My Generation of Sun. 13 & Mon. 14 Sept.: Sagittarius, Maggie Bell & Co [Ed’s show 2015-36]

SAGITTARIUS ** MAGGIE BELL & CO. ** And also: Spirit, Armageddon, Robin Gibb, Daniel Smith, Vanilla Fudge…



“The project in it’s initial form resulted in the classic “My World Fell Down”/”Hotel Indiscreet” single. The A-side is a masterpiece and one of the absolute best psychedelic singles of the 60’s. Featuring Glen Campbell and Bruce Johnston on vocals (both of whom had subbed for Brian Wilson in the touring version of the Beach Boys), plus various members of the LA session pros known as the Wrecking Crew, we basically get the best Beach Boys tracks that none of the band members actually had a hand in. It has a very SMiLe like cut-and-paste sound, with the added avant-garde bonus of a found sound midsection.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 06 & Mon. 07 Sept.: Pretty & Weird Things [Ed’s show, 2015-35]



Pretty THings Shindig COver _

BOUQUETS FROM A CLOUDY SKY: 50th anniversary set, with all their official albums, 2 cds full of rarities and a lot more! .
THE SWEET PRETTY THINGS ARE IN BED NOW: “(…) Any doubts soon evaporate with the opening chords of “The Same Sun”, which harks back to SF Sorrow-era Things, while “And I Do” has a wonderful, crunching late-Sixties swing that hangs on by its hinges even when everything gets dangerously loose. These are songs with the original maker’s mark clearly stamped on them. Two cover versions sit amid the originals and both are well chosen and fondly delivered – The Byrds’ “Renaissance Fair” and a full, muscular version of The Seeds’ “You Took Me By Surprise”.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 30 and Mon. 31 August: Summer of Love 2007, The Others, 21st century Yardbirds [2015-34]


RADIO 68 Happy To Be Different * My Generation brings you all the sounds and all the voices of the sixties ** Enjoy, Ed.


Formed in the summer of 1963 in the rural riverside south-west London suburb of Hampton, The Others were originally a bunch of rebellious schoolmates. Fired up by the Richmond Sound, spearheaded by the likes of the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds – the South’s answer to the Liverpool Sound – The Others picked up the baton and ran with it, swiftly building a devoted fan-base of their own and a circuit of regular gigs, hot on the heels of the slightly more senior bands who had inspired them before leaving town for international acclaim.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 23 & Mon. 24 August: John Idan (Yardbirds etc.), Eugene Hideaway Bridges, John Mayall Live 1967


John Idan is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of The Yardbirds. John can also be seen with his bands The John Idan Group or The Natural Blues Band.
Detroit born John Idan joined The Top Topham – Jim McCarty Band following a holiday in London in 1988 (-1992). He later became known as The Yardbirds lead vocalist and bassist (1994-2009), recording albums “Birdland” (2003) and “Live at B.B. King’s” (2006). He left the band in 2009, following the release of his solo album “The Folly” and founded The John Idan Group playing a broader blend of music. In 2014 he revived his highschool band “The Natural Blues Band”, returning to his ‘Blues roots’. In 2015 John Idan returned to The Yardbirds on lead guitar and lead vocals.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 16 & Mon 17 August: Keith Richards special, new Canned Heat (2015-32)


Keith Richards Mojo Sept 2015

Rolling Stone Keith Richards has a new solo album out, the first in ages. No, we won’t play that album now because everyone else does. Instead, we’ll play a good dozen tracks by artists that influenced Keith’s song-writing and his often overlooked singing. You would be wrong to associate Keith with the likes of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry only. As it happens, Keith loves The Everly Bros., the soft-tempered Buddy Holly and American evergreens –  as is obvious on several bootlegs catching Keith at the piano off-off stage – think ‘The Nearness of You’ by Hoagy Carmichael.
RADIO 68 PLAYS fifteen songs that influenced Keith ** Keith Richards and the X-PENSIVE WINOS ** Keith singing lead with The Rolling Stones on record and live


CANNED HEAT: Songs from the Road, a very nice live cd + dvd of boogieblues, OUT NOW on Ruf Records.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 09 & Mon. 10  August: Teenage Angst, Ryk Mead, Joe Flip, Dave Greenslade [2015-31]  

TEENAGE ANGST: The Who, Fleur de Lys, Rockin’ Vickers, John’s Children and many more *


My Generation banner

I was sixteen in 1965. When I was sixteen in 1965, I did not participate in marches for freedom or peace – there was no such thing as marches and demonstrations in the small, conservative, provincial town where I lived. When I was sixteen in 1965, I thought the world was somehow unfair, particularly to myself, and that there was no need for wars or violence. First and foremost, I thought the older generation had fucked up everything. The world was going to pieces, because of violence, materialism, selfishness and utter moral backwardness.
It has been fashionable to refer to those feelings and attitudes as teenage ‘angst’, but the word ‘angst’ was not used at the time.  … Read more...

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