Langspeeltijd * Longplaytime: Spencer Davis Mk2, Eddie Hardin’s Wizards, After Tea + Ronnie Lane & Ronnie Wood LP * Monday 25, Wednesday 27 Dec. (Ed’s Show) 2017-15

** NEW SHOW: Spencer Davis Mk2, Eddie Hardin’s Wizards, After Tea  & Ronnie Lane and Ronnie Wood LP ** REPEATED: Johnny Hallyday 2007, The Purple Gang Strikes, William Bell** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: Himno de Riego,   [2017-15 , Monday 25 Dec., 12:00-24:00 hrs  CET Brussels + Wednesday. 27 Dec., 12:00-20:00 hrs CET Brussels] **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES OF THE SIXTIES ****


THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP with Ray Fenwick and Eddie Hardin
: WITH THEIR NEW FACE ON, LP, 1968, the entire album + EDDIE HARDIN’s WIZARD’s CONVENTION 2, 1995, ( Hot Head Of Steam  & I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today, feat. Chris Farlowe; Here I Go Again with Paul Jones and Mike d’Abo; Talking Ain’t  Cheap with Debbie Bonham, John Lawton, Phil Manzanera;  Brickmaker’s Blues, feat. John Entwistle feat. Denny Laine; Can’t Let You Go, feat. Tony Ashton + AFTER TEA, feat. Ray Fenwick: NATIONAL DISASTER, 1968, A-side (tracks 1-6) + SPENCER DAVIS: SO FAR (cd, 2008): choice tracks: So Far, Swansea Shuffle, Uncle Herman’s Mandoline  *** BONUS: RONNIE LANE & RONNIE WOOD: Mahoney’s Last Stand, 1976, A-side and more (tracks 2-8) *** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: Himno de Riego: anthem of the Second Spanish Republic, proclaimed  14 April 1933 – destroyed by Franco’s  dictatorship 1 April 1939 ** Quico Pi de la Serra: –   Si els fills de puta volessin no veuríem mai el sol (If all the sons of bitches could fly, we’d never see the sky) ** Companiya Elèctrica Dharma: Brutalitat

  JOHNNY HALLYDAY (R.I.P. 6 Dec. 2017): CD ‘Le Cœur d’un homme’,  feat. Taj Mahal , Keb’ Mo, James Harman, Tony Joe White, Paul Personne * “I Am the Blues” written by  Bono * Mixed by Bob Clearmountain, 2007 *Radio 68 plays the entire album *** THE PURPLE GANG: STRIKES!  (1967, produced by Joe Boyd), Radio 68 plays the entire album *** WILLIAM BELL: THE SOUND OF A BELL, Stax, 1967, Radio 68 plays the entire B-side ** WORD: DIEGO EL CIGALA: Los Hermanos + Californian Student Leader Mario Savio on Civil Disobedience, Sprout Hall, 1964 ** HOMAGE TO  CATALONIA: Himno de Riego: anthem of the Second Republic Of Spain.


 Monday,  Wednesday CET Brussels Mon.    Wed.
 Longplaytime new show:  Spencer Davis Group 12, 16, 20 hrs 12, 16 hrs
Longplaytime repeated show: Johnny Hallyday RIP 14, 18, 22 hrs 14, 18 hrs.
End of show 24:00 Midnight 20:00 hrs


“Recorded in 1995, this project features a “who’s who” of British rock with contributions from Ray Fenwick, Tony Ashton, Debbie Bonham, Mike D’Abo, John Entwistle, Chris Farlowe, Mo Foster, Eddie Hardin, Paul Jones, Denny Laine, Phil Manzanera, Chris Thompson, Zak Starkey and Snowy White. History was created with Paul Jones and Mike D’Abo dueting together on the song “Here I Go Again” – both Manfred Mann vocalists singing together for the first time!”. Quoted from:


“The album is a fairly schizophrenic mix of British jazz-blues and psych-pop, with the album fairly evenly divided between the two approaches. The opener is nearly a title track (“With His New Face On”), a string-laden midtempo slice of psych-pop that has some great chord changes that are reminiscent of Mike D’Abo’s work from around the same period. It’s one of the best tracks on the album. “Mr. Second Class” begins with a feel that presages prog, but quickly shifts to a 4/4 march not unlike the Box Tops’ swansong, “Sweet Cream Ladies.” “Alec in Transit Land” is a pretty straight jazz instrumental, recalling the work of early Manfred Mann (with the exception of a lengthy, even tiresome, drum solo). “Sanity Inspector,” on the other hand, is a delicate piece of psychedelic whimsy, with the usual contrived lyrics that mix a character narrative with vague social commentary. It’s a charming curiosity. “Feel Your Way” is a solid guitar-driven blues-shuffle with a great vocal and organ solo by Hardin. “Morning Sun” mixes the blues influences with a soaring, soulful chorus, recalling Jackie Lomax’s first solo album on Apple. “Moonshine” walks the line between jazz-blues and freakbeat, with another terrific vocal (mostly) treated with deep slapback echo. “Time Seller” returns to psych-pop, this time with manic drums and sawing cellos throughout. Though a bit dated, it also features some clever, unexpected chord changes and strong stacked backing vocals. The closer, “Stop Me, I’m Falling,” approaches vaudeville at times, but is definitely the most creative track on the album, shifting arrangements, time signatures and tonalities at will, ending with a lengthy, pretentious recitation. I love it!”


Le Coeur d’un homme, a permis au célèbre chanteur de réaliser un vieux rêve : enregistrer un album blues.Enregistré à Los Angeles, réalisé et arrangé par Yvan Cassar, le disque bénéficie de la participation de grands nombs de la musique blues, tels Tony Joe White, Taj Mahal, Keb’Mo’ et Paul Personne. Au rang des auteurs, on retrouve Fred Blondin, Didier Golemanas, Jacques Veneruso ou encore Michel Mallory.Comme cela avait été annoncé, Johnny reprend le tube Sarbacane de Francis Cabrel et interprète un morceau inédit signé du grand Bone, I Am The Blues”. (Source:,1151183.html )

“JOHNNY HALLYDAY overleed op 6 december (2017) en liet een  indrukwekkende discografie na, bijna 50 originele albums waarop hij zowat alle genres aan bod liet komen. Wij draaien een album uit 2007, LE COEUR D’UN HOMME,  waarmee HALLYDAY een echt roots-album wilde neerzetten.  Hij kreeg de hulp van Keb’ Mo, Tony Joe White, Paul Peronne,  James Harman, enz. Bono is medeauteur van ‘I Am The Blues’, speciaal geschreven voor Hallyday.  Hij gaat op één nummer in duet met niemand minder dan TAJ MAHAL”. (EB)



 Radio 68 is happy to present  a new show: MY GENERATION LONGPLAYTIME. The concept of LONGPLAYTIME is simple: we will play full albums, album sides or selected album tracks.  We stress overlooked, forgotten, ignored, misjudged, rare, non-commercial and media-banned music and artists, throwing in a hit album for good measure. All from or related to the sixties –  of course! Thanks, Ed   **
OVER LANGPSPEELTIJD We presenteren we met plezier een nieuwe show: LANGSPEELTIJD. De idee achter LANGSPEELTIJD is eenvoudig: we draaien volledige albums, LP-kanten of een keuze uit een langspeelplaat. We hebben vooral  oog voor muziek en artiesten die vallen onder de categorieën “vergeten,  vreemd, geweerd, over het hoofd gezien, verkeerd begrepen, gecensureerd, zeldzaam “.  Met nu een dan een dikke hit ertussen. Geniet van de langSPEELTIJD. Bedankt, Ed

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