My Generation of Sunday 21 & Monday 22 June: Zombie Garden Club * Malted Milk * Spirit [2015-24]



Zombie Garden Club is, in fact, Toronto born  JOHNNY DOUGLAS. Douglas has been around the music biz for a number of years having songs of his recorded by the likes of Gregg Allman and Jeff Healey. Douglas has shared the stage with legends like B.B. King, Jerry Garcia, Roy Orbison and Steve Cropper (of Booker T & the M.G.’s fame) but always gravitates back to his solo projects to quench his creative longings. The full length album released on Bongo Boy Records includes 14 original tracks written and recorded by Johnny Douglas under the moniker of Zombie Garden Club.
In the USA, numerous songs from the self-titled album have already been placed in the Showtime hit series “Shameless” as well as other popular TV shows such as Necessary Roughness, Blue Mountain State, The Listener, The Young and the Restless, Beverly Hills 90210, Smallville, and Jane By Design.… Read more...

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25th Art Rock Show: Now We Have a Light

Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Light

Wat zouden we zijn zonder een goede portie Brits flegma? Net als Radiohead komen de heren van Sanguine Hum uit Oxford, en als er enige rechtvaardigheid in de wereld is, wordt Sanguine Hum even groot als de groep van Thom Yorke. Iets speciaal dus… Op de draaitafel deze week: Sanguine Hum (Now We Have a Light), Kwoon (Tales and Dreams), Empyrium (The Turn Of The Tides), DeeExpus (Half Way Home), Nemrud (Journey Of The Shaman), Il Bacio Della Medusa (Discesa Agl’inferi D’un Giovane Amante) and The Watch (Planet Earth?).

Bespreking op daMusic: “Britser dan Sanguine Hum kom je ze overigens zelden tegen. Want hoewel ‘Now We Have Light’ vol staat met even explosief als melodieus songmateriaal, wordt het allemaal met het nodige flegma en understatement gespeeld.… Read more...

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Dichters in de Lucht * Breyten Breytenbach: Mondmusiek * Woensdag 17 juni, 1600 uur [2015-12]

NIEUW: Breyten Breytenbach: Mondmusiek


Op deze cd uit 2001, leest de Zuid-Afrikaan Breyten Breytenbach zestien gedichten voor uit eigen werk, een keuze uit vier decennia met een voorkeur voor de jaren zestig en zeventig, zoals “Die ysterkoei moet sweet” (1964), “Die herte se streke” (1970) of  “Oorblysels, uit die pelgrim se verse na ’n tijdelike” (1970). In het Afrikaans dus.  Breytenbachs zachte, melancholieke stem wordt ondersteund door een resem instrumenten: gitaar, klavieren en percussie natuurlijk, maar ook contrabas, accordeon, sitar en viool. Zeg maar gerust dat Breytenbach en al zijn muzikanten zestien nummers hebben gecomponeerd, zodat de overkoepelende titel, “Mondmusiek”, perfect op zijn plaats is. Deze productie bevat de voorkeur van de dichter voor het woordspel (het nonsensicale “:is klaps per gel te nar?”),… Read more...

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Free Speech * De Gedachten zijn vrij: The Medium is the Massage, Banner Theatre, Peter, Paul & Mary* Mon. 15, Tue. 16 and Wed. 17 June [2015-23]

Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Massage… (LP, side 1) ** The Banner theatre ** Rise! ** Gramschap-reeks: Geile lul **

NIEUW:  MARSHALL McLUHAN: The Medium is the Massage (LP, side 1)  ** BANNER THEATRE : RISE UP ** PETER, PAUL and MARY **  

MONDAYS 16:00 > 20:00 hrs CET ; TUESDAYS 16:00 > 20:00 hrs CET; WEDESDAYS 12:00 > 16:00 hrs CET


MONDAYS: 16:00 hrs, TUESDAYS  12:00 and 16:00 hrs, WEDNESDAYS 12:00 hrs
NIEUW  NEW  MARSHALL McLUHAN: The Medium is the Massage (LP, side 1)  ** BANNER THEATRE : RISE UP ** PETER, PAUL and MARY **

The title of Marshall McLuhan’s book ”The Medium is the Message” has been downsized to a slogan. Anyone really read the book? In fact, the medium is message presented a radically different and refreshing approach to language, thinking, communication, perception, social relations and, eventually, behaviour.… Read more...

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My Generation of Sun. 14 & Mon. 15 June: Psychedelic Byrds and Buffalos * Steve Ellis & Cow * Jamul

Psychedelic Byrds and Buffalos * Steve Ellis & Cow: new single * San Diego band Jamul **


THE BYRDS will forever be remembered as the harmony singers of Jingle Jangle mornings. They were, as Barney Hoskyns rightly points out, “Dylanized Beatles”,  David Crosby being a huge Beatles fan. Yet, they also experimented and adventured into psych land quite often, following  the current trends, but also following the many creative sides of the strong personalities in the band. Listen to experimental and  psych Byrds from their albums FIFTH DIMENSION (1966), YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY (1967)  and NOTORIOUS BYRDS BROTHERS.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD weren’t that  adventurous. With only two albums and numerous musical and personal differences to their name, they stuck to harmony and song, even if Stills sounds different from Young.… Read more...

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24th Art Rock Show: The Breaking Of The World

Glass Hammer - The Breaking Of The World

Het zeventiende studioalbum van Glass Hammer is een feit. ‘The Breaking Of The World’ wordt door Bob Katz van Digital Domain betiteld als het meest progressieve album van de band tot nog toe. Ons favoriete lijstje deze week: Glass Hammer (The Breaking Of The World), RPWL (Beyond Man And Time), Premiata Forneria Marconi (River of Life – The Manticore Years Anthology 1973-1977), Gentle Giant (Free Hand), Toe (For Long Tomorrow) and Therion (Vovin).

Scot Lade van The Fire Note: “Musically Glass Hammer gives the Prog fan everything they could hope for and then some. There’s not a bad song to be found here. It does seem like Babb and Schendel understand that this is one album that more than a clutch of die-hard fans might hear and approached it with more care than most of their uneven discography.… Read more...

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