My Generation 60s Radio Show: Magic, Humble Pie, Long John Baldry, Dick Taylor and Friends: Rolling Stones, Pretties, Cyril Davies, Alexis Korner, Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys *** Sunday 04 & Tuesday 06 October 2020 *** [Ed’s Show, 2020-40]

NEW SHOW : Magic, Humble Pie, Long John Baldry, Dick Taylor and Friends: Rollin’ Stones, Pretties, Cyril Davies, Alexis Korner, Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys *** Repeated: Dance Crazes Special: the Pony, Hully Gully, Wiggle, Hucklebuck, Twist + Mark Harrison, Ian Gillan ***  Sunday 04 Oct., 12 noon till 04:00 + Tuesday 06 Oct., 12:00 noon till 24:00 ***  Time: CET Brussels ***  Ed’s Show, 2020-40 (2020-40=2019-44+2019-11) ***

RADIO 68: all the revolutionary sounds and voices that shaped the sixties ***



Showtime CESTime Brussels

  • 12.00 Magic, Humble Pie, Dick Taylor and Friends
  • 14.00 Dance Crazes Special, Mark Harrison’s blues, Ian Gillan
  • 16.00 Magic, Humble Pie, Dick Taylor and Friends
  • 18.00 Dance Crazes Special, Mark Harrison’s blues, Ian Gillan
  • 20.00 Magic, Humble Pie, Dick Taylor and Friends
  • 22.00 Dance Crazes Special, Mark Harrison’s blues, Ian Gillan
  • 24.00 Magic, Humble Pie, DIck Taylor and Friends
  • 02.00 Dance Crazes Special, Mark Harrison’s blues, Ian Gillan


NEW SHOWS 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 & 24:00 hrs CET

SPECIAL: MAGIC Magic, LP ‘Enclosed’, 1969, selected tracks.
LONG-PLAYTIME HUMBLE PIE (live) C’Mon Everybody (Tourin’, volume 4).
AND ALSO: Gary Farr & T-Bones, Ainsley Dunbar’s Retaliation + LOVE & PEACE Bobbejaan Schoepen & Geike Arnaert: Le temps des cérises + HOMAGE TO CATALUNYA Teresa Rebull: Les campanes de la Resurecció (Theodorakis /  Cristodoyloy) + THANKS TO  Cherry Red Records for Humble Pie

featuring Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys, the early Rollin’ Stones and The Pretty Things, including artists who were involved in their formation: The Cyril Davies R&B All Stars feat. Geoff Bradford + Long John Baldry and The Hoochie Coochie Men, feat. Geoff Bradford (LP Long John’s Blues) + Little Boy Blue and  The Blue Boys, feat. Dick Taylor, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger  + The Rolling Stones (IBC Demos) + The Pretty Things Live at the BBC + Alexis Korner’s Blues  Incorporated, feat. Cyril Davies and Dick Heckstall-Smith

REPEATED SHOWS 14:00, 18:00, 22:00 & 02:00 hrs CET

FORGOTTEN & OVERLOOKED The Supremes, David Bowie, Marmalade.
SPECIAL: DANCE CRAZES with The Ray Bryant Combo +  The Dovells + Georgia Gibbs + The Roulettes + Les Bourgeois de Calais + Danny Logan & Les Pirates.
LONGPLAYTIME Orange Bicycle (Hyacinth Threads, 1967) + Elvis (Kissin’ Cousins, 1964 + Roustabout, 1965).
FREE SPEECH  Dan Kennedy

THE ORIGINATORS  & INSPIRATORS Frank SInatra & Antonia Carlos Jobim + Etta James (Rocks The House, 1964) + Fats Domino (A Lot of Dominos, 1960).
SPECIAL: MARK HARRISON: Panoramic View with spoken introductions, cd, 2018.
KEEPERS OF THE BLUES FLAME:  Ian Gillan & The Javelins  (cd, 2018) + Joe Shelton (cd Ridin’ A Chicken) + The Kentucky Headhunters  (Live At The Ramblin’ Man Fair, 2018 + Richard Thompson  (13 Rivers, new cd, 2018) + The Faces.
AND ALSO: LOVE & PEACE Nina Simone: Mississippi Goddamn + FREE SPEECH  Jim Hightower
THANKS TO  Joe Shelton + Mark Harrison  + V2 Records & Proper Records for Richard Thompson  + V2 Records for Ian Gillan & The Kentucky Headhunters


Dick Taylor, mainly known as lead guitarist with The Pretty Things, co-founded Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys, who evolved into The Rollin’ Stones / The Rolling Stones. Dick (then on bass) and some friends had jammed for fun for a few years when they were joined by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger – forming Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. They later met with Brian Jones and Geoff Bradford through Alexis Korner. Members came and went (e.g. Brian Knight, Paul Jones), with Dick Taylor deciding to continue his studies at Sidcup Art School. Mick, Keith and Brian then recruited Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman. You know the rest. Dick met Phil May at Sidcup Art School and together they formed The Pretty Things, who had even longer hair and boasted an even uglier image.
Dick Taylor is a most accessible and a most accomplished guitar player who is still active.
He granted Radio 68 an exclusive interview in Brussels on 15 Jan. 2017.
His early mates never played a major role in the music business and are now, regretfully, forgotten altogether (viz. Bob Beckwith, rhythm guitar and Allen Etherington, percussion). Home recordings (made at Dick Taylor’s home using reel-to-reel–tape) of the earliest line-ups with Beckwith and Etherington have been released by “Juke Box Magazine” in France

“Following on from 2016’s well-received TurpentineThe Panoramic View is British singer/guitarist/songwriter Mark Harrison’s sixth album and probably his best yet. In a collection of 15 original songs, played on a variety of acoustic instruments, recorded with crystalline clarity by Tim Bazell of Heart of Gold Studios in London, Harrison cheerfully mixes folk, blues and gospel to create an album that is uplifting, thought-provoking, entertaining and distinctly different.
In addition to singing in his unaffected yet curiously affecting voice, Harrison fingerpicks National and 12-string guitars masterfully in a Piedmont style, adroitly picking up a slide on “Ain’t No Justice”. Each song has a different line-up of musicians, from the solo ragtime instrumental “Pool Meadow Strut” (which is not, apparently, named after some rural paradise but the main bus station in the English city of Coventry) to a full band line-up. Harrison’s regular band of  Charles Benfield (double bass) and Ben Welburn (drums and percussion) are joined at different time by Paddy Milner (piano), Ed Hopwood (harmonica) and Paul Tkachenko (trombone, trumpet, mandolin and even tuba on “Mess Is Everywhere”) […] . Source: All Rights Reserved:


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