My Generation of Sun. 10 & Mon. 11 May [2015-18]: Tales From the Woods, Troubadours from the US, Kent State shootings

Tales From the Woods, US Troubadours, Kent State shooting


Tales Woods 2015-05-17_woodville

On Sunday 17th May in Gravesend, England, Tales from the Woods present a true rock’n’roll show featuring Dave Berry, Beryl Marsden, Matchbox, Cliff Bennett backed by his original horn section (of the Rebel Rousers) and The Norman Beaker Band. Compere is Jesse Conrad. Keith Woods of Tales From the Woods says “: “Eddy, this is not yet another nostalgia show,  this is a living, breathing,  four hour rock n roll show, THE REAL THING”.  See
Radio 68 plays Norman Beaker &  John Price (album Between the Lines), Dave Berry (rarer 60s stuff and tracks from his wonderful blues album “Memphis in the Meantime” , Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers and Cliff Bennett solo from his cd “Soul Blast” (in the Sixties and Blues section).… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 03 & Mon. 04 May: John Renbourn, Paul Jones, Circus & Rainman, Provo [2015-17]

Paul Jones: blues, pop and prog * John Renbourn In Memoriam * Q65 offshoots Circus and Rainmain *


No Britfolk without singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist John Renbourn (Pentangle, solo albums, duo with Bert Jansch, collaborations with Wizz Jones, etc.) , who died suddenly and unexpectedly at this home on 27 March. Radio 68’s Ed met John Renbourn  in London last year. Listen to excerpts of their conversation and tracks from  Renbourn’s self-titled  and very bluesy solo LP from 1965.

PAUL JONES. And then he went prog
Pure artists like Cliff Bennett, Chris Farlowe or Paul Jones wrote, played or sang straight blues, soul or rock and roll. At the end of the sixties, however, it became fashionable to take pop seriously and so everyone went Prog, wrote elaborated songs with difficult lyrics, and hired orchestras. … Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 26 & Mon. 27 April: Carnation Revolution [2015-16]

Carnation Revolution, The Shakes, The Flies, Desmond Dekker

Anjerrevolutie Sempre

LEST WE FORGET:  PORTUGAL, 25 APRIL 1974 The Carnation Revolution

On the morning of April 25th 1974, as tanks rolled into Lisbon under the direction of the young officers of the Armed Forces Movement (AFM), hundreds of thousands of workers crowded the streets to celebrate the overthrow of the hated Caetano regime. This was no mere palace coup. In the words of The Sunday Times, “the crash made the statesmen and nations of at least two continents tremble. For like the single stone that starts an avalanche, Portugal’s coup may be more a beginning than an end of things.”  The fascist regime in Portugal had lasted longer than any other of its kind. How was it able to maintain itself and what forces finally brought about its downfall?… Read more...

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My Generation Sun. 19 & Mon. 20 April: Percy Sledge, Corey Harris, Pretties, Hollies & Beachies [2015-15]

Percy Sledge In Memoriam ** Corey Harris speaks out ** Pretties, Hollies & Beachies,


COME SOFTLY TO ME: PERCY SLEGDE (In Memoriam, died Tuesday April 14)

Percy Sledge Platinum

Percy Sledge will forever be associated with “When A Woman Loves A Woman” and that’s  good, but not good enough — because he recorded dozens of excellent songs. He was a true R&B musician and not a one-hit wonder in the tearjerker league.

Rolling Stone: “ The singer sky-rocketed to the top of both the Hot 100 and R&B charts with his dramatic, heartrending ballad “When a Man Loves a Woman” – his debut single and one of Rollling Stone’s Greatest Songs of All Time, in 1966. It spent 13 weeks on the Billboard pop chart, and was the first chart-topper to come out of the Muscle Shoals, Alabama music scene.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 12 & Mon. 13 April: Dedicated Followers of Fashion [2015-14]

STREAM ONLINE AGAIN. SHOW STARTED AGAIN AT 18:00 hrs. REPEATED AT 22:00 hrs and 02:00 in the morning

Sun 12, 12 noon: Dedicated followers of fashion: Kinks, Mark Four, Creation, Dave Berry, Rockin’ Vickers ** Unreleased Carlo Lille with Long JOhn Baldry ** Andy Twyman’s unheard of blues **



Kinks in fashion

When The Kinks hit the charts in 1964, they did so with the rough and wild riff of “You Really Got Me” – a song written  by band member Ray Davies and not, as was the habit,  by some pro songwriter working for a publishing company, possibly an American hit to be covered.  This made The Kinks really stand out from the onset. Wild and rough riffs and rhythms  defined the sound of  the early Kinks on single and LP, on stage and in the studio, as they also had a penchant for similar blues songs, such as “Milk Cow” or “Cadillac”, the latter by riff-man extraordinaire Bo Diddley.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 5 & Mon. 6 April: The Electric Prunes, Spider & The Fly, Crystal Jacqueline [2015-13]

The Electric Prunes: in memoriam * Crystal Jacqueline’s pscyh * Spider & The Fly * Lieven Cardoen * Chip Taylor 


Electric Prunes Too Much To Dream LP

Original  Electric Prunes drummer Preston Ritter  died 30 March. He had been suffering from kidney problems for many years. This is an excerpt from his personal website:

“My name is Preston James Ritter, I was born April 24, 1949. I’m a professional drummer, music teacher, private investigator, author and teacher of New Testament biblical theology. I had a successful kidney transplant on Nov. 1, 1995 at UCLA Med Ctr. It is my second transplant. I was on dialysis for seven years until the second one.
As a drummer, I’ve played with and/or recorded with The Electric Prunes, Linda Ronstadt, Dobie Gray, The Beach Boys, James Brown, Sassy Class and many others both famous and unknown.… Read more...

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