My Generation: Peace! * Sunday 11 & Tuesday 13 November [Ed’s Show, 2018-45]

NEW SHOW: Peace! *** Repeated: Psychedelic Alabama in the 60s, Kirk Fletcher *** Sunday 11 Nov., 12 noon till 12 midnight, repeated Tuesday 13 Nov. 12 noon till 20:00 hrs *** Time Zone: CET Brussels *** Ed’s Show, 2018-45, *** RADIO 68: all the sounds and all the voices that shaped the sixties ***


Joe Cocker + Pete Seeger + Peter & Gordon + The Flies + The Chambers Brothers + The Ro-d-Ys + The Motions + After Tea + Boudewijn De Groot  +  Erik Van Malder  + Armand  + Dimitri Van Toren + Miek & Roel & Roland + Donovan + Barbara Dane + Henry Flynt and The Insurrections + The Searchers.


3 MY GENERATION (repeated)

SPECIAL: Alabama.
Simon & Garfunkel: 7 O’clock Newssilent Night.
HET + Rudy Bennett + The Jumping Jewels feat. Johnny Lion.
Psychedelic States: Alabama. Featuring The K-Otics, The Outer Mongolian Herd,  The Swingin’ Lamp Liters, The Stolen Children, The “In”, The Movement, The Mishaps (cd Psychedelic States: Alabama in the 60s, vol. 2).
P.J. Proby: Three-Week Hero, 1969) + Percy Sledge: Warm & Tender Soul, 1966 + Nancy Sinatra: How Does That Grab You, 1966  + Steppenwolf: Monster, 1969 + Sounds Orchestral: Cast Your Fate To The Wind + Sandie Shaw & Chris Andrews < Sandie Shaw: Me, 1965.
Mexico 2 October 1968 The Massacre ( + Frederik De Preester leest Erik De Preester (Rebel te zijn, Het Westen predikt de vrede) 


LOVE & PEACE Tony Joe White: Soul Francisco.
THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS : Chuck Berry + Curtis Jones + Jack Hammer.
SPECIAL KIRK FLETCHER:  choice tracks from ‘HOLD ON’, cd, 2018 + The Fabulous Thunderbirds feat. Kirk Fletcher (‘Hard Knock’ < cd ‘Painted On’) + Kirk Fletcher: What’s Going On, <  cd I’m Here and I’m Gone.
KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME: The Distortions+ Nancy Sinatra + Tony Joe White.
WORD:  Mexico Olympics 1968: the Black Power Salute + Zwartberg 1966.
THANKS TO  Betsie Brown at Blind Raccoon for Kirk Fletcher

 SCHEDULE ** ROOSTER  ** CET Brussels Sun. 1200 > 2400      Wed. 1200 > 2000 
My Generation new show: Peace! 12:00 * 16:00 * 20:00 12:00 * 16:00 * 20:00
Blueside new show: Peace! 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00 13:00  * 17:00  * 21:00
My Generation repeated:  Psychedelic Alabama 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00 14:00 * 18:00  * 22:00
Blueside repeated:  Kirk Fletcher 15:00 * 19:00 * 23:00
Ends 24:00 hrs Ends 20:00 hrs



Middle English: from Old French pais, from Latin pax, pac- ‘peace’.

1: a state of tranquility or quiet: such as
a: freedom from civil disturbancePeace and order were finally restored in the town.
b: a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or customa breach of the peace
2: freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotionsI have been in perfect peace and contentment— J. H. Newman

3: harmony in personal relationsThe sisters are at peace with each other.
4a: a state or period of mutual concord between governmentsThere was a peace of 50 years before war broke out again.
4b: a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmityoffered the possibility of a negotiated peace— New York Times
5—used interjectionally to ask for silence or calm or as a greeting or farewell

at peace: in a state of concord or tranquilityThe problem was settled and his mind was at peace.

vre·de (dem en v)
toestand van rust: zijn as ruste in vrede
toestand van normale verhoudingen tussen staten (tegenstelling: oorlog)vrede sluiten
goede verstandhouding
gewetensrust: ik kan daar (geen) vrede mee hebben er mij (niet) mee verenigen

Bron: de “dunne’ van Dale online:

MEXICO CITY: the Masssacre of 2nd October 1968
“On 2 October, ten days before the Olympics were to begin, around ten thousand students gathered in the Plaza of Three Cultures. They were surrounded by thousands of soldiers and armoured vehicles; only in 2001 was it confirmed that dozens of agents provocateurs and snipers were positioned among and around the crowd too. Just after six in the evening, flares were lit and shooting began. Elena Poniatowska collated eyewitness accounts giving a harrowing impression of chaos and confusion.   The crowd of students, as well as local workers and families, were fired upon, and many were killed. The number of dead remains controversial; early, absurdly-low government claims repeated by domestic (and some international) media were replaced over time by suggestions of many dozens – and perhaps hundreds – murdered.” Quoted From / All Rights Reserved:

PSYCHEDELIC STATES: Alabama in the 60s, vol. 2

“The second Alabama instalment in Gear Fab’s fab “Psychedelic States” is more of the same, meaning a mixed bag of Clearasil psychedelia and undersexed garage rock, but it skews enticingly more towards the former sort of weirdness this time around than did the original volume. The compilation still has the good (but not psychedelic) regional hits mixed in with the fourth-rate, mainstream-aping pap (unappetizing even as guilty nostalgic pleasures) and more than its fair share of decent but not-nearly-as-groovy-as-they-thought filler, which is at least of a quality to elicit a giggle or smile the first two or three times through (though that is perhaps one or two more spins than the stuff merits). On the other hand, the relatively significant number of oddball, shaggy-dog nuggets makes the collection worth sifting through, starting right out the box with  The Chimes “#38” and its effects pedal-heavy acid blues. The Distortions do a far-out, yowling (literally) version of the Howlin’ Wold classic “Smokestack Lightning” with some excellent slide guitar work, good enough to get them signed to Mercury. The deliciously named the Outer Mongolian Herd crank out a “Hey Joe” halfway between the Love version of the song and the unhinged nuttiness of “Wooly Bully.” And the infectious, harmony-laden “You’re Playing With Fire” finds  The Male in full-tilt boogie. But perhaps the strangest curiosity, for extra-musical reasons: “Think!!,” a 1968 cut by George Wallace Jr. Yes, the son of the infamous governor. And, yeah, it’s pretty solid”. Quoted From / All Rights Reserved: AllMusic Review by Stanton Swihart


‘For many recording artists the goal of a full-length album is to follow a theme or concept to guide the material and present a concise and focused statement. For Kirk Fletcher the target was simple as he explains the theme of his new album “It’s about love, a general love for humanity. I wanted to write songs about more than just boys and girls, and maybe give some answers and hope to this crazy time we live in.”    Kirk’s new studio album “Hold On” is his fifth album as a bandleader and solo artist. The eight original tracks were recorded at Canyon Sound in Bristol, England with a classic organ trio format of Fletcher on guitars and vocals alongside drummer Matt Brown and Jonny Henderson on organ, piano and Wurlitzer. The live off-the-floor sound captured by engineer Nick Dover flows with vibrant energy on a set of tunes that crosses genres from smooth R&B to jamming jazz and deep blues, and soul’ (Quoted From PR-sheet).
Kirk Fletcher also played with The Fabulous Thunderbirds

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