Art Rock Show – Dominion (Week 9)

ZOPP is het geesteskind van componist en multi-instrumentalist Ryan Stevenson, met medewerking van Andy Tillison van prog-legende The Tangent en drummer Andrea Moneta (Leviathan).

Prog Archives review: “Stevenson is back for the attack with his multitude of mellotrons, Hammond organs, pianos, synthesizers and all things classic era prog along with percussionist Moneta and seven additional guest musicians and vocalists. Keeping in line with the golden years of prog on vinyl, DOMINION features seven tracks that just squeak over the 42-minute mark with the closing “Toxicity” featuring all the pomp and excess that true prog lovers crave with a running time of over 14 minutes!

Slaving away in their Nottingham studios has been fruitful and the album strikes a pleasant note from the very beginning. Sounding like a classic Canterbury act graced with the benefits of modern mixing and production, “Amor Fati” wastes no time introducing a warm tone that sustains through the entire album.… Read more...