My Generation of Sunday 12 & Tuesday 14 August: Johnny Hallyday feat. The Small Faces and Peter Frampton, Betho Ieesus [Ed’s Show, 2018-32]

NEW SHOW: Johnny Hallyday feat. The Small Faces and Peter Frampton *** REPEATED: Shel Talmy’s Mod Planet, Eirin Spilde, Jim Cregan *** Sunday 12 August, 12:00 > 24:00 hrs + repeated Tue. 14 August, 1200 > 20:00 hrs.  *** Time Zone: CET, Brussels ***  [2018-32] **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES THAT  SHAPED THE SIXTIES ***

: DIMITRI VAN TOREN: Gratis, belangloos,  voor niets (1967) *** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED:  THE HERD: Miss Jones (b-side of 1969 single ‘Sunshine Cottage’) + SPPOKY TOOTH (pre-Mick Jones): Weird (b-side, 1968) + NERO & THE GLADIATORS feat. Mick Jones: That’s A Long Time Ago *** SPECIAL  JOHNNY HALLYDAY feat. THE SMALL FACES & PETER FRAMPTON: untitled album aka “Rivière”, 1969, Amen, Réclamation, Regarde pour moi + THE SMALL FACES; That Man  + HUMBLE PIE: Bang!,  What You Will (< Safe As Yesterday Is, 1969) *** LONGPLAYTIME:  ROY HARPER: Exercising Some Control (< Folkjokepos, 1969) + JOHN MARTYN: London Conversation (id., 1967)  *** WOORD : JAN DE WILDE: Communisten + SIMON VINKENOOG & BO’s ART TRIO: Salmon Rushdie Blues + JOHNNY HALLYDAY: Un dimanche de janvier *** AND ALSO:  CONSORTIUM: Cynthia’s Serenity


LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING: VANILLA FUDGE: People Get Ready *** THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS:  ALBERT KING: Blues Power (< Live Wire Blues) + LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS: The Foot Race Is On (< Tradition Masters) + JEFF BYRNE: Lights Out ***  SPECIAL BETHO IEESUS: Edu Loved the Blues, Blues de Nunca Mais, Maria Eduarda do Brasil, Vento ‘Avoador’ feat. Toquinho [< new cd ‘Pretty Woman Blues’,; sincere thanks to Betho for providing his music] *** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME  MATT WALKLATE & TOM ALLAH: The Sun Never Shines (from Matt Walklate’s new album) + ROCKIN’ JOHNNY BURGIN & MIKE METALLIA with Mary Lane, Milwaukee Slim and Little Jerry Jones:  Sloppy Drunk, Hotcha (< “Chicago/The Blues Legends/Today“, West Tone Records, thanks to Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro and *** WORD  Maya Angelou: Still I Rise + Jean-Paul Sartre sur Alain Geismar ***


LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING: AGUATURBIA: Erotica (< Drugstore, Spain, 1969) *** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED:  JACKIE DE SHANNON: Come And Stay With Me + ENRICO Macias: Enfant de tous pays + LONG JOHN BALDRY: Cry Me A River (Looking at Long John, 1966) *** SPECIAL  Planet Mod: Brit Soul, R&B and Freakbeat from the SHEL TALMY Vaults: feat. The Untamed, The New Breed, The Thoughts, Kenny Miller, The Tribe, The Pros & Cons, The Corduroys, The Preachers, Goldie & Th Gingerbreads, Tony Christie & Th Trackers, A Wild Uncertainty, The Total. ***WORD : Leuven Vlaams +  Patrik Kacerik on the invasion of Czecho-Slovakia in 1968

LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING: THE DELLS: (My Love Keeps On Growing) Higher and Higher *** THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS:  JUNIOR WELLS: Hoodoo Man + JUNIOR PARKER: Drivin’ Wheel + MISSISSIPPI FRED McDOWELL: You Gotta Move *** SPECIAL PLANET MOD: The SHEL TALMY Vaults, feat. John Lee’s Groundhogs, The Soul Brothers, John Lee Hooker , Screaming Jay Hawkinsn Ray Gates, The Untamed *** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME:  EIRIN SPILDE and CREGAN & Co. fet. JIM CREGAN: Eirin Spilde’s new single Heart Of Stone / If I Could Turn Away (by Norman Beaker, feat. Norman Beaker on gtr and John Price on bas) + CREGAN & Co. feat. JIM CREGAN: Don’t Listen ; Jim Cregan is former guitarist of Cockney Rebel , Family and Rod Stewart;  musical director and co-writer of Rod  Stewart (thanks to Dave Hill and Tenacity Music ) *** WORD:  Gordon Lightfoot: Black Day in July

 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Tue. 1200 > 2000 
My Generation: new show: Halyday 12:00 * 16:00  * 20:00 hrs 12:00 * 16:00 hrs
Blueside: new show: Betho Ieesus 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 hrs 13:00  * 17:00 hrs
My Generation repeated: Mod Planet 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 hrs 14:00 * 18:00 hrs
Blueside repeated:  Mod Planet 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00 hrs 15:00 * 19:00 hrs
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs











JOHNNY HALLYDAY feat. The Small Faces and Peter Frampton

The desire to catch the fast-moving spirit of the times lies at the very heart of this, arguably Johnny Hallyday’s most memorable and certainly most atypical album (untitled, but knows as “Rivière” or “le bandeau”).
Originally released on Philips in 1969, Hallyday’s 14th long-player stands apart from the rest of his discography for a whole raft of reasons. Produced by Glyn Johns and with arrangements by regular writers Mick Jones and Tommy Brown, who also contribute six of the songs, it features the last ever recordings of the soon-to-split Small Faces in the company of Peter Frampton. Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane pen three songs, Amen (aka “That Man” from The Small Faces album “In The Beginning”), Réclamation and and Regarde Pour Moi. In a matter of months, “Réclamation” and “Regarde pour moi” were re-recorded for Humble Pie’s debut album As Safe As Yesterday Is (as “Bang” and “What You Will” respectively, both credited to Marriott only on the Humble Pie album).
Mick Jones played in Nero and The Gladiators and performed in Paris alongside Vince Taylor and His Playboys before being recruited by Hallyday for his “orchestra”.  In the early seventies, Mick Jones would join Spooky Tooth and become really famous with Foreigner. Right from the opening of the anthemic Riviere… Ouvre Ton Lit, the album captures the spectacle of Hallyday caught in the head-spin of the late 60s and rocking a distinctly Anglophile blend of psychedelia, hard rock and blues. (…) as it stands, there’s already more than enough here for connoisseurs of Hallyday, The Small Faces and flamboyantly-styled late 60s exotica.
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RADIO 68 PLAYS the Faces-related tracks from Hallyday’s album, Humble Pie, The Small Faces, The Herd, Spooky Tooth and Nero & The Gladiators.


“Born in São Paulo, Brazil. Son of Portuguese immigrants, he studied and graduated in architecture, but it was in music that he found his career – becoming a guitar-player, singer, songwriter and producer. Betho was a student of the great master of classical guitar, Henrique Pinto, and produced several artists such as Mariah Carey (Butterfly’s remix, 1997), Jimmy Cliff, Toquinho and Ivan Lins. Being a literary author also, he wrote several poetry books and biographies of famous catholic figures. Nevertheless, music is his passion, especially the blues,  a passion born from listening to great American idols from the 1930s to the 1970s, e.g. Robert Johnson, Son House, Willie Brown, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf. To this, Betho Ieesus adds a social content that exposes an unfair and violent Brazil, a far cry from the soccer, carnival & beautiful women cliché. For instance, “Blues do Nunca Mais” reminds us of the necessity to always fight the wrong and the evil.  “Edu Blues” tells the story of a young man who was beaten to death  by bike thieves on his way to visit his girlfriend. “Maria Eduarda do Brasil’ is an homage to thirteen-year old Maria Edarda, who died of a stray bullet in Rio de Janeiro on 30 March 2017.  Betho is a bold and fearless critic of his country’s politics and poverty in the best spirit of the blues”. Check him out:


“Chances are The Kinks and The Who wouldn’t have made it big without producer Shel Talmy. His productions are usually labelled as “mod”, but he is one of the true BEAT MUSIC producers (“rock” didn’t exist). Unsurprisingly, Talmy also produced soul and R&B artists – if he heard or could insert a beat, Shel Talmy would do it without hesitation. In a few years’ time, The Creation, The Who, The Kinks and John Lee Hooker would appear on his roster. But Talmy also produced many more groups who met with less success (The Creation) or no response from the record buyers whatsoever. They are all great tracks, though” (Eddy Bonte)
RADIO 68 PLAYS the entire “Mod Planet” CD, both in My Generation and Blueside.

“Back in the sixties, producers had to be able to think outside the box, as they were hamstrung by what is now regarded as basic equipment. By being able to innovate, some producers were able to make groundbreaking recordings  with what is now regarded as basic equipment. This included George Martin, Phil Spector, Joe Meek, Jimmy Miller and Jack Nitzsche. To that list the name Shel Talmy can be added, as he belongs in such illustrious company. After all, Shel Talmy wasn’t just a producer, he was also a songwriter and talent spotter. However, first and foremost Shel Talmy is remembered as a pioneering producer who worked with some of the biggest names in British music. His innovative approach to production transformed many groups, and made stars of The Kinks and The Who, who went on to become two of the biggest names in British musical history. They’re just two of the hundreds of bands and artists who were produced by Shel Talmy during the most successful chapter in his musical career”.
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