Radio 68’s 5th Anniversary * De vijfde verjaardag van Radio 68


Our first public broadcast was on 13 February 2012 and total broadcasting time was 24 hours/week for two shows:  Dan’s Art Rock & Prog Rock and Ed’s My Generation (sixties, Stones, Free Speech, Poetry). On 2 January 2013, Radio 68 started to broadcast seven days a week, doubling its schedule to 48 hours. Eventually, The Rolling Stones Circus was dropped, whereas “Dichters in de lucht” was added in November 2013.

After three years(8 Jan 2015), Radio 68 underwent a make-over: a new look, improved technical features, more permanent information and an extra 24 broadcasting hours, now totaling 72 hours/week.  The shows were diversified, re-arranged and rescheduled. There are now four shows: Art Rock & Prog Rock by Dan, My Generation  (including ‘Blueside’), Free Speech / De Gedachten zijn vrij, and Dichters in de Lucht – these three are by Ed.

Danny & Eddy Bonte

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