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Free Speech * De Gedachten zijn vrij * Mon. 11, Tue. 12 & Wed. 13 January [2015-01]

Het Pandinistisch Verblijdingsfront * Vuile Mong en de Vieze Gasten: Bommerskonten * Leen Persijn: Alles is te koop **


Het Pandinistisch Verblijdingsfront

Pand geen uitdrijving

Het Gentse “Patershol”, dat nu een toeristische restaurantbuurt is, was eind de jaren ’70 begin jaren ’80 het schouwtoneel voor een sociale strijd. We beleven de naweeën van mei ’68 en de economische crisis van 1973 heeft zich net doorgezet. Door de lage huurkosten leefden daar toen vooral krakers, studenten, arme bewoners en gepensioneerden. De conservatieve burgemeester Placide Depaepe wou het Pand in het Patershol ontruimen. Wat nu geïntegreerde planning heet en sociale stadsvernieuwing, stond toen in zijn kinderschoenen.

De strijd om het Patershol werd een symbolische case in de clash tussen “stadsvernieuwing” op maat van de markt versus “sociale stadsvernieuwing” voor de mensen in de buurt.… Read more...

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My Generation: new schedule, new show

My Gen

My Generation means four solid hours of sixties.

These are the main changes:
(1) My Generation no longer incorporates ‘Free Speech’ (which is a separate show on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays).
(2) On Sundays, broadcasting is non-stop from 12 noon till 4 in the morning on Monday =  more comfortable for our listeners on the American continent;
(3) Blueside is now linked to the sounds of the sixties;
(4) In each show, you will hear all types of sixties Word, like poetry and speeches.

See right bar on the site and the Shows and Schedule sections in the top bar of the site for details.



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My Generation of Sunday 11 & Monday 12 January 2015 [2015-01]

The Idle Race & The Move * Paris Stars * Buffy St. Marie *


Idle Race cover

Before joining The Move and finding world-wide fame with ELO, Jeff Lynne played in a band called The Idle Race. As a result of Lynne’s input in terms of singing and song-writing, The Idle Race sound very much like an early version of ELO. They also recorded a song written by Roy Wood of The Move, but withdrew it as a single when The Move released their own version (Here We Go, ‘Round the Lemon Tree).  As it a happens, Lynn and Move had both been in Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders, though not at the same time…
From Wikipedia:
“While Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders failed to crack the charts, the band’s line-up during this period included a young lead guitarist and composer named Roy Wood whose first commercial song “Make Them Understand,” appeared on one of the band’s B-sides in 1965.… Read more...

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