My Generation of Sun. 03 & Tue. 05 December: The London Look, Adam Faith & The Roulettes, Lester Butler, Donovan [Ed’s Show, 2017-49]

NEW SHOW The London Look, Adam Faith & The Roulettes ** REPEATED: Donovan, Lester Butler [2017-49, Sun. 03 Dec. 12:00 > 24:00 hrs + repeated Tue. 05 Dec., 1200 > 20:00 hrs. ] ** Time Zone: CET, Brussels ** **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES THAT  SHAPED THE SIXTIES *** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA
As a homage to Catalonia, I will play Catalan songs of freedom, love, peace and resistance in every show. Blueside: ANGELS GONYALONS &  MONICA GREEN: from the catalan adaptation of the musical “Blues in the Night”, 1995 . Gonyalons is from Catalunya, onica Green is from New York but has been working in Spain and Catalunya for many years + MY GENERATION: ELS DRACS: Colors  + GRUP DE FOLK: Tots junts vencerem (meaning ‘Together, we shall overcome’  = ‘We Shall Overcome’) (< Encara els temps estan canviant, 2003) + GRUP DE FOLK: Els Macarrons (LP, 1968) **

SPECIAL: THE LONDON LOOK 1 Herman’s Hermits: London Look  * 2 The Kinks: Dedicated Follower Of Fashion * 3 The Small Faces: Itchycoo Park *  4 P.P. Arnold: (If You Think You’re) Groovy (written by Lane & Marriott) * 5 Chris Farlowe: Handbags & Gladrags (written by Mike D’Abo)  * 6 Anita Harris: London Life * 7 David Bowie: I’m Not Losing Sleep * 8 Jackie Trent: 7.10 From Suburbia  * 9 Nicky Scott: Big City  * 10 Billy Nicholls: London Social Degree  * 11 The Carnaby: Jump And Dance  * 12 Vandyke & The Bambis: Doin’ The Mod  * 13 The Marquis Of Kensington: The Changing Of The Guard * 14 David Garrick: Dandy (written By R. Davies)  * 15 The Knack: Dolly Catcher Man * 16 Orange Bicycle: Hyacinth Threads  * 17 The Purple Gang: Granny Takes A Trip 18 * The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset (written By R. Davies). From: The London Look, Castle Music, 2004, the sound-track to the exhibition ‘London Look: Fashion From Street to Catwalk’,  held at the Museum of London, October 2004 – May 2005. ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: ELS DRACS: Colors (‘Colours’ by Donovan)


SPECIAL: ADAM FAITH & THE ROULETTES: Hi Heel Sneakers, Talk ABout Love, Look Out Baby [FAITH ALIVE, 1965]   + CHRIS ANDREWS: I’ll do the best I can (b-side, 1966), Michigan River + ARGENT feat. Former Roulettes Russ Ballard and Bob Henrit: Sweet Mary  (‘Ring Of Hands, 1971) + DAVE SAMPSON & THE HUNTERS, feeat. future Roulettes Brian Parker, John Rogers and Norman Stracey: If You Need Me (EP, 1961) + ADAM FAITH & THE ROULETTES: It’s Alright [b-side and LP ON THE MOVE, 1964] ** THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS:  SAM & DAVE: Wrap It Up + THE VALENTINOS: It’s ALL Over Now + COUNTRY JOE McDONALD: Pastures Of Plenty [Thinking Of Woody Guthrie, 1969] ** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME:  THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND: Don’t Need No Doctor, Devil’s Motorcycle  (One Step Beyond, 1969) + GREG ZLAP, JULLIVER & IAN SIEGAL: Save My Soul (same, 2017) + SAMANTHA FISH: American Dream, Poor Black Mattie (R.L. Burnside)  (Belle Of The West, 2017, thanks to V2 Records Belgium and RUF Records).

3 MY GENERATION (repeated)EARLY DONOVAN: Goldwatch  Blues; Cuttin’ Out  (< LP What’s Been Did and What’s Been Hid); Turquoise (single, 1965, no. 30), Hey Gip  (b-side of Turqouise), Be Not Too Hard (OST ‘Poor Cow’, 1967) +  LONNIE & ED YOUNG: Chevrolet + BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE: The Universal Soldier ** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED:  PADDY, KLAUS and GIBSON: No Good Without You Baby (single,  Pye, 1966, Liverpool Beat) + WAYNE GIBSON: Under My Thumb (1966) + GROEP 1850: I Know (La Pensée) ** LONGPLAYTIME:  OST ‘TONITE LET’s ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON’, 1968, re-mastered 2017: THE PINK FLOYD: Interstellar Overdrive OST version + TWICE AS MUCH: Night-time Girl + Interview Genevieve, THE MARQUESS OF KENSINGTON: The Changing of The Guard + MICK JAGGER  ** RADIO 68 PLAYS THE ENTIRE ALBUM IN ‘LONGPLAYTIME’ on Monday and Wednesday **  HOMAGE TO CATALONIA:  GRUP DE FOLK: Tots junts vencerem (meaning ‘Together, we shall overcome’  = ‘We Shall Overcome’) (< Encara els temps estan canviant, 2003) + GRUP DE FOLK: Els Macarrons (LP, 1968) ** POEZIE:  CHARLES DUCAL: Woord tegen word, Lied van de Arbeid

4 BLUESIDE (repeated) SPECIAL:  LESTER BUTLER: 13 feat. Lester Butler: So Low Down; Baby, Please Don’t Go (< “13”,  1997, feat. Alex Schultz) + The Red Devils feat. Lester Butler: Automatic;  Cut That Out (Junior Wells) (< King King, 1992, feat.  Billl Bateman drums, produced by Rick Rubin) + DAVID & PHIL ALVIN: Cherry Red Blues (< Lost Time) + MICK JAGGER with Bill. Wyman and Charlie Watts: Watching The River Flow (< Tribute to Stu) ** STARTER :  THE BLASTERS: Border Radio (The Blasters, 1981, feat. Bill Bateman and the Alvin Brothers) ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA:  ANGELS GONYALONS &  MONICA GREEN: from the catalan adaptation of the musical “Blues in the Night”, 1995 . Gonyalons is from Catalunya, Monica Green is from New York but has been working in Spain and Catalunya for many years ** THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS:  from SPECIALTY RECORDS: Jerry Byrne: Lights Out  + DON & DEWEY: Farmer John (covered by The Searchers) +  EARL KING: I’m Your Best Bet ** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME:  DONOVAN: Keep On Truckin’ & BLIND BOY FULLER.  Truckin’ My Blues Away Take 2 ** POPA CHUBBY: TWO DOGS, 2017: Shakedown , Pre-existing Conditions [sincere thanks to V2 Records Belgium and Ear Records]

 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Wed. 1200 > 2000 
My Generation: new show: London Look 12:00 * 16:00 hrs
Blueside: new show: Adam Faith & Roulettes 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 hrs 13:00  * 17:00 hrs
My Generation repeated:  Donovan 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 hrs 14:00 * 18:00 hrs
Blueside repeated:  Lester Butler 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00 hrs 15:00 * 19:00 hrs
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs



“An impressively researched endeavour to give London’s fashion its due, this book–which accompanies an exhibit at the Museum of London–demonstrates the city’s “”distinctive character”” through clothes and asserts that London stands apart from other fashion epicentres like Paris, Milan and New York City. The authors work in tandem to illuminate London’s rich sartorial history, each taking on a section of the book (Breward the 1800s, Ehrman the first half of the 19th century and Evans the latter half). Each examines the iconic trends that prevailed during these periods, from the tailored finery of Saville Row to the subversive theatricality of Carnaby Street, and through personas as diverse as Oscar Wilde, Twiggy and David Bowie. The authors also offer expansive, erudite commentary on London’s social, political and cultural currents, providing a lens through which to view the city’s protean identity. London’s marked ethnic and class diversity both find expression in the clothes; take, for instance, a lavishly beaded and embroidered silk evening dress made by Louise Winter in 1893 or a hand-woven cotton creation with a clear Thai influence, fashioned by Wendy Dagworthy in 1982. Style-setters over the centuries have seized upon London’s lively culture as a dramatic backdrop for avant-garde costumes, as it were–exaggerated, idiosyncratic and even satirical threads that amplify the city’s current cultural mood. This volume’s sumptuous photographs and sketches showcase the pageantry and playfulness of various styles, as well as the assertions of elegance and the streaks of subversion woven through the texture, color, fabric and silhouette of each garment”  SOURCE:  ** THE BOOK Christopher Breward, Author, Edwina Ehrman, Author, Caroline Evans, Author Yale University Press  (180p) ISBN 978-0-300-10399-1 ** THE CD: Castle Music.


“Muziek Parade. Op onderstaande reportage uit de Muziek Parade van febr 1966 over het bekende TV progamma “Moef Ga! Ga!” geregisseerd en geproduceerd door Bob Rooyens ziet men op de foto’s een foto van een zeer jonge Armand nog maar net 20 jaar oud met tegen zijn rug aangeleund een Beatmeisje en daarnaast de bekende Engelse zanger Adam Faith met ook een beatmeisje aan zijn zijde. Adam Faith had in die tijd een zeer goede begeleidingsgroep THE ROULETTES waar ook Chris Andrews wel eens meezong en het bekendste lid van die band was “Russ Ballard”. Een meesterlijke Beat LP uit 1965 is de live LP van ADAM FAITH & THE ROULETTES “FAITH ALIVE!” (COLUMBIA PMC 1249 MONO) opgenomen met een paar honderd gillende tieners in E.M.I Studio’s, St. John Woods , London N.W. 8 op zondag 25 april 1965. Op diezelfde locatie nam in febr. 1959 Cliff Richard met zijn Drifters zijn 1e LP op ook met honderden gillende meiden n.l. “CLIFF First and live”. Cliff Richard was een goede vriend van Adam Faith en trad met hem ook live op in verschillende Engelse TV progamma’s. Adam Faith trouwde later met Cliff zijn ex-vriendin, de danseres Jackie Irving. De begeleidingsgroep van Adam Faith The Roulettes hadden ook een hitje op Radio London met het nummer “The Long Cigarette” en maakten ook een zeer mooie en zeldzame solo LP.  Bob Rooyens heeft dus werkelijk heel wat uniek talent gefilmd in “Moef Ga Ga” en dit progammaliep zeker door tot 1968. Veel gedraaid op Veronica in die tijd was het nummer van Adam Faith “It’s allright”, ook gecoverd door de Ned groep The Torero’s met Karin Kent”. BRON: http://www.bluesharmonica


“Blues-influenced hard rockers the Red Devils were formed in Los Angeles, California, USA, in 1988. The band consisted of Lester Butler (d. 1998; vocals, harp), Jonny Ray Bartel (bass) and Bill Bateman (drums) among others, although only these three were in the 90s line-up which also featured Paul Size (lead guitar) and Dave Lee Bartel (rhythm guitar). They emerged from an informal jam session and Bateman recalls their first audience as ‘nine champion skateboarders sitting at the bar’. Butler had first learned blues harp at the age of six, because the instrument was the only one within his budget. Later he became a pupil of urban blues guitar maestro Hollywood Fats, who contributed to groups including the Blasters and the James Harman Band. When Fats died in 1986 it gave Butler the impetus to enter the music industry. After performing regularly at high school parties and other informal events, he eventually made the acquaintance of Bateman and Bartel, both fellow travellers on the Los Angeles roots rock scene (Bateman had also played on three albums with the Blasters). The Red Devils finally came to the attention of Def American Records and Rick Rubin in the early 90s, who saw an opening for their dense, excitable blues rock sound. Rubin was also on hand to record the band’s debut album, a glimpse of the Red Devils in their natural, live setting. The previous year they had appeared on sessions with Mick Jagger, though he did not include the results on his Wandering Spirit album. Butler signed to HighTone Records, releasing a solo album in 1997. He died from a drug overdose the following year”. Source: Artist Biography by AllMusic


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