My Generation of Sun. 23 & Mon. 24 August: John Idan (Yardbirds etc.), Eugene Hideaway Bridges, John Mayall Live 1967


John Idan Natural Blues Band EelPie 2014 site PicEddyBonte94
John Idan’s Natural Blues Band at the Eel Pie, London, 2014, PicEddyBonte

John Idan is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of The Yardbirds. John can also be seen with his bands The John Idan Group or The Natural Blues Band.
Detroit born John Idan joined The Top Topham – Jim McCarty Band following a holiday in London in 1988 (-1992). He later became known as The Yardbirds lead vocalist and bassist (1994-2009), recording albums “Birdland” (2003) and “Live at B.B. King’s” (2006). He left the band in 2009, following the release of his solo album “The Folly” and founded The John Idan Group playing a broader blend of music. In 2014 he revived his highschool band “The Natural Blues Band”, returning to his ‘Blues roots’. In 2015 John Idan returned to The Yardbirds on lead guitar and lead vocals.

RADIO 68 PLAYS: John Idan solo (album The Folly), John Idan and The Yardbirds (album: Birdland) and John Idan with the Jim McCarty Band (album: Two Steps Ahead) + snippets from an exclusive interview. Radio 68 will focus on John IDan’s solo album ‘The Folly’ in Free Speech of Sept? 7,8 and 9.


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New album by EUGENE ‘Hideaway’ BRIDGES: “Hold On A Little Bit  Longer”,  “in memory of dedicated Othineil Bridges, Sr.  ‘Hideaway Slim’”.  Micky Moody plays slide on the title track, John Mills is on tenor sax, baritone sax and alto sax.  Out now on Aramadillo Records (thanks to Eugene and Aramadillo Records,

SONGS FROM THE ROAD, the latest by veteran boogie blues band CANNED HEAT. (thanks to Ruf Records / V2 Records Belgium).

LIVE IN 1967 by JOHN MAYALL’s  Bluesbreakers. Restored from an amateur tape recording, one of few recordings with this line-up : Peter Geen, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, John Mayall.

Radio 68 Time = Central European Time (Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin) = 1 hour ahead of GMT / UTC Time (London, Lisboa). Example:  15:00 hrs / 3 p.m. CET = 2 p.m. UK.    


New  show  Sundays 12  noon ** Repeated Sundays  16:00 hrs, 20:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs (twelve midnight till 4 in the morning) and  Mondays 12  noon.

MOSE ALLISON ** BLUE CHEER **SPECIAL: JOHN IDAN pt. 1 and 2:  JOHN IDAN solo from ‘The Folly’ + THE YARDBIRDS, feat. Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, John Idan, Gypie Mayo, Alan Glen  and  guest: Jeff Beck ** RONNIE LANE / RONNIE LAN’S BIG DIPPER  / RONNIE LANE & SLIM CHANCE –  alt. versions ** FRANK ZAPPA / MOTHERS OF INVENTION: ABSOLUTELY FREE: **


THE ARTWOODS , feat. Jon Lord, Derek Griffiths, Art Wood: ART GALLERY, 1966: entire LP ** BERT JANSCH: NICOLA, 1967 ** DAVE GREENSLADE: TIME TO MAKE HAY, 2015, out now on Angel Air Records, thanks to Angel Air.

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New Show Sundays 14:30 hrs ** Repeated Sundays 18:30 hrs, 22:30 and 02:30 a.m. (Monday) and Monday 14:30 hrs.

CANNED HEAT: SONGS FROM THE ROAD (thanks to Ruf Records / V2 Records Belgium) ** JOHN MAYALL’S BLUESBREAKERS with Peter Geen, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood: LIVE IN 1967 ** JOHN IDAN SPECIAL pt. 3: JIM McCARTY BAND feat. John Idan, Ray Majors, Rod Demick, Jim McCarty ** EUGENE HIDEAWAY BRIDGES: HOLD ON, thanks to Armadillo Records **  LIL’ ED & BLUES IMPERIALS: JUMP START: Jump  Right In *  Kick Me to the Curb  * Moratorium On Hate * + interview snippets

Jim Hightower **


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