My Generation of Sun. 19 & Tue. 21 November: P.P. Arnold & Friends feat. Eric Clapton & Barry Gibb [Ed’s Show, 2017-47]

NEW SHOW: P.P. Arnold: lost album feat. Eric Clapton & Barry Gibb ** REPEATED: Keith Christmas & Friends [David Bowie, Mighty Baby, Fotheringay, Zoot Money] Guitar Slim, Sheba    [2017-47, Sun. 12Nov. 12:00 > 24:00 hrs + repeated  Tue. 14 Nov.,  1200 > 20:00 hrs. ] ** Time Zone: CET, Brussels **


As a homage to Catalonia, I will play Catalan songs of freedom, love, peace and resistance in every show. My Generation: COMPANIYA ELECTRICA DHARMA: Brutalitat. Blueside:  GUILLEM d’EFAK: Dissabte (= “Saturday”), Blues (EP, 1965).

SPECIAL: P.P. ARNOLD & Friends: The Turning Tide (Kundalini, 2017, recorded 1969 and 1979): Medicated Goo, feat. Eric Clapton, Bobby Keys and Jim Price; Brand-new Day (Van Morrison), feat. Eric Clapton, Bobby Keys, Jim Price, Jim Gordon,  Children of the Last War  + THE BEE GEES: Cucumber Castle, 1970: Bury Me Down the River + BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS: You’ve Made Me So Very Happy (1969)  + THE SMALL FACES: Don’t Burst My Bubble (1968 single, demo, 1967) +ROD STEWART & P.P. ARNOLD: Come Home, Baby (Immediate demo, 1968, B-side of  The Small Faces: Don’t Burst My Bubble)  ** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED:  THE OVERLANDERS: Don’t It Make You Feel Good  (Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin, 1964) + PLASTIC PENNY: Strawberry Fields Forever (LP ‘Two Sides  Of  A Penny’, 1968) + THE OUTSIDERS: Ballad Of John B. (b-side, 1966) ** CATALUNYA LLIBERTAT: COMPANIYA ELECTRICA DHARMA: Brutalitat (cd Dharmasseria)

Don’t Lie To Me, Ventilator Blues, Ride Em On Down ( < “7×2”) thanks to John and Arjan, +   THE ROLLING STONES: Don’t Lie To Me,  I’m Going Down (Metamorphosis), Empty Heart (12×5) ** THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS:  SMOKEY ROBINSON: Going to a go-go + JOHN LEE WILLIAMSON: Check Up On My Baby (1944) + OTIS RUSH: Checking On My By (Cobra Years, 1956-58) ** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME:  MAT WALKLATE & PAOLO FUSCHI:  Don’t You Know Me,  As Long As I Have You, Nothin’ But Love (> “Kick Up The Dust”) Thanks to Mat & Paolo,  ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA:  GUILLEM d’EFAK:  Dissabte (  = “Saturday”) < Blues (EP, 1965) (Guinea Equatorial el 23 de març de 1929 –  Catalunya, 13 de febrer  1995) ** WORD & POETRY: DAN KENNEDY: Declaration of Peace,  On Religion + DONOVAN Goldwatch Blues + HERMAN J. CLAEYS (Poëzie Paleis 1966)

3 MY GENERATION (repeated): SPECIAL KEITH CHRISTMAS  & FRIENDS: KEITH CHRISTMAS: I Know You Can’t Lose (Stimulus, with Mighty Baby 1969); Kent Lullaby (Fable Of The Wings, 1970); Song For A Survivor, feat. Mac and Katie Kissoon (Pigmy, 1971)
DAVID BOWIE feat.  Keith Christmas : God Knows I’m Good (David Bowie, 1969) + MIGHTY BABY: Egyptian Tomb (Mighty Baby, 1968) + MAC & KATIE KISSOON: Freedom + FOTHERINGAY feat. Pat Donaldson & Gerry Conway: The Ballad of Ned Kelly (Fotheringay, 1970) + Zoot Money’s DANTALIONS’s CHARIOT  feat. Pat Donaldson: World War Three  (Charit Rising) + THE ZOMBIES feat. Rod Argent: Road Runner (Live At the BBC) + ZOOT MONEY’s BIG ROLL BAND: It Should’ve Been Me ** WORD: Jim HIghtower *** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: Pau Riba, Quico i de la Serra

4 BLUESIDE (repeated) SPECIAL:  GUITAR SLIM: Guitar Slim, The Things I Used to Do; Something to Remember You By, Quicksand, Letter to My Baby (cd ‘Sufferin’ Mind’,  Specialty 1953–55) + HUEY ‘Piano’ SMITH & The Clowns: High Blood Pressure * CLARENCE ‘Gatemouth’ BROWN: Louisiana Breakdown (< Gate’s On The Head) ** THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS:  OTIS SPANN + CARLA & RUFUS THOMAS + THE CHIPS  ** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME: SHEBA: A Real Good Woman, Bongo Boy Records, 2017, * Thanks to Bongo Boy Records **  AND ALSO; Don Willis, Fats Domino, Blues de Picolat ** HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: BLUES DE PICOLAT (cd Carrer  de l’Angel)

 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Wed. 1200 > 2000 
 My Generation new show: P.P. Arnold 12:00 * 16:00 * 20:00 hrs 12:00 * 16:00 hrs
Blueside new show: Spider & The Fly 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 hrs 13:00  * 17:00 hrs
My Generation repeated:  Keith Christmas 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 hrs 14:00 * 18:00 hrs
Blueside repeated: Guitar Slim 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00 hrs 15:00 * 19:00 hrs
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs



(…) “Arnold made the recordings in London, where she arrived in the mid-1960s as a member of Ike & Tina Turner’s Ikettes. She sang with trendsetting chart regulars Small Faces, who were signed to Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate label, and then got her own deal with the label, scoring a top 20 U.K. hit with Cat Stevens’ “The First Cut Is The Deepest” and several other chart singles including “Angel Of The Morning.”. (…) Eight of the ten or so tracks that Arnold recorded with Gibb are on The Turning Tide,including “Turning Tide” itself, which the Bee Gees recorded for 1970’s Cucumber Castle. The trio’s expanding success at the time prevented Gibb from completing the sessions, whereupon Stigwood landed Arnold the opening slot on Clapton’s post-Blind Faith tour with Delaney & Bonnie and Friends. Clapton, impressed with her vocal prowess, readily agreed to complete the album sessions, using the Delaney & Bonnie touring band that became Derek and the Dominos, as well as vocalists Rita Coolidge and Doris Troy. But even then, the recordings became entangled in business issues that are finally resolved now, the better part of 50 years later”. Source: all rights reserved:


EP “7×2”
“Op zondag 22 oktober presenteerde het Stones- en bluesduo Spider & The Fly hun nieuwe EP, getiteld  “7×2” in een bomvolle Moriaan te Roosendaal.  Op deze nieuwe cd staan 7 songs, waaronder “Ride ‘Em On Down”, voor de meeste liefhebbers enkel bekend van de laatste Stones-cd “Blue & Lonesome”.  The Stones speelden dit nummer echter al tijdens hun allereerste optreden in The Marquee Club op 12 juli 1962. Met een aantal nummers van dat eerste optreden vieren Spider & The Fly in De Moriaan het 55-jarig bestaan van The Rolling Stones. Deze EP wordt bij optredens verkocht voor  € 5,– maar kan ook per post verstuurd worden” BRON:
Kosten incl. verzending zijn € 7,50.  Stuur een e-mail naar:


In 1969, while still a student, Keith Christmas (° 1946) recorded his first album ‘Stimulus’, backed by a group called MIGHTY BABY.

That same year, he also recorded with a friend who was working on his first album: DAVID BOWIE. Keith Christmas  can be heard playing 12-string guitar on several songs. HIs second album, Fable Of The Wings, features Pat Donaldson on bass and Gerry Conway on drums – both from Fotheringay.  Gordon Huntley of Matthews Southern Comfort guests on lap steel guitar. His third album, PIGMY  from 1971, features the likes of Mac and Katie KIssoon on backing vocals and  Rod Argent on keyboard. KEITH CHRISTMAS was part of the folk-blues scene in the UK in the sixties, though much of his work goes beyond these idioms. His work shows affinities with the psychedelic variant of folk as well. His guitar-playing is brilliant and complicated, as are the structures of many of his songs.
KEITH CHHRISTMAS has continued composing, recording and playing live till the present day. Have a look at

RADIO 68 PLAYS Keith Christmas with David Bowie, Fotheringay  and  Dantalions’s Chariot featuring Pat Donaldson and Gerry Conway,  Zoot Money with Pat Donaldson, Mac and Katie Kissoon, The Zombies with Rod Argent  – AND CHOICE TRACKS from the second and third album by Keith Christmas.


The song “Kent Lullaby” refers to the  four students who were shot dead and many others who got  wounded by police at Kent State University, Ohio,  4 May 1970. See also “Ohio” by CSN&Y.

Kent Lullaby

They showed me moving pictures
On the news
People had come to
From far away
Incense and the smell of
Hung like a shroud
across the lawn

They’ve finally come
to find you

The arguments they flew
like arrows
The words thy came from
head and heart
Those that mourned the
fallen warriors
And those the victims of the
National Guard
CS and M15s
And the Panthers
in amongst the flowers

They’ve finally come to find

What side you’re on, what
class or colour
Everybody says they’re
doing their job
So whether you’re a
student or
A member of the Teamsters
There’s only one god,
there’s only one truth
Thou shalt not kill

America’s youth
They’ve finally come to find

America’s youth
They’ve finally come to find

©  Keith Christmas. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

GUITAR SLIM aka Eddie Jones

Bij de invloedrijke gitaargroten ontbreekt meestal de naam van GUITAR SLIM, pseudoniem van Eddie Jones. Zijn korte leven, van 1926 tot 1959, was bijzonder intens. Hij was in de eerste plaats een showman die zich in het begin van de jaren vijftig ontpopte tot een eigenzinnig componist, een eigenzinnig gitarist en een gepassioneerd zanger. In 1954 scoorde hij een monsterhit met The Things I Used To Do. Guitar Slim onderging  de invloed van Gatemouth Brown en wordt ook daarom tot de New Orleans-blues gerekend. Dat klopt in die zin dat zijn blues doordrongen is van de soul, zoals dat bij R&B eigenlijk hoort. Aan de andere kant is zijn felle gitaarspel een voorloper van de rockgitaar die pas twintig jaar later zou doorbreken via figuren als Chuck Berry  – die ongetwijfeld veel van hem hebben geleend.  (EB)

RADIO 68 speelt  GUITAR SLIM ps. EDDIE JONES uit zijn periode bij Specialty Records 1953-1955 + Huey Piano Smith,  met wie hij nog speelde, en Clarence Getemout Brown, door wie hij sterk was beïnvloed 

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