Art Rock Show – Binary Suns (Week 22)

Deze week stellen we de groep Different Light aan u voor. Different Light werd in 1994 op Malta opgericht. Het debuutalbum All About Yourself werd in 1996 uitgebracht. Na nog een EP en optredens valt de band nagenoeg stil. Maar in 2008 besluit medeoprichter Trevor Tabone de band in Praag (Tsjechië) nieuw leven in te blazen. Samen met wat vrienden wordt in 2009 het album Icons That Weep uitgebracht.

Prog Archives review: ” Built around the talents of Trevor Tabone (lead singing & keyboard courtesy), Petr Lux (guitars & b/v), Jirka Matousek (bass) and David Filak (drums), the a close-knit group cooperate with Lucy Lux to bring an extra dimension in the beautiful sonic landscape.

Their recent offering is a wonderful teamwork full of musical dexterity, quirky melodies, subtle dynamics, glued together by gentle harmonies and graceful playing. A crucial strategic move is the vocal delivery of Trevor Tabone whose voice soars, coming front and centre in the well-produced arrangement. Setting a variety of catchy atmospheres, the internal balance has been suitably accomplished. (…)

This is a really ambitious modus operandi, to say the least. Of course, you may notice elements of giants here, but these are threads scattered in a tapestry with very original nuances. The end result serves as a wondrous scrapbook of 6 songs with the longest one coming in at 21:28 min. which fits under the banner of progressive rock epic. Whatever a number of influences, Different Light produce a message featuring the addictive vocal interplay and majestic orchestration. So I just had to write this because it would be a mistake to let a prog mastepiece like CD ‘Binary Suns’ be ignored.”

Naast Different Light met Binary Suns (Part 1- Operant Condition) hebben we deze week: Siiilk (Endless Mystery), Karibow (Supernatural Foe Rebirth), Huis (Despite Guardian Angels), Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side (Pathfinder) & Crystal Palace (Dawn Of Eternity).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 18.00

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