Art Rock Show – Summit (Week 38)

Het nieuwe album Summit gaat verder in de bekende Seven Impale stijl, waarbij jazz en progressieve rock met meer heavy invloeden worden vermengd tot vier super stevige tracks. Zonder de waanzin van City of the Sun en Contrapasso achter zich te laten, geeft het album de muziek en de teksten de ruimte en tijd om te boeien en te verblinden.

Laura McCarthy van Distorted Sound Mag: “SEVEN INPALE are a tough nut to crack; their infinite use of genre and mastery of their instruments means there is a wealth of things to discover within their music. It’s essentially an answer to he question ‘what if KING CRIMSON collaborated with MESHUGGAH?’. On this, their third album Summit, they climb ever higher into the world of weird and wonderful. (…)

There’s a little irony in some of the lyrics “it’s the end of the end“. While obviously meant in the context of the song, you have to laugh at just how much there is to go on this record. There’s not a moment that something clever isn’t happening, and objectively it’s superb, jazz-formatted, rock-infused music. What might feel like an issue is just how mammoth these songs are. Huge compositions and arrangements, while given space to breath and grow, are still just massive in their scope and scale. Something that can deter a listener is self-indulgence, and by this point, nearly 30 minutes and three songs in, it’s a little bloated. On the flipside, to play devil’s advocate, there’s an admirability in sticking to your guns and writing the music you want to. If an audience is smaller for it, then in some cases, that’s the sacrifice of complete satisfaction with your own creativity. (…)

A big clump of progressive jazz that will delight some and totally disengage others, Summit is the next level of highly competent musicians attempting to send you insane. SEVEN IMPALE won’t ever be for the masses, but they’re doing stellar in the strange corner of the music world they’ve carved for themselves.”

Naast Seven Impale (Summit), The Mercury Tree (Permutations), Perfect Beings (Vier), Artificial Silence (Negative Space), Birds and Buildings (Multipurpose Trap) & Discipline (To Shatter All Accord).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 24.00

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