Art Rock Show – Welcome to the Machine (Week 18)

Meteen vanaf het begin was Monkey3 een van de sterkste en meest consistente hedendaagse Europese psychedelische rockbands. Flirtend met stoner rock op de juiste momenten, hebben ze een toegewijde fanbase opgebouwd door te toeren met enkele van de grootste namen in het genre.

Raul Stanciu van Sputnik Music: “Over the course of the last decade, the Swiss quartet moved on to more expansive endeavors, focusing on lengthier pieces with more intricate structures. The progressive side took the forefront, especially on the latest LP, Welcome to the Machine. A clear nod to Pink Floyd, the guys steered into the respective direction. As a result, we receive the round of riffs we’re accustomed to amid more atmospheric sound scapes and guitar solos. There is an overall dystopian Sci-Fi vibe to it, feeling adventurous, moody and slightly melancholic at times.

The album starts on a wondrous note with “Ignition”, featuring multiple intense progressions. Like a sonic rollercoaster, the guitars constantly push forward, being interrupted only by lush, ambient passages. Solos abound over solid rhythmic sections, augmented by fitting synthesizer layers. Centerpiece “Kali Yuga” starts with an early God Is an Astronaut-like lead, before transitioning to heavier territory. As it maintains a post-rock atmosphere throughout, we can also hear a subtle change in tone. A rather bittersweet aura sets in, becoming clear on the final epic, “Collapse”. This track owes most to Pink Floyd, especially during the opening section. The thrilling synths and David Gilmore-inspired playing evoke that longing sentiment we could hear on The Division Bell for example. (…)

Monkey3 put considerable effort into crafting these tunes and the results are stellar. Even the two remaining, shorter cuts found in between these three mammoths are just as strong. “Collision” & “Rackman” deliver a more compact version of the psychedelic progressive rock goods, the latter being probably the hardest hitting one here. Five years lapsed since Sphere, but it was definitely worth the wait. Welcome to the Machine is the most ambitious effort the quartet developed so far and it is the most rewarding record in their catalog.”

Naast Monkey3 (Welcome to the Machine), Yuri Gagarin (The Outskirts of Reality), My Sleeping Karma (Soma), Colour Haze (All), Long Distance Calling (Eraser) & Earthless (From the West).

  • Thursday/Donderdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Friday/Vrijdag 12.00 – 24.00
  • Saturday/Zaterdag 12.00 – 24.00

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