My Generation of Sun. 26 & Mon. 27 July [2015-28]: Timothy Leary, Little Axe, Jeff Beck, Blues Section

TIMOTHY LEARY ** LITTLE AXE ** New Jeff Beck ** Blues Section **


Timothy Leary Beyond Life cd

TIMOTHY LEARY: Think for yourself and question authority
“Hij was enorm geïnteresseerd in het deconditioneren van onze hersenen en ons gedrag. Als psycholoog zag hij hoe mensen steeds vanuit geprogrammeerde delen van hun persoonlijkheid reageren, en altijd in een soort projectietrip zitten. De ander heeft het altijd gedaan. Ook gaf hij aan hoe sterk onze media, de kranten en televisie en de politici en de kerk ons bewustzijn vervuilen met hun normen en waarden. Leary vocht zijn hele leven tegen het aangepaste leven. Hij wilde zo totaal mogelijk zijn in gedrag en bewustzijn. Iedereen kent hem als de voorvechter van LSD, maar zijn grootste passie was think-out-of-the-box. Hij was een renegade en een wegbereider voor de psychologie van de 21ste eeuw”.

Speaking at the Human Be-In in  January 1967, Timothy Leary uttered the famous phrase borrowed from Marshall McLuhan, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” It was shorthand for saying experiment with psychedelics and achieve new levels of consciousness. Almost 30 years later, Leary hadn’t lost his missionary zeal. In 1993 (and only a few years before his death), he recorded  a  service video” called How to Operate Your Brain. Here, Leary narrates an almost epileptic seizure-inducing video, providing what some consider “a guided meditation” of sorts. I’d prefer to call it an unorthodox “user manual” that tries to impart Leary’s unique sense of enlightenment:
The aim of human life is to know thyself. Think for yourself. Question authority. Think with your friends. Create, create new realities. Philosophy is a team sport. Philosophy is the ultimate, the ultimate aphrodisiac pleasure. Learning how to operate your brain, learning how to operate your mind, learning how to redesign chaos.

Little Axe Loyalty cd

If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog “is the culmination of a 25 year long musical partnership between producer Adrian Sherwood and musician, Skip ‘Little Axe’ McDonald.
Skip’s roots lie in the blues, first taught to him by his father while growing up in Dayton, Ohio. Adrian is considered one of the world’s most versatile and prolific dub producers and a sonic visionary. The new album features the legendary drummer, Style Scott, playing with both Dub Syndicate and Roots Radics, drawing on both classic and new On-U Rhythms.
From start to finish this is a dynamic and un-compromising meeting of both forms of Roots music. Immaculately played and defined as never before, If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog is, in the eyes of McDonald and Sherwood, their finest work to date.
If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog is out now on Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound label.

My Generation
My Generation brings you all the sounds and all the voices of the sixties.
In true sixties style: the many types of sixties music, mixed with a wide range of Word such as poetry, speeches, interviews, street noise, and so on. Listen to all the original sounds and voices, the forerunners and inspirators and everyone who has kept the spirit alive.  

Radio 68 Time = Central European Time (Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin) = 1 hour ahead of GMT / UTC Time (London, Lisboa). Example:  15:00 hrs / 3 p.m. CET = 2 p.m. UK.    

Blues Section SomeOfLove LP


New  show  Sundays 12  noon ** Repeated Sundays  16:00 hrs, 20:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs (twelve midnight till 4 in the morning) and  Mondays 12  noon.

TASTE ** TEE SET ** SPECIAL TIMOTHY LEARY: Timothy Leary, The Moody Blues, Allen Ginserg, The Fugs,  The Who, Al Jourgenssen & Friends  **THE JAZZ SIDE OF MOD: Mose Allison, Jimmy McGriff,   Noble Thin Mann Watts, Brother Jack Mc Duff ** SANDY DENNY **


JEFF BECK: JEFF BECK+   (NEW ALBUMS): live + 2 unreleased studio recordings: Tribal * My White Tiled Floor *  TASTE: ON THE BOADS ** JOHN B. SEBASTIAN:  WELCOME BACK **

New Show Sundays 14:30 hrs ** Repeated Sundays 18:30 hrs, 22:30 and 02:30 a.m. (Monday) and Monday 14:30 hrs.

SPECIAL: LITTLE AXE: IF YOU WANT LOYALTY, BUY A DOG (2011) ** DAVE ARCARI: GOT ME ELECTRIC: **  COREY HARRIS: GREENS FROM THE GARDEN + Radio 68 interview snippets ** BLUES SECTION: SOME OF LOVE (1968) ** FRECKLEFACE feat. Arno and Paul Couter: LP re-released by**

Jim Hightower, America’s no. 1 Populist * Corey Harris * John B. Sebastian * Derroll Adams


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