD BROTHERS: choice tracks  + THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: WHITE LIGHT, WHITE HEAT (choice tracks) + THE GODZ: THIRD TESTAMENT: choice tracks + ARETHA FRANKLIN: LADY SOUL: choice tracks *** AND ALSO: THE TEMPTATIONS: Cloud Nine + ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS : Sky Pilot ** WORD:  Poet and activist DOROTHEA SMARTT reads her Poetry: Exclusive Radio 68 reading session

THE HOLLIES:THE HOLLIEsS 1965: A-side + MANFRED MANN feat. MIKE d’ABO: AS IS, 1966, mono, B-side + Q 65: REVOLUTION, 1966: the R&B tunes + HERMAN’s HERMITS: HERMAN’s HERMITS, 1965 + MIKE VICKERS (flautist, saxophonist, guitarist with Manfred Mann): I WISH I WERE A  GROUP AGAIN, 1967, choice tracks: the Mike Vickers originals + Sunshine Superman, Matthew And Son + THE SEARCHERS: SOUNDS LIKE THE SEARCHERS, 1965: choice tracks *** AND ALSO: THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN: I’m A Man & THE PRETTY THINGS: Pretty Thing *** WORD: Siegfried Sassoon + Graham Nash: Oh Camil, The Winter Soldier + Leon Rosselson: Soldier On


 Monday,  Wednesday CET Brussels Mon.    Wed.
 Longplaytime new show: Back to January 1968 12, 16, 20 hrs 12, 16 hrs
Longplaytime repeated show:  Beat It! 14, 18, 22 hrs 14, 18 hrs.
End of show 24:00 Midnight 20:00 hrs


“In fact, I’m going to go on record (risky) saying that The Third Testament is not only a very good record (riskier), but in fact the best Godz record (riskiest?) and an honest-to-Jehovah CLASSIC (WHAT THE FUCK, FOR REAL?!?!?!?!), at that. On Third Testament, the Godz stew the primitive yowl of Contact High in with both the more rockist as well as the more aut elements of Godz 2, throw in some avant-malarkey straight out of Red Krayola’s Parable Of Arable Land(except funnier) or Henry Jacobs (except not as good, but c’mon, they’re not magicians), and brings the whole thing to a boil that will BURN YOUR FACE OFF. Except in a good way. Got me? Jeez, this platter is a hoedown joy to spin! (…) . Quted from / All rights reserved:

“(…) Indeed it is often considered their finest work. The lead single “Goin’ Back” introduced the sound of the album, that of dreamy and laid-back layers of psychedelic folk-rock. The relaxed tone was evident throughout, most of the songs merging together seamlessly. Shimmering 12-string guitars and ethereal harmonies were accentuated by strings, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, Moog synthesizer and numerous session musicians (again including guitarist Clarence White), as well as drummer Jim Gordon who took over from Michael Clarke on several songs). The studio was also used as an instrument, incorporating waves of phasing and other effects, further strengthening the dreamlike mood of the record. Veins of folk and country can be detected, blurred together beneath the psychedelic soundscapes. (…)Quoted from / All Rights reserved:


Dorothea Smartt Exclusive Radio 68 Session © EddyBonte

“Dorothea Smartt is a stunning performance artist and poet. She has taught in the United Kingdom, and Bahrain, South Africa, Barbados and the U.S, after beginning her writing life in the Black/feminist co-operatives of the Eighties, and publishing her first work in anthologies. She plunges into a complex and diverse world which embraces Banjul, Barbados and her London base, Brixton. Little wonder, then, that she has been dubbed the “Brit born Bajan International” by her iconic mentor, Kamau Braithwaite, who clearly recognised her strong inner voice, so evident to listener and reader, and validated her blossoming poetic identity (…). Quoted from / All Rights Reserved:

Thank you Dorothea, for reading exclusively for Radio 68. Thanks too to Hylda Sims and The Poetry Café for logistic support.


“In 1963, Merseybeat took the pop music world by storm. By mid-1965, that storm had calmed down. The charts were occupied by tougher sounds, with more beat, and more rhythm and blues. The Rolling Stones scored with ‘Satisfaction’, The Animals with ‘We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ and The Who unleashed ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’. Why, some groups would even try a little experiment – think The Beatles and The Byrds.
By the end of 1965, the high days of several typical Merseybeat groups were over, such as The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Merseys, The Merseybeats, Wayne Fontana, Brian Poole…
Groups with more punch had more success or succeeded in continuing it – The Hollies, Manfred Mann (still jazz-inspired) – even the lightweight ones like Herman’s Hermits. In Holland, Q65 was on a level with The Pretty Things “(EB)

“Mike Vickers is a man who wears a coat of many colors: original Manfred Mann guitarist, A&R man for EMI, arranger and producer extraordinaire, composer and the beat goes on. He left Manfred Mann in 1966 and by 1967 he had released his debut LP.  Long before the likes of The Mike Flowers Pops (remember their 15 minutes in the 90’s?) Mike’s album was, and still is, a kitsch classic.  Utilizing a selection of interpretation’s of “easy” versions of then contemporary standards alongside a smattering of his own compositions, “I Wish I Were A Group Again” is slice of 1967 documenting when hip met camp.  What is interesting about it is that Vickers was a 25-“year old former member of a pop group, not an old school composer or arranger capitalizing on the “young sound” like Enoch Light or Tony Hatch”. (Source: )



 Radio 68 is happy to present  a new show: MY GENERATION LONGPLAYTIME. The concept of LONGPLAYTIME is simple: we will play full albums, album sides or selected album tracks.  We stress overlooked, forgotten, ignored, misjudged, rare, non-commercial and media-banned music and artists, throwing in a hit album for good measure. All from or related to the sixties –  of course! Thanks, Ed   **
OVER LANGPSPEELTIJD We presenteren we met plezier een nieuwe show: LANGSPEELTIJD. De idee achter LANGSPEELTIJD is eenvoudig: we draaien volledige albums, LP-kanten of een keuze uit een langspeelplaat. We hebben vooral  oog voor muziek en artiesten die vallen onder de categorieën “vergeten,  vreemd, geweerd, over het hoofd gezien, verkeerd begrepen, gecensureerd, zeldzaam “.  Met nu een dan een dikke hit ertussen. Geniet van de langSPEELTIJD. Bedankt, Ed

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