Langspeetijd * Longplaytime: 1 MEI 1st MAY: Tom Morello, French protest jazz, Lode De Ceuster, De Oproerkraaiers *** Mon. 30 April, Wed. 02 May [Ed’s Show, 2018-18)

*** NEW SHOW: Tom Morello, Lode De Ceuster, De Oproerkraaiers, French protest jazz

 **REPEATED: The Fairport Convention’s & The Pentangle’s debut LPs, Ralph McTell, Emitt Rhodes *** [2018-18 (33), Monday 30 April, 12:00-24:00 hrs  CET Brussels + Wednesday 02 May, 12:00-20:00 hrs CET Brussels] **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES THAT SHAPED THE SIXTIES ****


LODE DE CEUSTER: De zingende dokwerker, LP, kant A *** THE NIGHTWATCHMAN aka Tom Morello: One Man Revolution, tracks 1-5 *** MOBILISATION GENERALE: Protest and Spirit Jazz From France 1970-1976:  Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem, Atarpop & Le Collectif  Le Temps des Cérises, Mahjun, Chêne Noir *** DE OPROERKRAAIERS: Bliksemse Boel! LP, kant A *** AND ALSO: Pete Seeger, L’Internationale, Grace Petrie, Ton Steine Scherben, Herman’s Hermits…


INTRO: REV. SHAWN AMOS (cd ‘Breaks It Down’,  thanks to Continental Record Services) + HUGUES AUFRAY *** THE PENTANGLE with Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, Danny Thompson, John Renbourn: THE PENTANGLE, 1968 *** THE FAIRPORT CONVENTION with Ian MacDonald, Judy Dyble, Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Anthony “Tyger” Hutchings, Martin Lamble, produced by Joe Boyd: FAIRPORT CONVENTION, 1968 *** RALPH McTELL: SPIRAL STAIRCASE: selected tracks (Spiral Staircase,  1969) *** AND ALSO: TIM BUCKLEY + BERT JANSCH, : EMITT RHODES (cd ‘Rainbow Ends’, 2016, thanks to Airplay Direct) *** FREE SPEECH: TIM BUCKLEY: No Man Can Find The War (Live At The Folklore Center, 1967) + RALPH McTELL: England 1914 (Spiral Staircase, 1969) + BILLY BRAGG: Against the Law + ARLO GUTHRIE: Change the Moment + CHARLES MINGUS: Oh Lord, Don’t Let Them Drop that Atomic Bomb On Me


 Monday,  Wednesday CET Brussels Mon.    Wed.
Longplaytime new show: 1 mei, 1st May 12, 16, 20 hrs 12, 16 hrs
Longplaytime repeated: Fairport, Pentangle 14, 18, 22 hrs 14, 18 hrs.
End of show 24:00 Midnight 20:00 hrs


1st MAY

In this show, we focus on the first of May as we wish to remind you and  to remind ourselves of the struggle by millions and millions of people, a struggle for dignity and equality: to be recognized as human and hence to be equal to all other human beings. Because peace and love are of ahigher value than war and hatred, because no human being should die from hunger or thirst while there is enough for everyone; because no world view is so just that it has the right to kill or enslave those that do not share it. None of our rights have been granted automatically, each and every right has been fought for and,  regretfully, came with the price called bloodshed and massacre.
This show focuses on the first of May – lest we forget that today is not a copy of yesterday and doesn’t guarantee a similar tomorrow.
You can listen to The Nightwatchman aka Tom Morello, an assortment of French seventies protest jazz and Dutch workers’ songs by LODE DE CEUSTER from Antwerp, Flanders, and DE OPROEPKRAAIERS from Holland. In my other show, My Generation, you can listen to Protest blues and Protest Pop music. Eddy Bonte


In dit programma staat 1 mei in de schijnwerpers, omdat we u en onszelf er willen aan herinneren dat miljoenen en miljoenen mensen hebben gestreden voor gelijkheid en waardigheid: om te worden erkend als mens en dus gelijk aan alle andere mensen. Omdat vrede en liefde hogere waarden zijn dan oorlog en haat, opdat niemand zou omkomen van honger en dorst terwijl er genoeg is voor iedereen. Omdat geen enkele mensvisie zo hoogstaand is dat ze zou toelaten andersdenkenden om te brengen of tot slaaf te maken. Geen enkele van de rechten die we hebben is er automatisch gekomen, voor elk recht werd gevochten, en helaas was er ook vaak een prijs aan verbonden: die van bloedvergieten. Dit programma gaat over 1 mei, opdat we niet zouden vergeten dat vandaag geen kopie is van gisteren en morgen er niet vanzelf als vandaag zal uitzien.
We luisteren naar The Nightwatchman aka Tom Morello,  een assosrtiment Franse protestjazz uit de jaren ’70 en goeie ouderwetse werkmansliederen door LODE DE CEUSTER (De zingende dokwerker uit Antwerpen) en DE OPROEPKRAAIERS  uit Nederand.  In mijn anderes how, My Generation, draai ik protestblues en protestpop.

“Fairport Convention was formed in 1967 by Richard Thompson (guitar & vocals), Simon Nicol (guitar & vocals, viola), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Judy Dyble (vocals) and Shaun Frater (drums). Before the release of their first record Shaun Frater was replaced by Martin Lamble and Ian (Matthews) Mc Donald (vocals & guitar) joined the band. FAIRPORT CONVENTION plays Folk-Rock influenced by British-Folk, American-Folk-Rock, Blues, Country, Cajun and American songwriters like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley and Joni Mitchell.
In 1968 they made their first recording ‘Fairport Convention’ for Polydor with Joe Boyd as producer. The record was mainly influenced by American-Folk and contained covers of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Later that year they signed to ‘Island Records’ and the departing Judy Dyble was replaced by Sandy Denny (Ex-STRAWBS)”.
Quoted from / All Rights Reserved:


“Among the major bands at the fore of the UK’s 1960s folk revival and the birth of folk rock, Pentangle is arguably the most underappreciated. Where Fairport Convention has become a revered institution, and Steeleye Span continues to win over rock audiences, and where the Incredible String Band is credited with breaking open the psychedelic barriers of folk music and the Waterson’s genetic line remains the first family of traditional British folk, Pentangle are often, in popular and critical esteem, treated as outsiders amidst the scene they helped to found. The Rolling Stone Album Guide, for instance, absolutely damns the band with faint praise, calling them “academic” and “more impressive than fun”.
While it’s true that the band strove for the kind of instrumental precision found in progressive rock (which they in no small way influenced) and that a Pentangle show was a performance as opposed to a concert, the band’s radical and surprising contributions to the foundations of folk rock cannot be understated. It was Pentangle who first brought jazz improvisation into the UK folk scene, it was Pentangle that re-established the connection between contemporary English folk and its medieval origins, and it was Pentangle who first added a rock and roll drum kit to traditional British folk songs”.

Quoted from / All Rights Reserved:


 Radio 68 is happy to present  a new show: MY GENERATION LONGPLAYTIME. The concept of LONGPLAYTIME is simple: we will play full albums, album sides or selected album tracks.  We stress overlooked, forgotten, ignored, misjudged, rare, non-commercial and media-banned music and artists, throwing in a hit album for good measure. All from or related to the sixties –  of course! Thanks, Ed   **
OVER LANGPSPEELTIJD We presenteren we met plezier een nieuwe show: LANGSPEELTIJD. De idee achter LANGSPEELTIJD is eenvoudig: we draaien volledige albums, LP-kanten of een keuze uit een langspeelplaat. We hebben vooral  oog voor muziek en artiesten die vallen onder de categorieën “vergeten,  vreemd, geweerd, over het hoofd gezien, verkeerd begrepen, gecensureerd, zeldzaam “.  Met nu een dan een dikke hit ertussen. Geniet van de langSPEELTIJD. Bedankt, Ed

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