My Generation of Sun. 5 & Mon. 6 April: The Electric Prunes, Spider & The Fly, Crystal Jacqueline [2015-13]

The Electric Prunes: in memoriam * Crystal Jacqueline’s pscyh * Spider & The Fly * Lieven Cardoen * Chip Taylor 


Electric Prunes Too Much To Dream LP

Original  Electric Prunes drummer Preston Ritter  died 30 March. He had been suffering from kidney problems for many years. This is an excerpt from his personal website:

“My name is Preston James Ritter, I was born April 24, 1949. I’m a professional drummer, music teacher, private investigator, author and teacher of New Testament biblical theology. I had a successful kidney transplant on Nov. 1, 1995 at UCLA Med Ctr. It is my second transplant. I was on dialysis for seven years until the second one.
As a drummer, I’ve played with and/or recorded with The Electric Prunes, Linda Ronstadt, Dobie Gray, The Beach Boys, James Brown, Sassy Class and many others both famous and unknown.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sunday 29 & Monday 30 March: Haight Ashbury 1966, The Sharpees, Niecie, Lil’ Ed [2015-12]

Haight Ashbury, San Franciso early 1966: The Charlatans, Wild Flower, Country Joe & The Fish, Sons of Champlin and Grateful Dead’s entire first album from 1967 ** The Sharpees, Niecie ** Lil’ Ed **


Haight Ashbury bookcover


Although the West Coast sound is easily associated with weirdo wah wah and heavy electric  stuff predating the harder rock of the end of the sixties, nearly all musicians who were responsible for the Frisco sound were folkies. And that’s exactly what they played in the beginning: folk, white American traditionals  and folkblues; sometimes a more modern Chicago tune would seep in, but even then it would normally be played in soft tones, often using instruments  that do not have a place in the heavier sounds that followed, like the violin or the mandolin.… Read more...

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My Generation Sunday 22 & Monday 23 March: Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff, Apple Pie Motherhood [2015-11]

In Memoriam: Andy Fraser (Free)  ** The Apple Pie Motherhood: heavy psych ** The Chocolate Watch Band ** Ferry Cross The Mersey ** New Orleans R&B **


ANDY FRASER (died 16 March 2015)

Free FireandWater LP

“A classically trained pianist who switched to bass just in time to get his first professional gig at the age of 15,  Fraser was best known as a main songwriter and bassist for the legendary and groundbreaking British blues-rock band  Free. When that band exploded due to drug addiction and internal strife, he worked with other musicians, eventually becoming well respected as a hit-making songwriter based in Los Angeles. (…) Blues legend  Alexis Korner uggested to a bass player-less John Mayall to hire the 15-year-old  Fraser. Playing in The Bluesbreakers (at the time featuring an 18-year-old  Mick Taylor, only lasted until  Fraser was 16, and after he was replaced,  Korner put him in touch with guitarist  Pail Kossoff , who, along with drummer Simon Kirke and vocalist Pail ROdgers had been on an unsuccessful search for a competent bass player to round out their new band.… Read more...

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My Generation: Sunday 15 & Monday 16 March [2015-10]: Blue Cheer & Co. , Ritchie Blackmore

Specials: Blue Cheer and related bands The Other Half, The Oxford Circle, KAK and Sons of Adam * Ritchie Blackmore plays R&B *


Blue Cheer NewImproved LP

On late-60s albums like Vincebus Eruptum and Outsideinside, Blue Cheer perfected a form of thudding, riff-heavy psychedelic rock rooted in a primordial blues lurch. The band landed on the top 40 with a scraggly cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues”, but their real impact wouldn’t be felt for years. In the decades that followed, echoes of the band’s stoned, simplistic roar would resonate in metal, punk, and grunge. Peterson’s bored snarl and murky bass crunch, in particular, served as a stylistic bridge between mid-60s garage rock and early metal bands like Blue Cheer contemporaries Black Sabbath. Blue Cheer broke up in the early 70s, but the band reformed to tour and record at various points over the years (Source:… Read more...

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My Generation Sun. 8 & Mon. 9 March: Lil’Ed, Back to Rory Gallagher, Kinda Kinks 2015-09

Specials: Lil’Ed & Blues Imperials,  Delriium 2015 Back to Rory Gallagher, Kinda Kinks, Mod Jazz, Nederbeatblues

MY GENERATION: all the sounds and all the voices of the sixties


Thanks to Alligator Records !

“Alligator recording artists Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials, touring in support of their latest Alligator CD, JUMP START, will be touring Europe between Friday, March 20 through Saturday, April 4, 2015. Mixing smoking slide guitar boogies and raw-boned Chicago shuffles with the deepest slow-burners, Lil’ Ed Williams and his rip-roaring Blues Imperials — bassist James “Pookie” Young, guitarist Mike Garrett and drummer Kelly Littleton — deliver gloriously riotous, rollicking and intensely emotional blues. Currently celebrating 27 history-making years together, Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials ply their musical talents with skills that have been honed to a razor’s edge.… Read more...

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My Generation: Tjens Couter, Boogieville Flashback, Derroll Adams tribute March Sun 1 & Mon 2 [2015-08

Specials:  Tjens Couter (rerelease Who Cares) * Boogieville Flashback met Ina Forsman, Don Croissant Tiny Legs Tim, Lightnin’ Guy Verlinde * Derroll Adams Tribute met Miek en Roel, Eriksson & Delcroix. Sunday 1 March 12 noon till 04 in the morning * Monday 2 March: 12 noon


Rereleased on vinyl by StarmanRecords

tjens couter who cares LP

“Tjens Couter maakte ongepolijste rootsmuziek, die steunde op de snijdende slidegitaar van Couter en het soepele, bluesy harmonicawerk van Hintjens, wiens karakteristieke zangstijl duidelijk beïnvloed was door Kevin Coyne. Alleen deed Tjens’ pseudo-cockney-accent een beetje geforceerd aan. Het stel vond uiteindelijk een zielsgenoot in de Aalsterse bluesmuzikant Karel Bogard (zie later ook Kandahar), die ten tijde van zijn langspeeldebuut als producer dienstdeed. Het expressieve slidegeluid van Paul Couter laat zich het best degusteren in ‘I’m On My Way’ en het van Willie Dixon geleende ‘Little Red Rooster’, een bluesclassic die Arno later zou hernemen met Charles & Les Lulus en die tot vandaag nog regelmatig op zijn setlist prijk”t.… Read more...

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