My Generation of Sun. 01 & Mon. 02 November: Stones, Standells, Kingsmen, Hook Herrera, [Ed’s Show 2015-43]

A Walk on the Raw Side with The Rolling Stones, The Kingsmen, The Standells **

Radio 68: all the sounds and the voices of the sixties * Happy to be Different

Standells cover Try It Banned

After two albums of authentic R&B covered in the Very Raw+ style, The Rolling Stones’ third LP consisted entirely of self-penned songs. Not necessarily R&B. And not necessarily raw. AFTERMATH was a mixed bag of pop tunes (Mother’s Little Helper), ballads (Lady Jane), R&Beat (Under My Thumb) and a freaky harmonica parlando like the 11 minutes plus ‘Going Home’. Some of the Jagger-Richards compositions of that era were successfully covered (‘Out of Time’ became a huge hit for Chris Farlowe),  others only moderately so (David Garrick’s ‘Lady Jane’). Many landed in the dustbin, whatever their artistic merits.

Radio 68 Time = Central European Time (Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin) = 1 hour ahead of GMT / UTC Time (London, Lisboa). Example:  15:00 hrs / 3 p.m. CET = 2 p.m. UK.    


New  show  Sundays 12  noon ** Repeated Sundays  16:00 hrs, 20:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs (twelve midnight till 4 in the morning) and  Mondays 12  noon.

The Kingsmen ** Blood, Sweat and Tears **  The Standells ¨¨ Cream: Fesh Cream + bonus tracks **  Consortium **  The  Fortunes ** The Perfumed Garden: The Frame, Mandrake Paddle Streamer, Tintern Abbey, Craig ** The Strawberry Alarm Clock: Strawberries Mean Love **


The Rolling Stones: Aftermath

New Show Sundays 14:30 hrs ** Repeated Sundays 18:30 hrs, 22:30 and 02:30 a.m. (Monday) and Monday 14:30 hrs.

The Paul  Butterfield Blues Band: East-West **  The Blues Band: A Few Short Lines  ** Hook Herrera: No Matter What I Do **  Fran McGillivray &  Mike Burke: The Road That You Believe In ** Bryan Lee: Live at the Old Absynthe House ¨

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