My Generation of Sunday 21 & Monday 22 June: Zombie Garden Club * Malted Milk * Spirit [2015-24]



Zombie Garden Club is, in fact, Toronto born  JOHNNY DOUGLAS. Douglas has been around the music biz for a number of years having songs of his recorded by the likes of Gregg Allman and Jeff Healey. Douglas has shared the stage with legends like B.B. King, Jerry Garcia, Roy Orbison and Steve Cropper (of Booker T & the M.G.’s fame) but always gravitates back to his solo projects to quench his creative longings. The full length album released on Bongo Boy Records includes 14 original tracks written and recorded by Johnny Douglas under the moniker of Zombie Garden Club.
In the USA, numerous songs from the self-titled album have already been placed in the Showtime hit series “Shameless” as well as other popular TV shows such as Necessary Roughness, Blue Mountain State, The Listener, The Young and the Restless, Beverly Hills 90210, Smallville, and Jane By Design.… Read more...

My Generation of Sun. 14 & Mon. 15 June: Psychedelic Byrds and Buffalos * Steve Ellis & Cow * Jamul

Psychedelic Byrds and Buffalos * Steve Ellis & Cow: new single * San Diego band Jamul **


THE BYRDS will forever be remembered as the harmony singers of Jingle Jangle mornings. They were, as Barney Hoskyns rightly points out, “Dylanized Beatles”,  David Crosby being a huge Beatles fan. Yet, they also experimented and adventured into psych land quite often, following  the current trends, but also following the many creative sides of the strong personalities in the band. Listen to experimental and  psych Byrds from their albums FIFTH DIMENSION (1966), YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY (1967)  and NOTORIOUS BYRDS BROTHERS.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD weren’t that  adventurous. With only two albums and numerous musical and personal differences to their name, they stuck to harmony and song, even if Stills sounds different from Young.… Read more...

My Generation of Sun. 07 & Mo. 08 June: Sing My Title special (Tiny Legs Tim, Don Croissant, Paul Couter), Audience

SPECIAL: Sing My Title (new label) **  PLUS: Audience * Cliff Bennett * Country Weather * Beau Brummels


DON CROISSANT TigerTapes LPcover267

Flemish bluesman / one-man band Tiny Legs Tim founded his own label:  Sing My Title. Not one to stop halfway,  he released  three albums simultaneously  and threw a  launch party with the signed  artists and guestt-friend Roland. .
Says Tiny Tim: “I released my first two albums myself, so when the third was in the can (“Steppin’ Up)”, I thought I might as well set up a real label. I discovered boogie bluesman Don Crossaint aka  Little Jimmy a few years ago and I became an instant fan. When I heard that his album “Tiger Tapes” had been released  on cd only years ago, I thought it deserved a vinyl reissue.… Read more...

My Generation of Sun. 31 May & Mon. 01 June: Beat from Oostende, Utrecht and beyond… + Cyril Davies All Stars [2015-21]

Beat from Oostende, Utrecht, Gent ** Cyril Davies All Stars **  Electric Flag, Electric Prunes, Atomic Rooster



Sylvain Van Holme co-founded The Seabirds in the early sixties. They hailed from Oostende and released a “protest song” in their native Flemish: Protest Rock. He then formed Sylvester’s Team, to find international fame with WALLACE COLLECTION (1968), a band that comprised classically-trained musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra and – just for once – used the violin to good pop effect. Surely, you remember “Daydream” – a sort of hippie-go-merry anthem (1969). Success continued with Lou Deprijck’s Two Man Sound, after which he focused Ron procuding.

Radio 68 plays lesser-known tracks by The Wallace Collection and The New Inspiration, together with the forgotten band The Klan and  the much underrated soul guys Five From Dave – all from Belgium.… Read more...

My Generation of Sun. 24 & Mon. 25 May: In Memoriam Twinkle * Belgian Pop * Blueside

TWINKLE: In  Memoriam ** From Belgium: The Pebbles, Tenderfoot Kids ** From Catalu,ya: Pau Riba ** Peanut Butter Conspiracy  **

Twinkle (Lynn Annette Wilson-Rogers), singer and songwriter, born 16 July 1948, Surbiton, Surrey; died 21 May 2015, Godshill, Isle of Wight.
By Alan Clayson:


“Terry,” maiden single by Twinkle—who has died of cancer, aged 65—caught if not the mood, then a mood of 1964. Concerning a biker who, irked by his girl’s infidelity, zooms off to a lonely end of mangled chrome, blood-splattered kerbstones and the oscillations of an ambulance siren, it had been an instant cause célèbre. As well as distressing the BBC, it also suffered a banning on ITV’s Ready Steady Go, not for the death content so much as its non-conformity to the series’ Mod specifications—for there was no doubt about Terry’s identity.… Read more...

My Generation of Sun. 17 & Mon. 18 May: The Birds, The Artwoods & Birdwood special [2015-19]

A few years ago, original Birds singer Ali McKenzie and original Artwoods guitarist Derek Griffiths, joined forces again and started Birdwood.


In the mid 60s, The Birds and The Artwoods were two seminal British R&B bands. They were huge successful on stage, released records with major companies but never became big. The Artwoods even released an EP and an LP Both split up in 1967, as  Hippie (the Summer of Love) and psychedelic music took over from Mod and R&B.
By contrast, several members of these bands are now household names in rock music:
Ronnie Wood joined The Jeff Beck Group, The Faces and The Rolling Stones.
Tony Munroe joined The Gods, where he met one Mick Taylor.
Kim Gardner became a member of The Creation, then formed Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (Resurrection Shuffle!).… Read more...