Art Rock Show – The Man in the Iron Mask (Week 52)

Het multinationale ensemble The Samurai of Prog werd opgericht als een project onder leiding van de in Finland gevestigde Italiaanse componist en bassist Marco Bernard. Hij is sinds 1995 actief in de Finse Association for Progressive Music. Op hun nieuwste album, The Man in the Iron Mask, hebben de Samurai de talenten van een bekende medewerker gebruikt, Latte e Miele toetsenist Oliviero Lacagnina. Lacagnina’s CV is bijzonder indrukwekkend te noemen.

John Giordano van The Progressive Aspect (TPA): “The very orchestral and orchestrated nature of this musical retelling of the story of the secret twin of the French Sun King is inspired lyrically by the works of Dumas and Voltaire but, in a departure from much of the Samurai’s previous work, the album is comprised largely of short instrumental tunes, none of which break the five-minute mark. This approach allows the music to speak volumes, richly rewarding the serious listener.

Opening with The Iron Mask Ouverture, the symphonic keyboards and rock rhythms set an up tempo, widescreen vibe, practically begging for a full orchestra to perform this music. In what will become the template for the rest of the album, the guitar, flute and violin take turns adding beautifully bombastic melodic leads. The keyboards underpin the song, carrying it along on waves of colour and motion. As you might imagine, Celebration for the Birth of the King is overtly joyous, full of soaring guitar and synth lines dancing over a martial drumbeat. (…)

The Man in the Iron Mask is an album which unveils its beauty slowly. This perception may have been colored by my own expectations of epic songs. As always, though, the Samurai of Prog are a class act: from Ed Unitsky’s outstanding artwork to the impeccable production, which I have come to take for granted, to the stellar musicianship. This is a band that never disappoints. Considering Lacagnina’s prodigious talent, not to mention the facility and power of The Samurai of Prog (both core members and the recurring guests), I’d love to hear what they could do with the Lacagnina should he submit some long-form pieces. I’m hoping that this is a collaboration which both parties are eager to explore further.”

Naast The Samurai of Prog (The Man in the Iron Mask), The Psychedelic Ensemble (Mother’s Rhymes), Gandalf’s Fist (Widdershins), Jinetes Negros (Tawa Sarira), Brighteye Brison (V) & Drifting Sun (Drifting Sun).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 24.00

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