Art Rock Show – An Hour Before It’s Dark (Week 14)

Begin vorig maand werd “An Hour Before It’s Dark”, het 20ste studioalbum van de Britse neo-progressieve rockband Marillion uitgebracht.

Brendan Schroer van Sputnik Music: “On a stylistic level, An Hour Before It’s Dark is your typical Hogarth-era Marillion album: dramatic neo-prog with a contemporary slant and touches of alt-rock. Opener “Be Hard On Yourself” acts as an assurance that the melancholy and world-weariness of F E A R wouldn’t be completely absent from this project; guitarist Steve Rothery’s signature reverb-laden melodies give a haunting ambiance as Mark Kelly’s stark keyboard lines loom over the soundscape. Still, there’s a surprisingly upbeat nature about it all as well. The drums are often peppy, and Hogarth’s vocal performances are incredibly expressive and inspired, yet there aren’t any real tonal clashes. “Be Hard On Yourself” – and the album as a whole – is a delicate balancing act between despondence and hope, represented through both its lyrics and compositions. In this opening number, Hogarth is simply asking for people’s accountability in the messes they’ve created, citing how spoiled and selfish much of the population is. (…)

An Hour Before It’s Dark doesn’t undo any of the darkness and anxiety of F E A R, instead opting to expand upon it with cautious optimism. Truth be told, Marillion’s been in a perpetual state of instability – stylistically and quality-wise – since original vocalist Fish left the group. They’ve cycled through so many genres and influences trying to find an identity with Hogarth as their frontman; unfortunately, that’s just a testament to the large shadow that was cast by Fish when he departed. However, if the last few records are any indication, it seems as though we’re finally reaching a new creative renaissance for the group – one that returns to their more politically inclined work (Marillion do have punk roots, after all) while balancing melancholy and catharsis. An Hour Before It’s Dark currently stands as the best post-2000s Marillion album, and it’ll be one hell of a difficult record for them to top.”

Naast Marillion met An Hour Before It’s Dark, Galahad (Seas of Change), Airbag (A Day at the Beach), Pallas (The Dreams of Men), Camel (Rajaz) & IQ (A Show of Resistance).”

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 24.00


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