My Generation of Sun. 16 & Mon 17 August: Keith Richards special, new Canned Heat (2015-32)


Keith Richards Mojo Sept 2015

Rolling Stone Keith Richards has a new solo album out, the first in ages. No, we won’t play that album now because everyone else does. Instead, we’ll play a good dozen tracks by artists that influenced Keith’s song-writing and his often overlooked singing. You would be wrong to associate Keith with the likes of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry only. As it happens, Keith loves The Everly Bros., the soft-tempered Buddy Holly and American evergreens –  as is obvious on several bootlegs catching Keith at the piano off-off stage – think ‘The Nearness of You’ by Hoagy Carmichael.
RADIO 68 PLAYS fifteen songs that influenced Keith ** Keith Richards and the X-PENSIVE WINOS ** Keith singing lead with The Rolling Stones on record and live


CANNED HEAT: Songs from the Road, a very nice live cd + dvd of boogieblues, OUT NOW on Ruf Records.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 09 & Mon. 10  August: Teenage Angst, Ryk Mead, Joe Flip, Dave Greenslade [2015-31]  

TEENAGE ANGST: The Who, Fleur de Lys, Rockin’ Vickers, John’s Children and many more *


My Generation banner

I was sixteen in 1965. When I was sixteen in 1965, I did not participate in marches for freedom or peace – there was no such thing as marches and demonstrations in the small, conservative, provincial town where I lived. When I was sixteen in 1965, I thought the world was somehow unfair, particularly to myself, and that there was no need for wars or violence. First and foremost, I thought the older generation had fucked up everything. The world was going to pieces, because of violence, materialism, selfishness and utter moral backwardness.
It has been fashionable to refer to those feelings and attitudes as teenage ‘angst’, but the word ‘angst’ was not used at the time.  … Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 02 & Mon. 03 August: Stone the Crows & Maggie Bell, The Texas Horns, Mod Jazz

SPECIAL:  STONE THE CROWS * AND ALSO: Jimmy Lafave, The Texas Horns, Caravan, Mod Jazz, Animals,Manfred Mann…

The first two albums by Stone The Crows have been re-released  by Angel Air as a  double cd, and contain four bonus tracks. See Thanks to Peter Purnell  of Angel Air.

On these albums, the line-up is Maggie Bell (vcs), Les Harvey (gtr), Colin Allen (dr), John McGinnis (keys) and Jim Dewar (vcs, bs).

Stone the Crows 1stLP cover

In late 1969 Peter and Mark London signed “Power” and became their managers. At the same time the band changed its name to Stone The Crows and brought in drummer Colin Allen (Ex- Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers).  The first album, simply “Stone The Crows” came out in 1970. Jimmy Dewar shared some vocal duties with Maggie and co-wrote the material.  … Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 26 & Mon. 27 July [2015-28]: Timothy Leary, Little Axe, Jeff Beck, Blues Section

TIMOTHY LEARY ** LITTLE AXE ** New Jeff Beck ** Blues Section **


Timothy Leary Beyond Life cd

TIMOTHY LEARY: Think for yourself and question authority
“Hij was enorm geïnteresseerd in het deconditioneren van onze hersenen en ons gedrag. Als psycholoog zag hij hoe mensen steeds vanuit geprogrammeerde delen van hun persoonlijkheid reageren, en altijd in een soort projectietrip zitten. De ander heeft het altijd gedaan. Ook gaf hij aan hoe sterk onze media, de kranten en televisie en de politici en de kerk ons bewustzijn vervuilen met hun normen en waarden. Leary vocht zijn hele leven tegen het aangepaste leven. Hij wilde zo totaal mogelijk zijn in gedrag en bewustzijn. Iedereen kent hem als de voorvechter van LSD, maar zijn grootste passie was think-out-of-the-box. Hij was een renegade en een wegbereider voor de psychologie van de 21ste eeuw”.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 18 & Mon. 20 July * Still Going Strong: The Electric Prunes, Los Bravos, Steve Ellis, David Crosby * New Orleans R&B with Dom & The Iko’s

The Electric Prunes,  Los Bravos, Steve Ellis, David Crosby: still going strong *



Electric Prunes WaScover300x

About “WaS”
Mark Tulin and I were collecting ideas and songs for our last adventure when he went through the door. I am not sure he is really gone because I hear his voice as clearly as if he were standing beside me. Usually Mark and I would send each other song ideas back and forth until we had the rough story line and music in hand, then we would meet and pound everything into submission.

This CD is a collection of those final ideas and messages between us and that is all we set out to present here; but a funny thing happened on the way to the recording studio.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 04 & Mon. 05 July: Monterey 1967 * Frogs, Yardbirds & John Fiddler



Monterey Pop Poster

Lou Rawls and Janis Joplin,  Eric Burdon on fire and Jimi Hendrix covering blues classics and pop tunes, Otis Redding and The Mamas and the Papas, The Who but also The Association, Ravi Shankar and Country Joe…  “Monterey” was the first pop festival, two years before Woodstock. The bill more or less listed every possible section of the pop scene, from soft to heavy, from medium soul to electrified blues. “Monterey” is available on a four-box set.

Greg Shaw, Bomp Records: “This was the revolutionary new generation of music  and it included everything they happened to have a quarter of the publishing on”.
Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone: “Monterey was the nexus.…

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