My Generation of Sunday 15 & Tuesday 17 July: Tea Company, Guy Davis [Ed’s Show, 2018-28]

NEW SHOWTea Company, Guy Davis  *** REPEATED: Sitting Bull,  The Lords, Mike Zito *** Sunday 15 July, 12:00 > 24:00 hrs + repeated Tue. 17 July, 1200 > 20:00 hrs.  *** Time Zone: CET, Brussels ***  [2018-28] **** RADIO 68: ALL THE SOUNDS AND ALL THE VOICES THAT  SHAPED THE SIXTIES *** 

LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDING: ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS: Monterey (LP The Twain Shall Meet) *** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED: MANFRED MANN: Still I’m Sad (LP Soul of Mann) + THE FANTASTIC JOHNNY C: Barefootin’ (LP Boogaloo Down Broadway, 1968) + ARLO GUTHRIE: The Motorcycle Song (LP Alice’s Restaurant, 1967) *** SPECIAL: THE TEA COMPANY:  Love Could Make The World Go Round, As I Have Seen You Upon The Wall, Make Love Not War, You Keep Me Hanging On (LP ‘Come And Have Some Tea’, 1968) *** LONGPLAYTIME: BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD: Special Care (Last Time Around, 1968) + DEEP PURPLE (Shades Of Deep Purple, 1968) + THE BEACH BOYS: Transcendental Meditation (LP Friends, 1968) *** WORD: LEEN PERSIJN: Das Kapital (De eeuwigheid kan wachten) + MALVINA REYNOLDS: Little Boxes + The Beatles and the Underground Movement

Guy Davis & Paul de Laat Missisippy Gent © EddyBonte

SPECIAL:    GUY DAVIS & his inspirators

LOVE, PEACE and UNDERSTANDING STARTER:  VICTOR WAINWRIGHT: Righteous (Victor Wainwright & The Train, cd , 2018, thanks to V2 Records Belgium) *** THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS:  IRMA THOMAS: Baby I Love You (The Way I Feel, thanks to Airplay Direct) + JACKIE EDWARDS: Come On Home *** SPECIAL GUY DAVIS & his inspirators: GUY DAVIS: Like Sony Did, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Little Red Rooster, Bumble Bee Blues  (cd Kokommo Kidd) + HIS INSPIRATORS: WILLIE DIXON: I Cry For You  + MISSISSIPPY JOHN HURT: Stagolee *** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME: THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS: Skin Blues, New John The Relevator (cd Too Much Fun, 2017, thanks to Airplay Direct) + JIM RILEY’s BLUES EXPLOSION: Can’t Find A Job (A Very British Blues Explosion, 2017) *** WOORD: Bezetting Maagdenhuis


LOVE, PEACE &  UNDERSTANDING:  PARKER MILLSAP: Some People, 2018, cd “Other Arrangements”, thanks to V2 Records Belgium and Thirty Tigers records *** FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED:  THE EASYBEATS + THE SOUL AGENTS + THE BUFFOONS ***  SPECIAL: SITTING BULL / THE LORDS, Trip Away, 1971 + THE LORDS: Tobacco Road (in German, from 1965 LP In Beat and Sweet, Greensleeves, single, 1965 + Good Side of June, 1967 *** LONGPLAYTIME  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: Ninety-nine And A Half (debut LP) + THE MOODY BLUES: Legend Of A Mind (1968, In Search Of the Lost Chord) *** WORD  2 : Vietnam Veteran JOHN MUSGRAVE reads a poem

SPECIAL: MIKE ZITO’s First Class Life

LOVE, PEACE &  UNDERSTANDING: REV. SHAWN AMOS: HOLD HANDS, cd  BREAKS IT DOWN, thanks to CRS ** THE ORIGINATORS & INSPIRATORS: PERCY SLEDGE: Take To To Know Her (thanks to Airplay Direct) + RICHARD ‘Louie Louie’ BERRY: No Room + SLIM HARPO: Got Love If You Want it  ** SPECIAL MIKE ZITO First Class Life, 2018: thanks to V2 Records and Ruf Records: First Class Life, The World We Live in, Old Graveyard, Time for a Change + SUGARAY RAYFORD: Depression Blues, Preachin’ Blues (cd Dangerous) ** KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME: MARCIA BALL: They Don’t Make Them Like That No More (cd Shine Bright, 2018, thanks to V2) + PHIL COOK: Steampowered Blues (cd People Are My Drug, 2018), thanks to V2 Records Belgium  ** WORD:  Freedom Riders ***


 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Wed. 1200 > 2000 
My Generation: new show:  Tea Company 12:00 * 16:00  * 20:00 hrs 12:00 * 16:00 hrs
Blueside: new show:  Guy Davis 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 hrs 13:00  * 17:00 hrs
My Generation repeated: Sitting Bull 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 hrs 14:00 * 18:00 hrs
Blueside repeated: Mike Zito 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00 hrs 15:00 * 19:00 hrs
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs



“From New York City, The Tea Company was one of the early birds on the US psychedelic underground scene with an LP on the market originally released on Smash Records in 1968. This album stands for the evolution of the 45 rpm psych-garage bands to the upcoming LP-generation with extended improvisation parts. Tea Company evolved from the Naturals which were founded in 1963 and played the big ballrooms supporting Mamas and the Papas, The Lovin´ Spoonful, Bob Dylan, Ritchie Havens and many others. The band describes themselves as “an assemblage of possessed rock performers, retinue preparing the unusual, alternating with the roots of soul whose purpose is to cause sensation, due to stimulation of the auditory centers of the brain”.
They became famous in the US for spectacular live shows and lyrical hippie statements. The music is inspired by the Beatles, using exactly the same equipment as them. Tea Company played with lots of freaked-out-echo-organ/-guitar noises on a 12 string Rickenbacker and various stereo madness reminds strongly of Syd Barrett´s spirit but more driven by hard hittin´ drums. Being buddies of Vanilla Fudge and inspired by them, the Tea Company also did an outrageous 9 min. version of “You keep me hangin´ on” which is celebrated among 60s collectors as a true milestone. The album is a mind-blowing production. The CD includes also 4 bonus tracks of The Naturals).
Quoted from and All Rights Reserved:

Foto © EddyBonte

Uittreksel uit mijn recensie voor Back to the Roots magazine; zie

“(…) Guy Davis brengt wat wij vijftig jaar terug  als ‘folk blues’ ontdekten. Vanavond zijn dat een handvol eigen composities uit zijn albums ‘Kokomo Kidd’ en ‘Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train’, maar heel veel klassiekers: ‘Little Red Rooster’, ‘That’s The Way To Get Along’ (aka  ‘Prodigal Son’), ‘Walk On’, ‘Statesboro Bues’, enzovoort. Hij wordt vaak met Sony & Terry vergeleken, te vaak, want ik zou hier toch Rev. Robert Wilkins, Fred McDowell en bovenal Mississippi John Hurt aan toevoegen. En dan belanden we bij de kern: Davis speelt blues, maar die neigt, zoals bij John Hurt, naar folk, naar country (in de studio gebruikt Davis graag de banjo!) en vooral baar een heel gewoon, netjes opgebouwd lied dat recht uit de Europese traditie stamt, getuige daarvan ‘Taking Just A Little Bit Of  Time’ of ‘Wish I Hadn’t Stayed Away So Long’. Hij verwijst graag naar Richie Havens en speelde een prachtige versie van Dylan’s ‘Lay, Lady, Lay’”.  (Eddy Bonte)

“ In the beginning of 1971 he (Bernd Zamulo, bass-player, pianist, singer) made his decision and left The Lords, which in turn led to the break-up of the band who in fact reformed years later. The break-up of The Lords created a furore in the press but could not hold Bernd back from his decision and he went looking for new musicians, which didn’t take long. Bernd’s interest in American Indians led to the group being called Sitting Bull. His past career with The Lords put him in good stead with the music industry making it easier to find a record deal. To avoid record company influence the band decided to produce their record themselves but this was an expensive  matter and the money had to come from somewhere. (…) With a record company advance from CBS, Sitting Bull moved into Hamburg’s Windrose studio to record their debut LP: Trip Away”. Quoted from, All Rights Reserved: (Manfred Steinheuer).

‘First Class Life’ is Texas based Mike Zito’s 14th album. It’s is a stripped-down blues album on which he sets himself the challenge of penning some meaningful narratives to fill the genre with fresh input. He achieves this in part, with a handful of outstanding tracks of which the opening slide-led narrative of ‘Mississippi Nights’ is very evocative and sets the standard (…). Better still, is the noir-filled narrative of ‘Old Black Graveyard’, which is a deep groove punctuated by Zito’s slide guitar that neatly underpins one of his most impassioned vocals (…) . He’s at his best when recalling his own life experiences, which fill the groove filled title track with impassioned intent as he shares his mission statement with real gusto: “I got a second chance at living a first class life.”

Read the entire review by Pete Feenstra here:

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