Art Rock Show – ÁTTA (Week 42)

Sigur Rós is een IJslandse postrockband. De groep bestaat uit zanger/gitarist Jón Þór ‘Jónsi’ Birgisson, en bassist Georg ‘Goggi’ Hólm. De muziek van Sigur Rós wordt omschreven als postrock. Een kenmerk van de muziek is de geleidelijke opbouw die soms aanwezig is: nummers beginnen langzaam en bouwen zich op tot een groots klinkende, emotionele climax, ook wel ‘intense droomrock’ genoemd…

Tom Huizenga van NPR: “Sigur Rós’ music, with its lush layers of slow-churning grandeur, has often commanded a symphonic feel. ÁTTA, the band’s eighth album, manages to be its most majestic and intimate at the same time. Strings, keyboards and vocals swell to dramatic heights, while bittersweet melodies look inward for release. (…)

ÁTTA unspools like a symphonic song cycle, with frontman Jónsi’s high-flying falsetto often reaching for operatic ecstasy in songs like “Skel” (Shell), which he calls “the emo song,” and “Ylur” (Warmth) where the singer stays aloft, riding the spiraling thermals of strings and electronics. Perfumed in luxurious reverb, ÁTTA’s dense atmosphere of sound makes it difficult to tell the difference between acoustic instruments and the electronic ones, especially when Jónsi picks up a cello bow to play his electric guitar. (…)

The music of ÁTTA might, depending on your mood, come off as either gloomy or glorious. Jonsi calls the album “heavy but hopeful” and admits it was written in the shadow of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Yet there are rays of pure golden light in the darkness.

Naast Sigur Rós (ÁTTA), Hammock (Universalis), This Will Destroy You (Another Language), Mogwai (Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will), Explosions in the Sky (The Wilderness), The Album Leaf (Into the Blue Again) & Caspian (Dust and Disquiet).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 24.00

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