My Generation of Sunday 28 & Tuesday 30 October: The Web, Joe Luis Walker [Ed’s Show,2018-43]

NEW SHOW: The Web, Joe Louis Walker  *** Repeated:Revolution (OST with Steve Miller, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Mother Earth), Frank Bey, Paul Bridgwater  *** [Ed’s Show, 2018-43, Sunday 28 Oct., 12 noon till 12 midnight, repeated Tuesday 30 Oct., 12 noon till 20:00 hrs *** Time Zone: CET Brussels  *** RADIO 68: all the sounds and all the voices that shaped the sixties ***


LOVE & PEACE Boudewijn De Groot: Ken je het land?
FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED The Lemon Pipers + Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas + Johnny Rivers + The Flock.
SPECIAL:  The Web:  War or Peace , Sunday Joint, Reverend j McKinnon  (LP Fully Interlocking, 1968).
LONGPLAYTIME The Syndicate Of Sound (LP Little Girl) + The Mothers Of Invention (Freak Out! 2012 Remasters) + Kaleidoscope LP Tangerine Dream).
AND ALSO Reparata & The Delrons + Eddie Cochran.
WORD   The Mothers Of Invention: Who Are the Brain Police, Trouble Every Day (Freak Out!) + Allen Ginsberg: After The Big Parade


ALCD 4987

LOVE & PEACE Kirk Fletcher: Two Steps Forward (cd ‘Hold On’, 2018).
THE ORIGINATORS & INSPIRATORS : Alexis Korner’s Blues  Incorporated + Irma Thomas + Screaming Jay Hawkins.
SPECIAL JOE LOUIS WALKER, BRUCE KATZ, GILES ROBSON: choice trakcs from ‘Journeys To The Heart Of The Blues’, 2018.
KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME Mary Gauthier (The War After the War, cd ‘Rifles and Rosary Beads, 2018) + The Weight Band (World Gone Mad, cd ‘World Gone Mad’, 2018) + Lindsay Beaver: Got Love If You Want It (cd ‘Tough As Love’, 2018) + Seth Lee Jones: Hard Times (cd ‘Live At The Colony’, 2018).
WORD:  Ernst Busch: Himno de Riego + Ewan McColl, Peggy Seeger & Charles Parker: I Got Me Tight Black Jeans + HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: Ernst Busch: Himno de Riego.
THANKS TO V2 Records, Airplay Direct and Alligator Records for JOE LOUIS WALKER, BRUCE KATZ & GILES ROBSON + V2 Records Belgium  and Thirty Tigers for Mary Gauthier + Betsie Brown at Blind Raccoon for Kirk Fletcher  + Continental Record Services for The Weight Band + V2 Records Belgum and Alligator Records USA for Linsday Beaver + Continental Record Services and Horton Records for Seth Lee Jones.

3 MY GENERATION (repeated)

 Ed Askew: Love Is Everyone (LP ‘Ask The Unicorn’, 1968).
? & The Mysterians: Do Something To Me.
feat. The Steve Miller BandQuicksilver Messenger Service and Mother Earth  (United Artists 1968).
East Of Eden (Mercator Projected, 1969) + Every Mother’s Son (EMS Is Back, 1967).
 Jan Ducheye: N‘importe Quoi.


LOVE, PEACE & UNDERSTANDINGDave Fields: Child Of The World (Backroom Blues 6, Bongo Boy Records).
Wilson Pickett  + Ray Charles + Little Richard.
SPECIAL : FRANK BEY Back in Business, Cookie Jar, Where You Been So Long, Half Of It (cd ‘Back in Business’, 2018, Nola Blue Records).
Paul Bridgwater (I Got The Train, Save It Up, World Gone Crazy) + Freedom: Hoodoo Man  + Fleetwood Mac: Lazy Poker Blues.
The Watts Prophets: Saint America + Summer Of Love Retrospective .
Paul Bridgwater + Nola Blue Records and Betsie Brown at Blind Raccoon for Frank Bey +  Bongo Boy Records for Dave Fields

 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Wed. 1200 > 2000 
My Generation new show: The Web 12:00 * 16:00 * 20:00 12:00 * 16:00 * 20:00
Blueside new show:  Joe Louis Walker 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00
My Generation repeated:  Revolution 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00
Blueside repeated: Frank Bey 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs


THE WEB: Fully Interlocking, 1968
“One of the more eclectically inclined bands to emerge out of the British psychedelic scene, the Web hailed from the same neck of the woods as Robert Fripp, Greg Lake, and Al Stewart, and very much shared in the same serious outlook that characterized those talents. Jazz-tinged and blues-laden, the Web moved to London in 1966, eventually signing to one of the few labels that actually seemed geared toward their darkly uncommercial brew, Decca’s Deram subsidiary, but the three albums the band cut were never going to set the charts on fire, no matter how sincerely atmospheric the music therein.
Moodily produced by Mike Vernon, 1968’s Fully Interlocking debut is generally regarded as the band’s finest hour, a thoughtful and oftentimes dense exploration of themes, rhythms, and melancholies that were uniquely their own. Three bonus tracks then bounce this reissue up to 13 songs via an intoxicating blueprint for Blood, Sweat & Tears’ “I’m a Man” and “God Bless the Child,” and — standing out like more sore thumbs than any single band should be able to raise — the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody.” What were they thinking? “.
by Dave Thompson Quoted From / All Rights Reserved:


ALCD 4987

“ ‘Journeys To The Heart Of The Blues’  is a dynamic new acoustic release from three of the blues’ best players. Together, Grammy-winning guitarist, vocalist and Blues Hall Of Famer Joe Louis Walker, virtuoso pianist Bruce Katz and next-generation British harmonica ace Giles Robson take listeners on a musical tour of beautifully played, soulfully sung traditional blues. The album features a carefully chosen collection of eleven stripped-down, unadulterated rare and classic blues and one newly written instrumental performed by absolute masters of the form. (…)  Together, the interplay of these three master musicians borders on telepathic. With Journeys To The Heart Of The Blues, they have created a dynamic, intimate album of pure, unrestrained blues magic. According to Walker, “This album is a throwback to the days of less is more. No long guitar solos, no drums or extra instrumentation. Just good honest blues played with heart and soul. I hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.” Katz says, ‘This was an incredibly satisfying CD to record. To be able to play deep, real blues with musicians like Joe and Giles was a truly soulful experience.” As Robson says, “Each song on the album took us on a journey, both lyrically and musically, to the heart of blues music. We invite you to take those journeys with us’.”  (Source: Alligator Records)

 REVOLUTION Original Soundtrack, UA 1968 

About the movie
“ Revolution is a documentary film by Jack O’Connell made in San Francisco in 1967. It was subsequently revived with added reminiscences. Although most interviewees are not named some of them have been identified, such as Kurt Hirschhorn, Frank Jordan, Cecil Williams and Herb Caen.[1] Daria Halprin appears in the film as herself.[2] Also appearing in the film are the Ace of Cups, Country Joe and the Fish, and Dan Hicks. The soundtrack album features Steve Miller Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Mother Earth who also appear in the film. It was released in 1968 by United Artists Records (UAS 5185) and produced by Ben Shapiro.[3] It was released both in stereo and mono versions” (Source Wikipedia).

Mother Earth: Revolution  (excerpt)
There’s a new world a comin’ near
Singing loud and clear
Feel that rumblin’ along the ground;
It’s a mighty sound
It’s the sound of the Mourning Dove
People joining hands in love
Sharing joys and dreams of love
From now and for every soul
Hear the good times roll
Every man, woman, child on Earth
Get a free rebirth
Written by Jack O’ConnellNorman Martin © All Rights Reserved


Born and raised in Millen, Georgia, Frank Bey began his singing career performing gospel at the tender age of four. Along with his brother and two cousins, their group “The Rising Sons” toured around The South making live appearances as well as radio broadcasts. At age 17 he joined the Otis Redding Revue working as the opening act for several years. During his time with Otis Redding, Frank learned to captivate and mesmerize an audience with a song.
In the early 1970s, he formed a tight-knit radical funk group – Moorish Vanguard. But in a record deal gone wrong with James Brown, it all fell apart. Abandoned by his closest friends, Frank quit singing for 17 years. Eventually, Frank would find that he could never walk away from his dream. He returned to music, and despite a sudden battle with kidney failure, connected with an internationally touring blues band.
Frank has received two Blues Music Award nominations for Soul Blues Artist of the Year, as well as two nominations for Soul Blues Album of the year”.

“The studio musicians included Delbert McClinton’s guitarist Rob McNelly, keyboardist Marty Sammon, and Tommy MacDonald on bass, who worked with Hambridge on Grammy-winning albums for Buddy Guy. The collection of soul and blues are designed to showcase the full-chested baritone and seasoned story telling skills of Bey, who has been charming audiences for decades. He spells out his plan by opening the set with a classic Chicago shuffle on the title track, then spins the tale of a notorious character from Georgia on ‘Gun Toting Preacher.’ Bey stretches out his dynamic chops on the dramatic soul blues about hard times on ‘Take It Back To Georgia.’ “
(Source: Blind Raccoon PR-set)

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