My Generation of Sun. 24 & Mon. 25 May: In Memoriam Twinkle * Belgian Pop * Blueside

TWINKLE: In  Memoriam ** From Belgium: The Pebbles, Tenderfoot Kids ** From Catalu,ya: Pau Riba ** Peanut Butter Conspiracy  **

Twinkle (Lynn Annette Wilson-Rogers), singer and songwriter, born 16 July 1948, Surbiton, Surrey; died 21 May 2015, Godshill, Isle of Wight.
By Alan Clayson:

twinkle“Terry,” maiden single by Twinkle—who has died of cancer, aged 65—caught if not the mood, then a mood of 1964. Concerning a biker who, irked by his girl’s infidelity, zooms off to a lonely end of mangled chrome, blood-splattered kerbstones and the oscillations of an ambulance siren, it had been an instant cause célèbre.…

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21st Art Rock Show: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Nightwish - Endless Forms Most BeautifulDe nieuwe plaat van Nightwish sluit naadloos aan bij koude en natte dagen. We hebben op ons lijstje deze week: Nightwish (Endless Forms Most Beautiful), And So I Watch You From Afar (All Hail Bright Futures), Finisterre (Memoirs), Shadow Gallery (Tyranny), Ars Nova (Seventh Hell) and Anyone`s Daughter (Live).

Dom Lawson van the Guardian: “Bravely, Endless Forms Most Beautiful eschews the Finns’ usual fairytale comfort zone in favour of a sustained paean to evolutionary science, featuring the surprising but effective presence of Richard Dawkins as a narrator. It’s a change of tack that adds intrigue and substance to the band’s typical bombast and melodrama, resulting in their most ambitious and assured record yet.…

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Dichters in de Lucht: Lies Van Gasse met Reinout & Nevenwerking, Electric Sheep en Peter Theunynck: woe. 20 mei, 16u.[2015-10]

Lies van Gasse presenteert “Wenteling”, met Peter Theynynck, Electric Sheep en Reinout & Nevenwerking **

16:00 NIEUW: Lies Van Gasse presenteert “Wenteling”

Op 23 april 2013, stelde Lies Van Gasse in Poëziecentrum haar recentste bundel voor: “Wenteling”. Dichter-essayist Peter Theunynck leidde in met een grondige en verhelderende reeks beschouwingen over “Wentelingen” en Van Gasse als dichter en beeldend kunstenaar. Mededichter en zanger Reinout trad aan met een akoestische Nevenwerking: naar goede gewoonte vertolkten ze enkele gedichten die ze op muziek hadden gezet, o.a. uit “Wentelingen”.  Helen White voerde een performance op met de nieuwe bundel als uitgangspunt.…

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De Gedachten zijn Vrij * Free Speech: Guitar Army : John Sinclair and the White Panthers * Mon. 18, Tue. 19 & Wed. 20 May [2015-19]

GUITAR ARMY bookcdGuitar Army: John SInclair and the White Panthers


MONDAYS 16:00 > 20:00 hrs CET ; TUESDAYS 16:00 > 20:00 hrs CET; WEDESDAYS 12:00 > 16:00 hrs CET

MONDAYS: 16:00 hrs, TUESDAYS  12:00 and 16:00 hrs, WEDNESDAYS 12:00 hrs

John Sinclair; author, poet, and activist, spent the sixties embracing the ideal of love and peace, and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. He was a jazz poet, founder of the Detroit Artists Workshop and manager of the MC5. With the release of the first MC5 album also came the declaration they had formed the White Panther Party, in support of the Black Panther Party and in opposition to the U.S.…

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My Generation of Sun. 17 & Mon. 18 May: The Birds, The Artwoods & Birdwood special [2015-19]

A few years ago, original Birds singer Ali McKenzie and original Artwoods guitarist Derek Griffiths, joined forces again and started Birdwood.


In the mid 60s, The Birds and The Artwoods were two seminal British R&B bands. They were huge successful on stage, released records with major companies but never became big. The Artwoods even released an EP and an LP Both split up in 1967, as  Hippie (the Summer of Love) and psychedelic music took over from Mod and R&B.
By contrast, several members of these bands are now household names in rock music:
Ronnie Wood joined The Jeff Beck Group, The Faces and The Rolling Stones.…

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20th Art Rock Show: Until All the Ghosts are Gone

Anekdoten - Until All the Ghosts are GoneOp ons lijstje: Anekdoten (Until All the Ghosts are Gone), Haken (The Mountain), Swans (Children of God), Discipline (To Shatter All Accord) and Van Der Graaf Generator (Godbluf).

Voor deze week hebben we de nieuwe plaat van de Zweedse groep Anekdoten. Anekdoten wordt beschouwd als een van de toonaangevende bands in de hedendaagse progressieve rock. Prog Archives review: “Until All The Ghosts Are Gone is the long awaited album from Anekdoten, a wait of eight years since the excellent A Time Of Day. Fortunately it’s been worth the wait as it’s as good as and sometimes better than most of their back catalogue.…

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