Langspeeltijd * Longplaytime of Monday 10 & Wednesday 12 September: Mod Sounds by The Who, The Creation, Smoke [Ed’s Show, 2018-36]

NEW SHOW:Mod Sounds by The Who, Creation, Smoke + The Wallace Collection  ***REPEATED: Bobbie Gentry, Glen Campbell, Donovan 1965, The Hollies ***  Monday 10 September, 12:00-24:00 hrs  CET Brussels + Wednesday 12 September, 12:00-20:00 hrs CET Brussels *** [2018-36 (510)] *** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES OF THE SIXTIES ****


NEW SHOW: SPECIAL  Mod Sounds by The Who, The Creation, Smoke
SPECIAL Mod Sounds
THE WHO: The Who Sell Out: A-side
THE WALLACE COLLECTION: The Laughing Cavalier: 1967, B-side
THE WHO: The Who Sell Out: B-side
THE CREATION: We Are Paintermen, 1967, A-side
THE SMOKE: It’s smoke time, 1967, choice tracks
Pete Seeger, The Fool, Peter Coyote, Leon Rosselson.
The Soft Machine (Live At the BBC), The Move


LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING: HARPER’s BIZARRE: 59th Street Song (Feelin’ Groovy) + THE FLOWER POT MEN: Walk In The Sky.
BOBBIE GENTRY: Local Gentry (1968, A-side).
GLEN CAMPBELL: A New Place In the Sun (1968, A-side).
BOBBIE GENTRY: Local Gentry (1968, B-side).
THE HOLLIES: Butterfly (1967, A-side).
DONOVAN: Fairytale (1965, A-side).
DON PARTRIDGE: choice tracks.
WORD: Carnaby Street & Mini-skirts .


 Monday,  Wednesday CET Brussels Mon.    Wed.
 Longplaytime new show: Bobbie Gentry 12, 16, 20 hrs 12, 16 hrs
Longplaytime repeated show: Britsoul 14, 18, 22 hrs 14, 18 hrs.
End of show 24:00 Midnight 20:00 hrs


(… ) But Numero Group’s new reissue of the album is a welcome follow-up to Action Painting, the comprehensive two-CD anthology Numero released last year. Despite the filler, We Are Paintermen is a fantastic introduction to the band, neglecting only two essential Creation tracks (“How Does It Feel to Feel” and “Life Is Just Beginning”) and including most of their landmarks: “Making Time” and its excellent B-side “Try and Stop Me” are here, as is the just-as-incredible follow-up single, “Painterman” backed with “Biff, Bang, Pow.” Reputedly cut by producer Shel Talmy from the original master tapes—although, crucially, the word “analog” does not appear on the hype sticker, suggesting a digital intermediary—the songs appear in punchy, animated mono, as they were first heard in 1966 and 1967 (…) The Creation’s story is a convoluted one, with departing and returning band members, stray tracks, latter-day reunions, and a confusing discography. With Action Painting and now this superbly presented replica of We Are Paintermen, Numero Group is setting straight the historical record of this fantastic band. Now you can at least say you’ve heard of them. (…)

Shindig magazine UK

She came out of nowhere (well, from Chickasaw County) , scored a world-wide hit with the dark ‘Ode To Billie Jo’, recorded a series op albums (one with Glen Campbell), had her own show on the BBC, did Las Vegas – then disappeared.
Bobbie Gentry’s performances and on-screen charisma on variety programmes on both sides of the Atlantic had impressed the head of the BBC so much that early in 1968 she was invited to host her own show on BBC 2 making her the first female songwriter to front a TV series on the network. Together with producer and director Stanley Dorfman, they made six half-hour episodes every year for a total of 18 shows (…). It was a personal showcase for Bobbie’s work that depicted her in intimate solo performances, big choreographed set pieces, and on location in footage filmed near her childhood home in Mississippi. Each week the show also featured a special guest that would perform one song with Bobbie and one on their own; making an appearance in 1968 were Alan Price, Don Partridge, Donovan, The Hollies, Long John Baldry and Glen Campbell
Quoted From / All Rights Reserved: *** Read the Bobbie Gentry feature in the latest issue of Shindig magazine **¨ Box Set Celebrates Bobbie Gentry, ‘The Girl From Chickasaw County’.

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