Support statements


1 Roger Allen Cotton:  Great mate, it’s going well ** 2 Fran McGillivray Burke: Thank you for supporting all us crazy artists **3 Emanuele Fizzotti:Thanks, Eddy ** 4 Clay Windham: Thank you, Eddy, for your great show and your support of musicians like me **


22 Tom Piscitelli (The Grave Jinglers)
Thank you for providing an avenue for new blues inspired music to emerge and for giving us a spin.  Your work is greatly appreciated.

21 John Price (Norman Beaker Band)
Keep up the good work, Eddy!

20 Phil Allen (The Idle Hands)
Really appreciate your support and getting our songs out there to the good people of Belgium.

19 Sanderson ‘Top’ Topham (The Yardbirds)
Keep it all alive that is real, Top.

18 Eddie Martin
I appreciate the aims of your Radio 68.

17 Bev Bevan (The Move)
Sounds great!

16 Bob Hall

Eddy Bonte is one of that dedicated band of broadcasters who are keeping the blues alive. Keep it up Eddy, great show!  **

15 Robin Bibi 
All the best and many thanks.

14 Norman Beaker
I am really looking forward to hearing Radio 68, real music for real people, roots, blues and 60’s stuff shows how modern day music could have been. I’ve been involved with blues music all my life, and have loved every minute of it, and it’s people like you and Radio 68 that keep the music Alive.
Good Luck *

13 Alan Glen
Thanks for playing my music Eddy – and Keeping the Blues alive. All power to Radio 68!! **

12 Dave Arcari
Hi Eddy, Just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck with Radio 68 – your support and enthusiasm for independent and less well-known music is vital for musicians like myself and I am sure I am not alone in telling you how much we value your work. Good luck and best wishes.
Dave Arcari

11 Geoff Bradford
I wish you great success with radio 68. All the best.

10 John O’Leary
Great to hear from you and congratulations on the launch of Radio 68.  It is without question that shows like yours are vital and help get the blues message out to a wider audience. It really is great news and I wish you great success! **

9 Papa George
If anyone deserves credit for promoting the Blues, its people like Eddy Bonte! Here’s wishing you all the success in 2012 with your new Radio 68 show, I’ll be tuning in to listen to my favourite genre “The Blues””. Good luck Eddy, keep ‘em coming!” **

8 Fran and Mike
We wish you great success with the new show. Thank goodness there are people like you around who are real music enthusiasts – who want to get music out to the public and give people the opportunity to hear something different for a change.
Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke and

7 Iris Little
Good luck with Radio 68, I hope it’s a huge success. Thank you for playing Carlo’s music and keeping his memory alive, it’s heart-warming to know he’s not forgotten.
Iris Little ( Carlo’s Widow) **

6 Tim Royce
Music fans in Belgium just got lucky! Radio68 is a new internet radio station, run by the vinyl maniac Bonte brothers, Eddy & Dan, offering blues and classic rock and a whole lot more besides. Turn on, tune in, groove! ** iom Royce

5 Tim Corbett
Gentleman Tim and The Contenders are delighted to support the Radio 68 Project and wish them every success in broadcasting good quality blues to a wider audience.
Tim Corbett

4 Bryan Lee
Keep the Blues Alive! Bryan Lee 

3 Miek en Roel
Prachtig initiatief
Miek en Roel

2 Guido Lauwaert
Zeer goed initiatief.

1 Lut de Block
Succes met je radio.